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Mother Lovers Society 5

Title: Mother Lovers Society 5
Studio Sweetheart Video
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer: Nica Noelle

Cast: Darla Crane (montage only), Madison Young, Sara James, Amber Chase, Magdalene St. Michaels, Alia Starr Sincerre Lemore, Jasmine Jem

Release Date: 8/10/2011

This is a well written, well acted/performed, and just plain well done video from Nica Noelle’s signature Sweetheart Video line. For those who like some story with their lesbian sex, this is a great video. And, if you choose to fast forward through the dialog, the sex is hot enough to make it purchase worthy. For me, there was at least one load in every scene, including the opening montage. How’s THAT for a recommendation? Hmmm?

Nica Noelle, who has made story driven porn her life’s work, does a lot of things well, but the two that stand out for me in this video are: 1) exposition; and 2) believable dialog. There is a narrative and dramatic arc that has been very apparent from the first episode. Others have tried this form and while commercially successful have been challenged, aesthetically, as to script writing.

From the title you will correctly infer that this is the fifth installment in Sweetheart’s lesbian soap opera about mature women who have a fetish for young(er) girls. To this point the series has centered on Magdalene St. Michaels’ predilection for young women, primarily Casey Chase, but with the fourth video in the series, Nica Noelle, as writer/director, begins revealing other story lines, including one about Magdalene’s past lovers. Dr. Sydni Ellis (played by Nica Noelle) appears as both therapist and as someone who also has a taste for younger women. (We can only hope that at some point in the series, Nica will be included in more than a dialog scene – she’s looking very fly these days with her new tan.) This episode seems to take the series in a new direction. You’ll have to see for yourself. If there’s an MLS6, it will be interesting to see where Ms. Noelle takes it. I hope we haven’t seen MLS jump the shark.

But, as usual, I digress. I always set out to write succinct reviews but somehow I end up writing treatments.

MLS5 picks up where MLS4 left off. We are treated (and that IS the right word here) to an opening montage summarizing the Sapphic tryst between Magdalene’s best friend/housemate Darla Crane and Madison Young, who is, supposedly, Magdalene’s current object d’amour. This scene is shown in full in MLS4, but the montage does a great job of hitting the high points. As an aside, what is up with Darla Crane hitting on Magdalene’s lovers? We saw her with Casey Chase in MLS2, which led to a tearful confession and steamy scene with Magdalene in MLS3. Of course, the reason Magdalene isn’t home to boff Madison herself is because she’s shacked up with Casey Chase in a nearby hotel (I think – soap opera plots have a tendency to confuse me, especially when the soap opera is loaded with hot lesbians fucking each other’s brains out).

The wank worthy montage ends with Madison waking up in bed and wondering if she had dreamed of having sex with Darla Crane (I often dream of that myself). Suddenly, Alia Starr appears and the two women chat about Magdalene which results, to no one’s surprise, in the video’s first sex scene, an incredibly hot romp between Starr and Young. I nearly lost it when Alia Starr began rubbing one of her beautiful titties on Madison’s slit. And things got even hotter from there. I’ll just leave it at that.

Cut to Magdalene in Dr. Sydni Ellis’ office. Magdalene is looking for help with her addiction to young women. I suspect that both Magdalene and Nica have been in therapy before because the session plays out very realistically. Nica Noelle has been victimized by bad video editors in the past, but in this scene, she received good value for money. The conversational feel of the scene could have been ruined by choppy cutting, but, instead, it has a natural feel because it was properly cut. It may not make a difference to you if you’re one of those who fast forward past the setups to get to the sex, but it makes a difference to me, and since I’m writing the review, I’m commenting on it.

