Thursday, September 1, 2011

Women Seeking Women 74

Title:                      Women Seeking Women 74
Studio:                  Girlfriends Films
Director:              Not Credited (usually means Dan O’Connell)
Performers:       Avy Scott, Juliana Jolene, Melissa Monet, Dana Dearmond, Julia Ann, Vernoica Avluv, Jessica Bankok, Tweety Valentine

Women Seeking Women is the well/often decorated veteran of the Girlfriends Films stable.  I can’t think of another lesbian series with 74 volumes to its credit.  Its continued popularity is a testament to the overall quality of the series.

What attracted me to this volume was the presence of the four women who occupy the middle two scenes in this video:  Melissa Monet, Dana Dearmond, Julia Ann, and Veronica Avluv.  The other four women are great, but they weren’t why I wanted to get a copy of this DVD – they turned out to be a bonus.
The star power alone of this video should be enough to send it flying off the shelves.  Customers will get good value for money, in my opinion, and this video gets a strong “buy” recommendation.

So, why do I think this video is so hot?  Read on.

The basic structure of the WSW series is four unrelated, standalone, vignettes with two girls each.  Very basic – in order to get to 74 volumes with the same basic structure in each video you have to chose your players carefully and make sure they have enough chemistry to carry the scenes.  That is the case here.

I resisted skipping right to scenes two and three and I’m glad I did.  I’ll admit though that I had doubts when I first started watching.  Avy Scott, reprising her role as a lesbian lawyer (see Lesbian Legal) is at what appears to be a kitchen table talking deal with Juliana Jolene, who needs some legal work done.  At the end of the negotiation over Scott’s fee, Jolene says “I expect to get a good fuck out of this,” and the two women head for the bedroom.  The way this goes down (no pun intended) makes Avy Scott look/sound like a prostitute.  This set up was too long.  It was needlessly complex.  The sex was great though, so I was not too unhappy, plus I had the next two scenes to look forward to.  A good opener.

Melissa Monet is amazing.  She’s had an incredible career, she’s still at it, still going strong, and still sexy as hell.  She’s a wild child and when I saw this pairing (with Dana Dearmond) coming I just absolutely KNEW I had to see this video.  Dana Dearmond is one of the most underrated performers in porn.  Why she isn’t on the cover of every video she’s in is beyond me.  She’s in Mason’s “Gangbanged 2” but did she get the cover?  No.  The other chick, the one with the big tits, did.  Puh-leeeze.  But I digress.  I knew, just KNEW that Melissa Monet + Dana Dearmond was going to = DYNOMITE.  Turns out I was right.  Three cheers to Girlfriends Films for this pairing.  Melissa Monet fucks Dana Dearmond silly.  Period.  And Melissa enjoys every moment of it, or at least she makes me believe it (I am inclined to go with the first thought here).

I had to take a break after watching the first two scenes. 

Having refreshed and fortified myself I was able to continue, and when I did, I was really glad I’d taken a break.

Veronica Avluv (that’s “vulva” spelled backwards – cute, eh?) and Julia Ann were made for each other.  Everywhere you look there’s something great to stare at, i.e. ogle, and drool over.  Great legs, great asses, beautiful faces, and TITS!  Can you say TITS?  I’m not really a breast fancier for preference.  I’m more of a legs/ass man, and I particularly appreciate a woman’s thighs, the gateway to the treasure at their apex.  But, my goodness, TITS!

The set up for this scene is well played and actually works.  I’m not going to spend any more time on it than that.  The sex that follows is titanic, even brobdingnagian, in both scope and intensity.  Veronica wants Julia to prove her love and the beautiful blonde queen of MILF-dom does it in spades.  As Melissa Monet did with Dana Dearmond in the previous scene, Julia Ann attacks Veronica with an intensity that must be seen to be appreciated.  And Veronica responds (a vast understatement).  Personally, I don’t know how Veronica had the strength to turn the tables, which she eventually does, to give Julia a good going over.  She should have been a dish rag by the time Julia got done with her.  What an amazing scene!  It is, in my opinion, worth the cost of the DVD all by itself.

Having climbed to the top of the mountain (repeatedly) already in this video, I was prepared to be disappointed in the final scene – it wasn’t exactly fair to Jessica Bangkok and Tweety Valentine for them to have the spot right after two completely mind blowing scenes.  The setup for this last scene, however, is VERY erotic.  Julia Ann and Veronica Avluv are involved (TITS!!!), and this scene is an extension of the one before.  It takes a while to get Jessica and Tweety into a liplock, but once we do, things develop quickly.  Is this scene as heart poundingly intense as the previous two?  Thank goodness no.  I don’t think that, at this point, I could have taken much more heart pounding, thank you very much.  The best way to look at this is that it was the perfect dessert after a heavy meal; the Crème de Menthe that settles the digestion and allows one to relax and enjoy some post prandial somnolence.  There was some voyeuristic spice as Veronica and Julia, who had gotten the two young ladies into each other’s arms in the first place, stood and watched their initial groping and kissing.  There was plenty of passionate play, good chemistry, and excitement. 

When I finished this video I thought back to the earliest installments of this series and how consistently good it’s been.  Even when it was being shot in cheap hotel rooms with practically unknown actresses, Women Seeking Women always delivered.  This series has been a total and incontrovertible winner for Girlfriends Films.  This episode, in particular, demonstrated that GFF still has “it” when it comes to lesbian erotica.  The scenarios were mostly well thought out and well delivered.  The women were beautiful, passionate, and into each other.

I have no hesitation in giving this video a HIGH recommendation for purchase or rental.  Well done!

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