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Road Queen 19

Title: Road Queen (Vol 19)
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director: Dan O’Connel (presumably – no director is credited)
Performers: Deauxma, Elexis Monroe, Shyla Jennings, Veronica Avluv, Keira Kelly
Scene Parings: Deauxma/Keira, Deauxma/Veronica, Elexis/Shyla, Shyla/Veronica


As the title indicates, this is the 19th in the Road Queen series. This has largely been a platform to show off the lesbian talents of Deauxma, who has appeared in every episode to date. And those talents are considerable. The premise here is that Deauxma drives around the country in a custom hot rod and has sex with a variety of women. The setups for this series have become increasingly impenetrable – you may want to skip them – but fortunately for us, they serve the purpose of getting beautiful women into bed where they have hot, steamy, lesbian sex. Some of my favorite performers are in this video, including Elexis Monroe and Veronica Avluv, and I was looking forward to this release with eager anticipation. Keep in mind that I only review videos that I like and I think there were enough things that I liked in this video to overcome the things that I didn’t like, the biggest of those being the script. In this case, I’ll use the word “incredible” in the pejorative sense, i.e. lacking credibility. If you’re doing plot based porn it’s a good idea to have a plot that makes at least *some* sense. The plot for this episode is disjointed and contains more holes than a block of Swiss Cheese. Actually I think the term I’m looking for here is “jumped the shark.”

So, I’m not going to go into much detail about the story line, except that it involves a proposed wedding between Shyla and some guy no one but Shyla seems to like, Veronica, whose relationship to Shyla is a bit murky, and a number of other women who don’t seem to have any rational reason to be there.

Fortunately, all of these women are very sexy, and all we really want here is for them to get naked with each other, which they do. Thank goodness.

Scene One: Deauxma/Keira Kelly

Keira is a relative newcomer to adult with four videos to her credit (according to IAFD) including this one – all have been for GFF. After a confusing opening sequence to the video we suddenly jump to Keira and Deauxma in the hot rod without any rationale given for why they are there. There’s an attempt at exposition here, but they might just as well have put in a narrator. The script doesn’t really set up the sex at all – one minute they’re talking about “weird” things Veronica has asked Keira to do (as her employer, evidently) and the next minute they’re swapping spit. It made no sense. The good news is that we get a few nice moments of the two women making out in the front seat of the hot rod – ah the memories that brought back, but I digress – before they sneak into Keira’s bedroom in order to get down to some serious girl-girl loving.

I want to give some credit here – the makeout scene in the car was great, and I wish it had gone on longer. I would have liked to have seen these women suck face for a while before going inside. There’s a rather silly sequence here of the two women sneaking into the house – should have been cut in favor of more making out.

Once in Keira’s room the two women don’t immediately take up where they left off. In fact, it’s almost like they start over, with Deauxma trying to seduce the younger Keira, who suddenly goes shy. WTF? What was the point of the car scene, other than as a half-assed attempt at exposition? What should have happened here was a reasonably long makeout session in the car followed by that hand-in-hand dash to the house and once in the bedroom clothes fly off and they go for the gusto. Instead, the sexual momentum from the car sequence is thrown away. By now I’m getting impatient, and my finger is on the FF button. Fortunately, I didn’t fast forward, because once things really get going this is an incredibly erotic scene. I’m going to have to go back and watch some of Keira’s earlier work because, frankly, when I saw her in this video I didn’t remember her at all and I’ve watched two of the other three vids she’s been in.

After a tentative start, there’s a period of very nice clothed play, which I enjoyed. There’s kissing and some nice rubbing through clothing and the passion seems to slowly escalate as Keira responds to Deauxma’s attentions. Deauxma eventually gets Keira’s sweater pulled down and her jeans off and then she goes to work on the younger woman’s pussy – without removing her panties at first. Now, sometimes I don’t like it when they leave the panties on, but in this case I thought it was sexy. Given the way Keira’s hips are pumping I think she thought it was sexy too. Deauxma does a great job of teasing Keira before getting to the main event. Keira is jerking and jumping every time Deauxma makes contact with her flesh and it’s damn sexy. Her voice and body are trembling, either with fear (I doubt it) or intense sexual arousal (my money is on that option). The scene spins up to maximum overdrive from here on out and it becomes a great opening scene, setting the stage for bigger and better things to come (assuming the cast can overcome the script).