This is a great piece of exposition and it leads directly into the next scene, a flash-back, which features Magdalene having sex with Sara James (or “Jaymes” as the video cover has it). James is/was the niece of Magdalene’s ex-husband’s business partner, and, according to Magdalene, James seduced HER during a company retreat. This was the beginning of Magdalene’s obsession with young women. Here’s where we get to see Nica the artist take chances. The sex scene which unfolds here is shot in low light and soft focus (or so it seems) which is almost certain to arouse the ire of that part of the porn community that always wants gyno-close ups shot under 1K scoops. We don’t get that here, thank goodness, and the result is an incredibly romantic, yet still very erotic scene. Sara is portrayed as the first of a series of young women who manipulate Magdalene St. Michaels sexually and emotionally, and she does a great job of giving us little hints as to what she’s really up to.

This little bit of exposition also revealed to me (perhaps I missed this in an earlier episode – it’s hard to concentrate on dialog with your dick in your hand) for the first time that Alia Starr is Darla Crane’s daughter, and that Magdalene is very worried that Darla will find out that they (Magdalene and Alia) were intimate. Of course, at this point, Magdalene is completely unaware of two things (well more than two, but two will suffice for the moment): Nica is involved with Alia (I definitely want to see THAT pairing…yummmm!), and Alia has just been fucking Madison Young. Could this get MORE soapy? I don’t think so.

When Magdalene mentions Alia, we get a nice reaction shot of Nica’s eyes popping open for just a moment. And, when Magdalene describes Alia, we get another juicy bit of reaction from Nica. No doubt a seed or two planted for future episodes.

So, we shift focus away from Magdalene St Michaels and into a completely new story line. Jasmine Jem is a perky brunette with a girlfriend problem. Her girlfriend is Amber Chase. We meet Jasmine in a therapy session with Dr. Ellis where she tells the good doctor about her problems with Amber. Cut to Jasmine and Amber in the bedroom having a spat over Amber’s commitment to their relationship. Amber excels at playing the part of a manipulator. She plays Jasmine’s emotions like a fiddle, turning her arguments against her. They end up having hot, sweaty, lesbian sex, of course, which is the point of the movie, after all. I really enjoy watching Amber Chase perform. She really brings “it” – can’t really define that, but you can see it on the screen. If this was a sports column, I’d say Amber leaves it all on the field. Let’s leave it at that. This was my first exposure to Jasmine and I hope we see more of her in future Sweetheart productions. Maybe she could get it on with Magdalene? OR, better yet, to make things even MORE soap-opera-like, Dr. Ellis could do her right there in the office. Just a thought. Perhaps I just want to see Nica Noelle naked. OK, you got me. Me and about a million other people…

Fade out of the Amber/Jasmine scene and cut back to Dr. Ellis’ offices where the therapy session continues. Like many people in therapy, Jasmine has no idea what she really wants. Meanwhile, Amber has gone to visit her suicidal ex-girlfriend Denise, played by Nubian beauty Sincere Lemore. Huge contrast here – with Jasmine, Amber is in charge all the way. Denise is a different matter, and we get to see a submissive side of Amber Chase for a change. It doesn’t take long for Denise to lure Amber into the sack, and the resulting tryst is well worth wanking over. Lemore really works Chase over, leaving her covered in sweat and out of breath. There’s no question about who’s in charge here. I’m hard again just writing this. After the kissy-kissy-cuddle ending, we get the credit roll and the music, leaving us waiting for the next installment of Mother Lovers Society.

Overall Impression

This was an extremely well put together video. Everything made sense that needed to. Performers weren’t forced to engage in awkward or overly athletic positions. Lighting and sound were good, by which I mean to say I didn’t notice them, except in the low-light sequence, which worked very well both artistically and erotically.

This episode really leaves me wondering where Nica is going to go with this series (if anywhere). MLS is supposed to be, or has been up to this point, about the older/younger pairing. But, the second half of this episode of Mother Lovers Society, at least as near as I can tell, veers rather sharply away from the older/younger theme and into more of the territory of just plain old lesbian drama. To keep the MLS moniker, we’ll need to see either the continuation of the Magdalene St. Michaels story line, or the development of another older/younger pairing. This has been an outstanding series to date – every episode has been extremely well done. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nica Noelle does next – I know I’ll be watching.

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