Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creamy Panties - Best Friends Forever

Title:  Best Friends Forever (Creamy Panties Series)
Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Director:  Nica Noelle
Performers:  Marie McCray, April O’Neil

Nica Noelle has started doing things a little differently since leaving Mile High and hooking up with AEBN.  Since AEBN is primarily a VOD distributor Nica has been able to produce and release vignettes rather than whole movies.  The Creamy Panties series is an example.  Best Friends Forever is a scene from that series.  It isn’t a new concept in the adult video industry but it’s new for Nica Noelle.

So far I have seen three vignettes in the Creamy Panties series.  This is the second one I’ve reviewed.  One more coming when I get around to writing it.

This story concerns the reunion of high school classmates Marie McCray and April O’Neil.  I like it already.  These two just ooze cute all over the screen.  But there’s plenty of heat to go with the cute, never fear.  We open in a doctor’s exam room with Marie up on the exam table.  April comes in and, surprise! Here’s Marie and they haven’t seen each other in ages.  There’s just a hint of awkwardness about this reunion and that’s important to the story.

Marie has more on her mind than her sore foot -- she has a serious case of calf-eyes for April.  O’Neil does a great job of being oblivious, even forgetting some (apparently) memorable event in their shared past. 

On a follow-up visit, April accepts Marie’s invitation to come over to “catch up,” but she seems a bit puzzled by the invite.  C’mon April!  Go over to Marie’s place.  I want to see the two of you naked!  Go! Go now!  (sorry – too much Diet Dew today)

So the scene is set.  Cut to the pair on a sofa giggling and laughing over old times.  Then, an awkward silence and Marie starts talking about when they were “really, really, close.”  As in, hey…don’t you remember when we were in high school and got drunk and went all lesbo on each other? 

April asks “what are you trying to say?”

Marie refreshes April’s memory by kissing her.  I love the expression on O’Neil’s face when Marie lays the lip lock on her.  Priceless.  “Ring any bells?” Marie asks?  April is still playing the oblivious card and seems ready to bolt, saying “I’m not sure I understand where this is going.”  She’s the only one who doesn’t understand by this point.  *I* sure understood and I’m pretty sure Marie understood.  I think that’s a clear majority.

Fortunately for the scene April finally admits what we knew all along – she REMEMBERS!  And, having admitted she remembers April signals that it’s a good memory by leaning in and kissing Marie.  Whew.  I know that Nica Noelle is famous for rushing in where other directors fear to tread but I didn’t think she was ready to try a sexless lesbian scene. Plus I'd already seen the two women naked on the virtual box cover.

Things begin to slowly heat up beginning with a very tender eyes closed kissing sequence.  This isn’t some gonzo lesbian porn scene where the clothes drop and the grunting begins forthwith.  This is Nica Noelle we’re talking about and she’s rarely in a hurry.  The delayed gratification is exquisite.   Personally I love being sexually teased and I had no trouble watching these two long ago and very briefly lovers get to know one another again.  Trust me there’s a payoff.

After a few minutes of smooching on the sofa the amorous couple heads for the bedroom for more kissing and some panty play.  Remember the theme of this series?  Creamy panties it is and this scene has them in abundance.  April’s panties don’t come off until almost 28 minutes into the scene.  Marie’s get lost about 2 minutes later.  So we’ve had about 20 minutes of heavy petting from the point where they first kissed in the living room to where we have two naked ladies getting their freak on.  Do NOT fast forward through this.  These twenty or so minutes carry an enormous amount of heat including a panty-to-panty tribbing sequence that may be worth the price of the video alone.

Let me pause my narrative for a moment  to describe these two delectable examples of feminine pulchritude.  Marie McCray is beautiful -- long and lithe and full breasted with fiery red hair and the creamy complexion to go with it.  Her mouth is very expressive and manages to convey both lust and innocence simultaneously.   April O’Neil is of more exotic stock with a slightly olive cast to her skin and something faintly Mediterranean, if not Middle Eastern, in her features.  She has a dancer’s grace and the fluidity of her movements is a pleasure to watch.  She also has a luxuriantly full bush, an anomaly in today’s porn world.

Once the panties come off the sex continues but with better access to the goodies.  We get the standard girl-girl stuff, but there’s an interesting sequence where Marie appears to be trying to trib April in doggie.  I must confess that I hadn’t seen that before.  There’s also a nice bit of traditional scissoring and here the contrast between Marie’s nearly naked pubis and April’s well furred mons veneris is on full display.

This is a satisfying scene, and eminently wankable.  I give it an enthusiastic “highly recommended,” for anyone who enjoys the lipstick lesbian genre, panty enthusiasts, and/or fans of either of the performers.  Those who like pubic hair also have something to cheer about.

Camera work, audio, and editing were all first rate.  I found the lighting rather harsh, creating some unfortunate shadows at times, and would have preferred a softer look.  It’s possible that the problem was my monitor so you’ll have to take a look and tell me if I was right or not.  That was about the only nit I found to pick here.  Bon appétit.

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