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Lesbian Slumber Party: The Kissing Game

Title: Lesbian Slumber Party:  The Kissing Game
Studio: Girl Candy Flims
Director: Nica Noelle
Release Date: (DVD) May 15, 2012
Performers:  April O’Neil, Dani Daniels, Ela Darling, Lacie James, Magdalene St. Michaels, Samantha Ryan, Sinn Sage, Skin Diamond, Sovereign Syre
Pairings: Dani Daniels/Sovereign Sire; Ela Darling/Sinn Sage; April O’Neil/Magdalene St. Michaels; Lacie James/Samantha Ryan/Skin Diamond 

What do you get when you put an all star cast of lesbian porn stars together with a director who wants to start her new studio venture off with a bang?  You get Lesbian Slumber Party: the Kissing Game.  Nica Noelle’s first feature for her new girl-girl studio Candy Girl Films has a lot going for it right from the start.  I had been looking forward to seeing it since the buzz started about Nica’s new venture last fall.  I had to wait quite a while to see it since it was not released as a DVD until May and sometimes out here in the fly-over-zone we don’t get the latest releases for a while.  But that’s fodder for another blog post.  Suffice it to say that I had high expectations for this video before I ever opened the box or slipped the disc into my DVD player.

I was NOT disappointed.

I’ll put this up front in the review:  This is some of Nica’s best work ever.  If you like the lipstick lesbian genre this video gets a strong BUY recommendation from yours truly.  If you’re a fan of any of the women in the cast you at least need to rent Lesbian Slumber Party.  I have a hunch that this is the first in a series of slumber party themed videos along the lines of the old Lesbian Truth or Dare series Nica produced for Sweet Sinner.  Anyway, I give this production a vigorous two thumbs up.

Having given away the ending of the review I imagine most of my readers will probably have already stopped reading this.  No?  Still with me?  OK.  Here goes.

As the title suggests the action surrounds a slumber party.  And what do girls at a slumber party do (besides have lots of wet, slippery, passionate, sex I mean)?  They play games.  In this case it’s a kissing game.  This is the device that Nica uses to get the ball rolling which is, I suppose, an ironic turn of phrase since this is a lesbian video and therefore a ball-free zone.  But I digress, as usual, and I use too many commas, according to a grammar cop who frequently points out my many flaws as a writer in lengthy e-mails devoid of capitalization and/or paragraphs. Now, where was I?

Oh yes, the kissing game.  The ladies are assembled in a comfy looking living room all in their jammies and all ready to have some fun.  Instead of watching a scary movie (which I understand is standard fare for real life testosterone free slumber parties) the girls decide to play a game.  Sovereign Syre suggests a kissing game (way to go Sovereign!) and asserts that kissing is the only way to tell if you have chemistry with someone.

Sovereign kisses several girls before locking lips with Dani Daniels.  Watch the other girls react as the kissing goes beyond mere lip-to-lip contact.  The kiss is sexy but what makes it work even more is how the other players respond to it.  It’s priceless.  Kudos to Nica for capturing this level of detail.

Scene One:  Sovereign Sire/Dani Daniels

This kiss sets up the first scene between Dani and Sovereign.  One of the hallmarks of Nica Noelle’s work has been her ability to pair people who have some chemistry and then let that chemistry guide the scene.  That is the case here.  Dani Daniels is one of the hottest lesbian performers on the scene today.  Her self titled video for Mason is a must see for any fan of girl-on-girl action.  Sovereign Sire is stunningly beautiful, an awesome performer in her own right, and a perfect match for Daniels.  Good job Nica.  So far so good but the ladies still have to perform. They do.  In spades.

They resume kissing in the hallway and continues as they move into a conveniently located bedroom.   Sovereign closes the door behind her, or she thinks she does, because as she and Dani resume kissing the door opens into the frame.  While some directors would have called “CUT!” and reset the scene, Nica doesn’t.  Her ladies are focused and having a great time and she (wisely) lets things continue.  There is lots of kissing before any clothing is removed.  In many ways this video is sort of a combination of Lesbian Truth or Dare and Girls Kissing Girls using the best parts of each.  These two women want each other.  That’s obvious.   This chemistry is what makes the scene work.  There are a finite number of positions the human body can assume for the purpose of sexual contact and even if you employ every single one of them in a scene, without passion it’s just not that entertaining.  But when two performers have chemistry it doesn’t really matter what else they get up to because the scene will work.  But I like to see women kiss so I enjoyed the opening round of this bout.

