Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lesbian Deception

This review may seem a little late, as the video was released last February, but I only recently obtained a copy.  Hopefully this is still useful to someone.

Title:   Lesbian Deception
Studio: Sweetheart Video
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer:   Nica Noelle
Release Date: February 9, 2011
Performers: Samantha Ryan, Rayveness, Avy Scott, Michelle Lay, Dylan Ryan, Kimberly Kane

If anyone has any doubt as to Nica Noelle’s ability to tell a story, this video should put that doubt to rest.   if anyone has any doubt that the retirement of Rayveness robbed the adult world of one of its best performers, this video should put a period to the end of that discussion.  And, if anyone has any doubts about Samantha Ryan’s ability to carry a story driven adult feature, well, that’s just silly.
Lesbian Deception is storytelling at its darkest and most psychologically twisted.  The central plot of this movie is how a simple misunderstanding can lead to the destruction of a seemingly stable relationship.  The key scenes are between Samantha Ryan and Rayveness, but the supporting cast does a good job of supporting the leads. 

There are very few women in adult as beautiful as Samantha Ryan.  The phrase “too pretty for porn” could have been coined for her.  That smile, those eyes, the beautiful hair, and her graceful, dancer’s body, makes her a treat to see clothed or otherwise.  Whether she’s on the screen with a man or another woman your attention is drawn to her.  And then you have sexy southern charmer Rayveness whose performances are always passionate and well worth watching.  The combination is electric.

There are four sex scenes in this video, and they are all terrific, particularly the Samantha Ryan/Raveness pairings.  The scenes are what we have come to expect, and may I say take for granted, in a Nica Noelle directed feature.  Her technique of putting women who genuinely like each other in situations where they get to have sex without a lot of interference from the director is a winner.  The technical aspects are fine. 

What sets this video apart from many other features is the quality of both the script and the acting.  Samantha Ryan and Raveness should have gotten some sort of acting award for their performances.  And, the other players do their part to make this an enjoyable watch from the standpoint of the story.

For the raincoat crowd who only watch porn for the wankable material, there are four solid, spooge inducing, scenes.  For those of us who like some story with our porn, this movie delivers in spades.
I’m not going to give away the whole plot, but here’s enough to tease you.  Samantha and Rayveness are a couple.  From the looks of it, this is supposed to be a May/December romance, as Rayveness is made up to look much older (btw, the grey wig and makeup were not very believable – it was my only complaint about the movie).  Rayveness overhears a phone conversation between Samantha and Michelle Lay and completely misinterprets what she hears.  This is what sets the entire plot in motion and sets up the dramatic climax with enough twists and turns to make you glad you didn’t fast forward through any of the dialog.

A few stray comments…

This was, I think, one of the last videos that Rayveness performed in.  One thing I noticed in her last few shoots was that she had put on some weight.  In this video, they do a pretty good job of keeping her mostly covered as often as possible, but it isn’t always possible to do this.  The truth is, Rayveness is still a beautiful woman, and if her figure has become a little matronly, so be it.  Some parts of the opening scene were awkward as Samantha was trying to make love to Rayveness and there was constantly a blanket in the way.  

A minor irritant, to be sure.

Michelle Lay is the bomb.  She just radiates heat anytime she’s on the screen.  You just know that she’ll do or say anything in a scene.  She’s someone who loves her work, that’s for sure, and she has more energy than three other people combined.

Dylan Ryan is a cutie.  So is Kimberly Kane.  Their scene was fun and sexy and added a little more upbeat flavor to what could otherwise have been a totally dark themed movie.

If you like the lipstick lesbian genre delivered with a great story line and good acting, you will want to add this video to your collection.  Another winner for Nica Noelle and Sweetheart Video.

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