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Mother Daughter Exchange Club Vol 23

Title:      Mother Daughter Exchange Club Vol 23
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director: None credited (Presumably Dan O’Connell)
Performers:  Darla Crane, Cassandra Nix, Dani Jensen, Danica Dillon, Jessi Palmer, Persia Monir, Raquel Sieb, Zoey Holloway

Girlfriends Films has made a mint by finding a formula and sticking with it for multiple volumes.  Unlike other porn series that have often run out of steam by volume 5, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club is still going strong at volume 23.  The premise, that lesbian mothers and daughters find other like minded mothers and daughters on a website and then get together still works, although it isn’t often referred to directly in the videos any more.  What still works, and has worked, is the older/younger vibe with just the faintest whiff of incest (which is, of course, what sets it apart from the other GFF older/younger series Lesbian Seductions). 

This installment is right in line with the rest of the series.  The general theme here is big breasted older women matched up with small breasted youngsters.  So whether you like big breasts or small ones you’re sure to find something good to look at.

The inclusion of Darla Crane (my favorite earth-mother), Jessi Palmer, and Persia Monir in this volume caught my interest right away as I am a big fan of all three.  Darla’s recent DP for the “My Friend’s Hot Mom” series was incredibly hot, but I digress.  Persia took Jessi’s on screen girl-girl cherry in MDEC 10, one of my all time favorite volumes in the series.  So I was ready to enjoy the video right out of the box.  The other performers were a pleasant bonus for me. 

Scene One:  Darla Crane and Cassandra Nix

We open in Darla’s kitchen.  She and her “daughter” Dani Jensen are sitting at a table talking with Raquel Sieb.  Since Darla and Raquel both have wonderfully large breasts the conversation included a discussion of brassieres for big breasted women.  Raquel mentioned that she found a nice and comfy bra through a link posted on Netskirts, thus getting in a plug for another GFF series.  This becomes an excuse for Raquel to pull up her top exposing her bra and for Dani Jensen to take two handfuls of those breasts by way of inspecting the bra.  We get a nice moment or two of this and the door bell rings announcing the arrival of Cassandra, Raquel’s “daughter.”

Inevitably, Darla offers Cassandra a tour of the rest of the house and Cassandra happily agrees.  They end up in what appears to be a guest room just off the pool and, surprise, there’s a big old king sized bed in it.  Cassandra is new at this but knows why she’s there.  A short conversation ensues and then Darla’s top comes down and Cassandra begins exploring Darla’s bountiful flesh.  Pretty soon both women are naked and we find out that Cassandra has PUFFY NIPPLES! I am a sucker for tiny tits with big puffy nipples.  The contrast in body types helps make this scene work visually.  Darla is the more experienced and takes the lead.  There’s lots of kissing and teasing before getting down to business.  Both women give and receive lots and lots of pleasure.  The overall feeling is one of light hearted enjoyment and fun rather than over the top passion.  It feels natural and is enjoyable to watch. A great start to the video.

Scene Two:  Raquel Sieb and Dani Jensen

As the first scene appears to end we cut back to the kitchen where Dani and Raquel are wondering how Darla and Casandra are doing – rhetorical question to be sure.  They decide to investigate and they end up in the guest room where Darla and Casandra are engaged in some post coital canoodling.  Some playful conversation ensues and then Dani and Raquel start to make out while Darla and Casandra watch. I wondered if this was going to turn into some sort of foursome, as Darla can’t keep her hands off of Casandra (for which I do not blame her).   Everyone admires Raquel’s bra (remember how this all got started), but more importantly they’re admiring the Double-D’s inside the lovely lingerie.   When the kissing starts getting serious, Darla and Casandra pick up their clothes and exit stage right, leaving the two horny ladies alone.

The scene steps on the gas from this point – no reluctant young debutantes here.  Both women want sex and they want it now. There is some nice titty play both with bras on and after they come off.  Dani says “I wanna see ‘em,” and Raquel’s bra comes off.  “Oh my goodness,” Dani says and we all agree – Raquel’s endowment is a sight to behold.  As my late father used to say about Dolly Parton “She’s better than Montana.  She’s got TWO beauts.”

More titty play interspersed with lots of pussy eating and fingering.  They’re clearly enjoying each other’s company.   There’s a nice tribbing sequence (bonus!) as well and both ladies seem to get off a number of times.  The scene ends with some nice tender titty stroking/licking/sucking and some good snuggling before we fade to black. 

So we’re half way through the video and two for two on good solid scenes.

