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Girl Crush 2

Title:  Girl Crush 2
Studio:  Club 59 (Elegant Angel)
Director:  Mason
Performers:  Karlie Montana, Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, Georgia Jones, Allie Haze, Lily LaBeau, Chloe Cane, Chloe Caine, Hayden Winters


Girl Crush 2 is similar to Girl Crush 1 – Mason, the director, interviews the women either separately or as couples.  They talk about what it is they like/love about women and specifically about sex with another woman.  The idea is that the women paired here all supposed to have crushes on each other, although that premise is undermined somewhat by the fact that in at least two cases the women are meeting for the very first time.  There are four scenes.  The scenes develop organically and the women are completely focused on each other.   Each scene is different – not just the women, but the way they approach each other.

What I liked about this video

The salient feature of this DVD, and the main reason I found it so arousing, is that Mason shoots this with a single camera and VERY little editing, except presumably, for time.  The settings are comfortable, the women are beautiful, the lighting and sound are perfect, and the camera work is superb.  The interview is the “setup” for the scene, so once the interview is over, the sex starts immediately.   The sex doesn’t seem rushed, and it happens with, apparently, little if any interference from Mason.  She puts hot women in a room and has them have at it – my favorite kind of directing strategy.

What I didn’t like about this video

This is REALLY minor, but I think the final scene should have been first.  It’s a good scene, but it was the weakest of the four and should not have occupied the four spot.  Other than that, there wasn’t much to quibble with. 

Mason takes some chances with this video by having women meet for the first time on the set and then immediately have sex.  How do you know if there will be chemistry or not?  What happens if they don’t like each other?  She got lucky, but the beginning of the Haze/Cane scene was awkward and uncomfortable.  It finished with a bang, however, so I have no complaints.

Scene 1. Georgia Jones, Kristina Rose

Georgia Jones and Kristina Rose are well matched.  Both have lots of girl-girl experience on and off camera and they really enjoy it.  Lots of kissing throughout the scene which features plenty of fingering, rubbing, and pussy licking.  They are making love on a bed in a beautiful room with nice curtains in the background.  It is quiet except for the noise they make as they please each other.  The scene is shot with one camera and very few edits.  Very nicely done.  I’m sure that there was quite a bit more action than is included here – these two women looked like they were prepared to go all day long.

Scene 2. Andy San Dimas, Lily Labeau

To start this scene, Mason has Andy and Lily together for the interview.  They are snuggling/cuddling throughout and give the impression that they can’t wait to get into each other’s pants.  When the sex starts sparks fly.  Lots of clothed and partially clothed foreplay so that by the time these two lovelies are naked they’ve both had an orgasm or two.  Of particular note is an extended panty-to-panty tribbing sequence that’s sure to appeal to aficionados of this particular fetish. 

This scene is a bit more animalistic than the Jones/Rose coupling – not more intense per se, but different.  Labeau and San Dimas go after each other in a more aggressive way.  You’ll just have to watch this scene to see what I mean I guess.  The sex is a little rougher.  At one point, San Dimas rips off Labeau’s panties and stuffs them in Labeau’s mouth.  Later on there’s another extended tribbing sequence, this time without panties in the way.

Scene 3. Allie Haze, Chloe Cane

Allie Haze is, in my view, one of the cutest women in porn today.  She’s just been signed to a contract with Vivid, which is good for her but bad for gonzo lovers.  Allie was tearing it up everywhere in porn and her girl-girl work has been outstanding.  She was the reason I decided to get this video.

I was concerned as I watched because her scene with Chloe Cane started out as something of a disappointment.  And that brings me to a little bit of a complaint about this video compared to volume 1.  In the first installment of this series the girls knew each other and admitted to having a “crush” on each other.  In some cases there was, according to the interviews, an ongoing relationship that had spanned some time.  That was not true for this installment.  In some cases, as was true in this scene, the women were meeting for the very first time.

That can work if the producer/director has chosen his/her talent carefully and gets lucky.  In the beginning of this scene, however, I did not sense any chemistry at all between Allie and Chloe.  Chloe seemed uncomfortable.  The encounter was awkward.  BUT…

I’m glad I kept watching, because after a slow and uncomfortable beginning things got hot and once these two women warmed to each other, the scene ended up being everything I could have wished for.  This was my first time seeing Chloe Cane.  She’s very cute and, as it turns out, extremely passionate.  Allie Haze, of course, I am quite familiar with, and it was once again a pleasure to watch her on the screen.  You can gage how much she is into a scene by the color in her cheeks.  The more red, the higher the intensity of her pleasure.  See for yourself.  I think Mason got very lucky with this pairing.  Whew.

Scene 4. Hayden Winters, Karlie Montana

Karlie Montana has long brown hair and a great smile.  Hayden Winters has beautiful, deep aquamarine eyes and great teeth.  These two have never met before this shoot.  We get the interviews – pretty standard fare here – and then we immediately cut to the sex, opening with the pair kissing.

Karlie is the initiator/top pretty much throughout the scene.  Both of these women are breathtakingly beautiful.  Hayden Winters has absolutely stunning breasts – perfectly proportioned and (apparently) real.  I thought Karlie could have spent longer on them.  Karlie is long and lean and very graceful. 

This is the softest scene in the video.  The mood is quiet and tender, the orgasms are there, but not as dramatic as anything in the first three scenes.  Perhaps I was exhausted after watching the earlier parts of this video, but I would have wanted a stronger finishing scene.  This pairing could have gone first and it would have made a nice introduction to the video.  As the final scene, however, it was somewhat disappointing.

I liked the extended makeout session at the beginning of this scene, and, in fact, I’d say it was my favorite part of the scene.  The kissing was very tender and sensual.  It was nice to see them make out with their clothes on and not get impatient to get naked.  Even when the clothes started to come off, there was no hurry.  The pace was slow throughout, adding to the sensual nature of the scene.  Again, I think this would have made a great opening scene; it was misplaced as the final scene.

Overall Impressions

This was a fantastic video.  There was something really good in every scene.  Mason is one of the best directors working in porn today.  This video is extremely well shot, well lit, and the sound is consistently good throughout.  There is a minimum of editing, and the edits, when they come, do not interfere with the flow of the action.

I have no trouble at all giving this video a strong recommendation for purchase or rental.  It is extremely “wankable.”

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