Kissing continues as the two women get onto the bed (a double bed in this case – who still has one of those?) and there’s a very erotic piece of business with the women grinding on each other while fully clothed.  This is real making out and well worth watching.  It’s not real porn though until the clothes start to come off and that’s the next on the agenda.  Things accelerate from that point and the passion continues to build.  I’m surprised the camera lenses don’t fog up.  The sex in this scene is as hot as it is spontaneous.  I’ll spare you the play-by-play except to say that you’ll get all of the standard girl-girl stuff you expect to see in a Nica Noelle directed scene except toys:  kissing, pussy eating, finger banging, tribbing, titty play, etc.  Add several tons of passion and we have a terrific opening scene.

Scene 2:  Ela Darling/Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage – what can I say that I haven’t said already in praise of lesbian porn’s number one stud?  She’s paired here with Ela Darling, a sweet young thing who’s been in the industry for a couple of years but has only 8 videos (all girl-girl) to her credit, according to IAFD.  This is her first appearance in a Nica Noelle directed video and I hope we see more of her.  It is not her first pairing with Sinn, however, as the two worked together in Girlfriends Films Lesbian Sex 2

As we dissolve away from the post coital canoodling that ends the first scene we’re taken back to the party in the living room.  The girls are giggling about what happened between Sovereign and Dani and Sinn suggests they keep playing and she gets several of the girls to kiss her before landing on (figuratively speaking) Ela.  Sparks fly and the couple quickly exits the room followed down the hall by lots of giggling from the living room, which, by now, is a lot less crowded than at the beginning of the video.  You almost wonder if the remaining girls feel like the kid who is chosen last for kick ball…

The horny couple is soon making out on a bed (queen sized this time) and we’re off to the races.  There’s a great sequence just after Sinn strips Ela – Sinn teases Ela’s pussy with her tongue and the gasps this evokes are precious.  Ela’s striped socks are cute too, by the way.   Sinn’s teasing doesn’t last long and pretty soon her oral ministrations achieve the desired effect and Ela has the first of many orgasms in the scene.  Sinn loves to top women and that is obvious here.  She really gets off on making Ela get over. Lest you think this is a one way street I should add that Ela gives as good as she gets and Sinn is not short changed in the orgasm department.  Once again great chemistry produces a great scene (GCPGS).  There’s also a great missionary position tribbing sequence – something that has sort of become a Sinn Sage trademark.

Scene Three:  April O’Neil and Magdalene St. Michaels

Magdalene St. Michaels plays Dani Daniels’ mother in this feature.  We see her early on as she brings a bowl of popcorn to the girls in the living room, looks somewhat wistfully at the assembled feminine pulchritude on display and then exits.  We know, however, that this hungry cougar who is famous for her trysts with young lesbians, will be back to capture one of these lucky young ladies for her pleasure.

Magdalene  pops into the living room to ask if anyone wants more snacks and says, “Oh, where did everyone go?”  Samantha Ryan coyly replies “We’re just playing a game of hide and seek.”  Magdalene announces that she’s going to go read a book in bed before going to sleep and then exits, pausing for a longing look back into the living room before disappearing around the corner. 

This look isn’t lost on April O’Neil who quickly makes an excuse to leave the room and heads straight for Magdalene’s room.  Magdalene welcomes April and the two chat – “catching up” – but we know where this is going and Nica doesn’t make us wait TOO long for the payoff.  Again it starts with a kiss.  April’s desire for Magdalene has been obvious since we saw them exchange glances back at the party.  Now, in the privacy of Magdalene’s room and on her bed (King size this time – interesting progression) April goes for it and the two are soon locked in a steamy kiss.

It is always a pleasure to watch Magdalene with a younger woman (or any woman for that matter) because she treats them so well.  Her touch is sure, she knows where all the pleasure points are, and she knows what to do when.  She is not slack in pleasuring herself either.  Often when you see Magdalene going down on another woman she has one hand between her own legs rubbing her coochie.  I’ll never forget her scene with Sinn Sage in Mother Lovers Society 2 where Sinn is riding Magdalene’s face and Magdalene is busy eating Sinn’s pussy and furiously rubbing her own.  I honestly don’t know who came harder in that scene.  We’ll call it a tie.  My point is that Magdalene really knows how to give and receive pleasure and she enjoys it.  She enjoys it a lot.  Any woman paired with her should feel fortunate.

