Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 20

Title:  Mother Daughter Exchange Club 20 
Studio:   Girlfriends Films
Director: Not Credited, but presumably Dan O’Connell
Released:  August 2011
Performers: Rebecca Bardoux, Brenda James, Ashlynn Leigh, Chastity Lynn, Becca Blossoms, Allie Haze, Darla Crane, Pepper Kester

(NOTE: I started writing this review a LONG time ago but for some reason never finished it -- sorry it took so long)

This is the 20th installment in what has been a fairly consistent series. The basic premise is that there is a hook-up website for lesbian mothers and daughters to get together for “exchanges.” That premise is still there, although some installments have paid mere lip service to it. The standard format is for older women to have sex with younger girls – like Lesbian Seductions with a little different twist and just the barest whiff of incest. There are generally four scenes with the video breaking into two halves in terms of set ups.

MDEC 20 breaks tradition in the first half of this video, dropping the intergenerational aspect of the sex in favor of jumping on the same sex marriage band wagon. This is a good thing because it means we get to see Brenda James have sex with Rebecca Bardoux (yum!). Chastity Lynn and Ashlynn Leigh form the other pair in the movie’s first half (they’re up first, actually), and since Chastity is always a treat, we don’t miss the forbidden older/younger vibe so much.

The second half of the video follows the standard MDEC format with one member of the quartet (in this case Allie Haze) having to be seduced into lesbian sex, and restoring the older/younger pairings. The good news here is that we get to see Allie Haze have sex with Darla Crane – whoo-hoo! And, the other scene in the second half is also well worth watching. I got my first look at Pepper Kester and Becca Blossoms and it makes me want to see them both again, particularly Pepper Kester, because she’s really something.

I’ve seen Brenda James and Rebecca Bardoux before but never together and it was a treat. Brenda James’ name on a box cover always piques my interest and when I saw that Darla Crane, Allie Haze, and Chastity Lynn were also in this video, I knew I had to see it. I was not disappointed.

Four solid eminently wankable scenes, good camera work, excellent sound and lighting, setups that didn’t get in the way of the action, comfortable locations for the sex, and passionate performances combined to create a very watchable/wankable video. Highly recommended for fans of lesbian sex.

 There is some strapon action here as well.

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