Scene Three:  Persia Monir and Danica Dillan

One of the themes of the MDEC series has been the reluctant lesbian.  That theme is present in this volume as well.  Zoey Holloway is Danica’s step mom.  Persia and Jessi had their thing in MDEC 10 (one of the all time greats in MDEC history) and have teamed up to act as mother-daughter in other episodes.  In this case they want Zoey and Danica to come on a cruise with them.  Danica knows the score and isn’t interested in sleeping with another woman.  Well, that’s that then; end of video, right?

Of course not.  Zoey convinces Danica to at least sit down with Persia and Jessi to hear about this trip to Spain or wherever (I lost some of the detail here while staring at Persia’s tits).  I’ll skip the rest of the set up here.  You know that Danica is going to end up in a bedroom with Persia and you know Persia is going to seduce her.  It’s not a bad set up as set ups go; not Oscar worthy, but who cares?  The sex that follows is, of course, top notch.  I’ll admit that I had some concerns about Danica – her resume is mostly gonzo and that can mean “gay for pay.”

My concerns were groundless and I apologize to Ms. Dillan for even having them.  Once the clothes come off, Persia and Danica go after each other like a couple of starving men after a juicy steak. There’s some nice panty to panty tribbing, titty play, some kissing (would have liked more), and the ladies are clearly both enjoying things.  Persia plays such a great sexual predator.  When she’s around a younger woman her hunger is REALLY obvious.  Danica responds to Persia’s hunger and the result is a great scene to start the second half of the video.  There’s plenty of every kind of lesbian sex you can think of without toys or small appliances – lots of pussy eating, fingering, rubbing, etc.  Plenty of orgasms too.

Scene Four:  Zoey Holloway and Jessi Palmer

The final scene features two of my favorite porn ladies.  Zoey Holloway is so beautiful, graceful, and sexy.  Jessi Palmer packs a ton of sexuality into her 4-11, 85 lb frame and she’s cute as a button.  Plus she’s a submissive, her orgasms are really obvious, and she’s got a cute pussy.

We open with Zoey and Jessi snuggling and talking on the sofa.  Don’t FF through this as the conversation is great foreplay for what is to come.   At one point the topic of strap on sex comes up and Jessi says she wants to try anal.  It’s a very frank conversation and it’s obvious the two ladies are getting turned on.  Eventually this leads them to find a bedroom where they can continue communicating in a more physical format.

Jessi is after Zoey as soon as they get on the bed, but Zoey is still talking and almost seems a little shy.  She gets over it quickly.  There is a VERY hot sequence here featuring some clothed frotage/tribbing that really seems to get Jessi off nicely – she’s obviously very aroused.

Jessi spends some quality time with Zoey’s breasts and we can’t fault her for that because Zoey’s breasts are works of art.  Jessi’s tiny titties get some lovin’ too – I just love her nipples and so does Zoey.  Zoey eats Jessi’s pussy through her hot pink panties and Jessi doesn’t object at all.  It’s very sensual and a great teasing variation on the standard lesbian sex scene. The panties are soon off and Zoey works Jessi’s coochie over pretty nicely with lips, tongue, fingers and the palm of her hand.  It is worth noting that Zoey is still clothed from the waist down at this point.

That situation is eventually remedied and Jessi proves herself a very able pussy eater (which anyone who’s seen her other videos would already know).  She soon has Zoey’s motor running at high rpm’s.  The muff munching is followed by a nice tribbing sequence which seems to get both ladies off at least once if not multiple times.

And then we come to one of the hottest segments of the entire video, in my opinion.  Zoey is cradling Jessi’s ass with one hand seemingly holding her up off the bed in a semi sitting position.  With her other hand she is diddling Jessi’s pussy and Jessi is going crazy.  DAMN!  You have to see this.  It is really intense, particularly Holloway’s total concentration on Palmer.  Zoey reads Jessi like a book watching her reactions and adjusting her pussy attack accordingly.  Whew! I must confess that I lost it at about the same time Jessi did.  And THEN Zoey gets behind Jessi, who is laying on her left side, and diddles the little red head from behind while simultaneously licking and kissing her neck.  Palmer is clearly spent by the end and Zoey holds the little waif in her arms and cuddles her back to earth.  The end.

Overall Impressions

This video is another excellent addition to the MDEC series.  Girlfriends Films is to be commended for continuing to keep the MDEC series fresh and making intelligent pairings.  Even though we know what’s coming we don’t care.

Videography, lighting, and sound were all top notch.  There were a few edits that were a little jarring but overall it was well done.  The ladies were all beautiful, the sex was great, and the set ups were not overly long or annoying.

I have no trouble giving MDEC 23 a strong buy recommendation for those who enjoy the lipstick lesbian genre or who have been fans of the series.  At a minimum I would think you would want to rent this video just to watch Zoey Holloway give Jessi Palmer a good seeing to.

Your mileage may vary.  Caveat Emptor.

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