April is a cutie.  You just want to eat her up so it’s easy to put ourselves in Magdalene’s place in terms of what we want to do to April.  Once again a masterful pairing by Nica Noelle.  Usually, Magdalene takes the lead in her scenes, but not this time.  April is in the drivers’ seat at least to start and she has her face between Magdalene’s legs before her own clothes are even disturbed.  This is a temporary situation, however, and the tables are soon turned.  This is an incredibly hot scene with several extended tribbing sequences – these ladies just can’t stop muffin-bumpin’.  Lots of kissing, tons of passion, and great chemistry make this a terrific scene.

Scene Four:  Samantha Ryan/Skin Diamond/Lacie James

Meanwhile, back in the living room, the three remaining women, Samantha, Lacie, and Skin, chuckle a little uncomfortably about having been ditched by the others.  An awkward (intentionally, and for effect) conversation ensues.  Lacie suggests that Ryan and Diamond are interested in each other, an assertion denied (but not too vigorously) by the other two.  Lacie further suggests that the other two feel threatened by the conversation and by the kissing game.  The gauntlet having been thrown down, Samantha and Skin have no choice but to kiss, which is a good thing because without this kiss there would be no fourth scene in the video.

Lacie James is a relative newcomer to adult and I believe this is her first girl-girl performance.  She has worked with Nica Noelle before having appeared in The Masseuse 2 for Sweet Sinner.

Three way girl-girl scenes can be awkward – how do you develop real intimacy?  How are they based on anything but lust?  One on one chemistry can be complicated.  Those complications are, at least, cubed, when it’s three women (or three men for that matter).  I think it’s easier when it’s an MFM, MMF, FFM, or FMF threesome but I can’t really explain why I feel that way so I’ll move on.  Let’s just say that Nica left herself a real challenge for the last scene in this video.

So, Lacie has coerced Samantha and Skin into kissing.  The kiss starts out about as tentative as a kiss can be and still be called a kiss – nicely played by Skin and Samantha – but quickly escalates.  Lacie is left to watch as passion blooms between the other two.  This goes on for several minutes (kudos to Nica for letting this develop nicely) before Skin and Samantha come up for air and look sheepishly at Lacie who, wisely, decides not to say “I told you so.” 

Perhaps as a reward for her perspicacity, Samantha and Skin turn their attention to her.  Skin kisses Lacie while Samantha begins caressing her.  What could have been an awkward moment turns into an explosion of passion between the three women.  There will be no third wheel here.  My doubts are proven unfounded (as is often the case).  There’s a lot of kissing and then the clothes come off.  Well, after that, it’s Katie bar the door…the party is ON.  Think of all the things three women can do together, sexually, without resort to appliances, vegetables, or plastic.   That still leaves a pretty broad range of options.  We get most of them here.  Wow.  These three ladies have a great time together and it’s a fun scene to watch.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of the lipstick lesbian genre you need to own this video.  It’s worth watching again and again.  I have, and will watch it again.  I usually pick a favorite scene but I really can’t this time.  Nica Noelle wanted to come roaring out of the starting gate with her new company and she definitely achieved that with this video.  I realize my review is rather late, but if you haven’t seen this movie yet and you like girl-on-girl passion with lots of kissing and lots of orgasms, you need to see it.  It is, at the very least, worth a rental.

Good camera work, lighting, audio, and editing.  The setups are not taxing for the performers and come off as natural.  There’s some humor.  As is usual with Nica Noelle directed videos the scenes develop on their own without any apparent outside influence.  No one looks at the camera or otherwise breaks the third wall.

I’m on a hunt for more Ela Darling material.  She impressed me.  This video had a lot going for it coming in given who is in it and as I said at the top I was not disappointed.

Nica has set the bar fairly high with this first video for her new company.  It will be interesting to see how she goes about clearing the bar with further Girl Candy features.  I’m looking forward to seeing them when they finally arrive here in the fly-over zone…

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