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The Step Mother 5: Her New Son

Title:               The Stepmother Vol 5:  Her New Son
Studio:            Sweet Sinner
Director:          Nica Noelle
Writer:             Nica Noelle
Performers:      Dale Dabone, CeCe Stone, Magdalene St Michaels, Tanya Tate, Seth Gamble, Xander Corvus

Mostly what you need to know about this video is that Magdalene St. Michaels and Tanya Tate are in it.  If that doesn’t make you go out and at least rent it you should stop reading here.  And, if, like me, you’re a bi-guy, the amount of eye candy on the screen is doubled.  Beautiful women, handsome men, hot sex...who could ask for more?

This is the fifth installment in this series from Sweet Sinner.  In terms of the sex scenes, this one ranks right up there with my two favorites in the series, volumes 1 (Michelle Lay) and 4 (Julia Ann).   When I saw that not one, but two of my favorite ladies of porn were in this one I could hardly wait to get my hands on a copy.  

Was I disappointed?  Wait and see – I’m not giving that up just yet.

Here’s the plot summary:  Dale Dabone and Magdalene St. Michaels have gotten a divorce.  Dabone’s new love is now Tanya Tate.  Tanya’s son is played by Seth Gamble.  Tanya does a great job of playing a little older than her real age.  She has to because for Seth to be her son, she would have had to be 10 when he was born.

Seth’s girlfriend is CeCe Stone, a Kansas cutie making her first Sweet Sinner video (she has a long list of other credits) if I’m not mistaken.  She and Seth are going to be married soon, and she’s also preggers, so Tanya will be a grandmother.  Can you say “willing suspension of disbelief?”

Dabone and St. Michaels also have a son, played by Xander Corvus.  Xander is not real happy about his father’s new lady, at least not at first.  Tanya really wants to change his mind.  I like her chances.  Why?  Because Xander has a set of eyes that work and a penis.  End of discussion.  

There are four sex scenes in this video, starting with Dabone and Tate.  I really enjoyed watching these two go at it.  They had this really hot scene going and just when I thought things were finished, they took it up another notch.  The hottest part of this (really hot) scene took place AFTER Dabone got off.  You’ll just have to watch to see what I mean.  It was an incredible finish, and it set the bar pretty high for everything that followed.

The next scene gives us Seth Gamble and CeCe Stone.  To be honest, since neither Magdalene or Tanya was in it, I almost skipped it.  You won’t want to though because Seth puts CeCe through her paces.  They’re a cute couple and they have a good time with each other.  This scene is the least intense of the four but it’s still worth watching.  Since I know that Stone has done creampie scenes before, and since part of the storyline involves her being pregnant, I was a little surprised when Gamble pulled out and blew his load on her belly.  I know there are a lot of porn actresses who won’t do internal cumshots.  But CeCe has done them in the past.  I’d be curious to know why she didn’t do one here.    It didn’t ruin the scene for me, but I generally don’t approve of money shots to the back or belly.  Personal preference.  Your mileage may vary.

OK, now the stage is set for Magdalene St Michaels to do her thing .  I know I’m not as big a fan of Magdalene’s as Jen Doe is, but then no one could be a bigger fan than that.  I haven’t said much about the plot to this point and I don’t want to get into it too deeply, but, Magdalene needs a box of papers that she left behind after the divorce.  Seth finds the box and brings it over to Magdalene’s house, which results in Seth and Magdalene having sex.  There’s an understatement.  Magdalene St. Michaels never just “has sex.”  Seth should count himself fortunate to have had a scene with Magdalene.  I think he had a good time.  I know Magdalene did.  I love how she takes her pleasure into her own hands, literally, during a scene.  One way or the other, she’s going to get off.  OK, I’m starting to sound like Jen Doe here (lol), so I’ll just say that this was a typically hot Magdalene St. Michaels scene, and that Seth Gamble did a great job with it.

Where is Xander Corvus in all of this?  Well might you ask.  We don’t see him until the final scene of the video.  Tanya arranges to meet her future step son and break the ice, so to speak.  She does more than that, of course, and the resulting scene is everything I was hoping for.  Xander and Tanya both like sex, they’re both good looking, and they obviously are attracted to each other.  Nica Noelle, as she does so well, let’s them have at it without a lot of directorial interference.  That’s a formula that I wish other directors would adopt, but as long as Nica keeps making new movies I guess it doesn’t matter too much then does it?  So, other directors, just forget I mentioned that will you? Just keep churning out those insert-tab-A-into-slot-B yawnfests and ill conceived parodies, and you’ll make sure that Nica Noelle becomes an adult video mogul in no time.  She may, in fact, have reached that status already.

Overall Impressions

There’s a lot to like in this movie.  The sex, for example.  There’s a lot of it and it’s (mostly) the kind of sex that we expect from Sweet Sinner. 


I have a few, admittedly, small criticisms to make about this video (none of which give me pause about recommending it to you).  Keep in mind that I ONLY review movies I like.

The idea that Tanya Tate has a 22 year old son is simply not supportable.  Perhaps I’m being picky here, but, Tanya Tate is what, 32?  33?  She does a good job of playing older (and has played older in a number of other videos) and sometimes I wonder if IAFD doesn’t have her date of birth (March 1979) wrong. 

There were some audio problems, the biggest being when Tanya and Seth are in the kitchen and they are supposedly having a conversation with Magdalene, there’s a real problem with the kitchen audio -- it doesn’t match Magdalene’s sound at all.  This should have been caught when they were shooting in the kitchen.  I don’t know if it was a bad microphone placement or a problem with whoever was managing the audio for the shoot, but it was a major continuity error.

Nica Noelle was not always well served by her editor on this project.  This is particularly noticeable during the Seth Gamble/CeCe Stone coupling.  

Finally, I would have dumped the Seth/CeCe sceen all together.  This movie is about the conflict between Tanya and Magdalene.  How about taking advantage of that with a cat fight between them which ends in some hot, wet, lesbian sex?  That would have been EPIC.  One for the ages. Insert superlative of your choice here.  As far as I know, they’ve never done a scene together.  That could have been the final scene of the video.  The setup?  Magdalene discovers that Tanya has fucked her son and goes ballistic.  There is a confrontation and the claws come out.  Magdalene is the injured party and her anger carries the day at first, but, the plucky lass from Liverpool is not at home for having her ass kicked and it's a fairly even bout.  Then, suddenly, before anyone gets severely injured, their mouths meet, and  the next thing you know they’re tearing each other’s clothing off for a different reason.  Epic.  Genius. A million-seller. I’m sure there’s a really good reason why things didn’t go this way.  

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, this video is another big success for Nica Noelle and Sweet Sinner. I continue to be impressed with the way Mile High has allowed Nica Noelle to develop her brands.  Someone up there in Canada is very smart.  I tip my critic’s hat to them.  Anything critical here is me exercising my right to know-it-all-and-be-responsible-for-nothing.

My last word? My quibbles about this production are minor. This is a hot, steamy, sexy, entertaining movie.   I have no difficulty recommending it to you for rental or purchase.

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