Scene Two: Deauxma/Veronica

The setup for this scene is generally FF worthy except for the funny bit where Veronica steals Deauxma’s clothes while she’s in the shower. Veronica puts them in the washing machine. Deauxma doesn’t have anything to put on when she finishes showering, which works out well for us because that gets at least one of the people in this scene naked right away.

Big tit lovers should get their fill here because we not only have Deauxma’s massive endowment but Veronica Avluv is no slouch in the titty department either. Not a whole lot of kissing to start the sex here but I didn’t mind that so much because the women are so damn beautiful. I’ve said it before – I’m not a breast man; I prefer a woman’s legs/ass as a focus of my lust. But both of these women have legs/ass in spades, it’s just often overlooked because of their big TITS. Well, I’ve been looking and I appreciate Veronica Avluv’s tush and legs to death. Deauxma’s too. In fact, I think Deauxma would actually be more attractive without the giant gazongas hanging from her chest. But I digress. One of the hottest parts of the scene for me was when the two women masturbated for each other. “Show me how you play with yourself,” Deauxma whispered. Damn. That was hot. Things escalate from here, both women eventually squirt and each rubs her titties in the other’s gash. Other assorted fun things happen, including a strapon sequence. Both women were into each other and the scene. Veronica Avluv continues to grow as an adult actress and I find myself looking for her titles more and more. She’s done some great work for Brazzers. I wish she’d get it on with Jessie Palmer again though. They were dynamite together in Lesbian Seductions 30. I get wood just typing that title. Once again, I digress. But, hey, it’s my blog, so I guess I can if I want, eh?

Scene 3: Shyla/Elexis

This scene completely abandons the pretext established in the open (thank goodness – it sucked anyway) and is mostly playful. Elexis Monroe is one of the best women working girl-girl porn today. It’s a pity that she doesn’t get better material to work with; I think she should go back to working with Nica Noelle – some of her best work ever was for Sweetheart, particularly Elexis Unleashed. The open to this scene is so stupid I won’t even describe it. Hit the FF button until Elexis and Shyla get to the bedroom, and then just ignore all the stupid “cat” antics – up to this point the scene has been a huge waste of ones and zeros.

Things get interesting when Elexis is on top of the barely clad Shyla and they begin to kiss. Watch how Elexis and Shyla are totally focused on each other. Watch their hips grind. Yeah, they’re feelin’ it. There’s an extended sequence of dry humping and occasional kissing (wish they’d kissed more). This opening, clothed, sequence, was incredibly erotic (your mileage may vary). The pussy grinding continues after the clothes start to come off; they’re building to some sort of erotic cataclysm. Elexis expertly works Shyla’s pussy with her fingers. I love the eye contact here. Neither woman appears aware that there are cameras and crew in the room, and that’s how I like it. Elexis gets Shyla off with her fingers and then with her tongue and then with her fingers again before remounting her for more pussy grinding. Note that at this point Elexis still has her panties on. Shyla peels them off and then we get MORE pussy grinding. I love to watch two girls go pussy to pussy so this scene has “bonus” written all over it. Lots of passion, lots of orgasms, lots of heavy breathing, lots of chemistry. A goofy start but a strong finish.

Scene Four: Shyla/Veronica

OK, back to the silly plot of this soap opera. We cut from the playful Shyla/Elexis coupling to find Shyla and Veronica in the bedroom, not wearing very much, where they are forced to speak some of the dumbest lines ever written for a porn vid (and that’s saying something). The opening to this scene was instant wood kill. HOWEVER, it’s Veronica Avluv so I know that if I wait there’s going to be a payoff. Fortunately the dialog, such as it is, leads to the two women kissing. At last! Veronica begins to make love to the younger woman and we’re off to the races. Once Veronica gets Shyla naked, she attaches her mouth to Shyla’s pussy like a lamprey on a lake trout. No one could eat pussy like that if they didn’t like it – Veronica obviously likes it. The rest of the scene was pretty standard girl-girl porn including a strapon sequence that I could have done without. There was some good pussy on pussy rubbing though, so that balanced the fake dick sequence. There were two beautiful women having sex right in front of me – what’s not to like? In terms of what passed for a plot in this video, this scene needed to be last, but sexually, this scene should have come earlier (no pun intended). Of the four scenes this one had the least chemistry. I’m not saying that as a criticism of either Shyla or Veronica. I just got the impression that both women were trying too hard to make the scene work. After a while I stopped buying it. Perhaps they were both so embarrassed about having to deliver such hokey dialog that they lost their appetite for sex. It wasn’t a bad scene, per se, but it was not as intense as the previous three.

Overall Impressions

I read two reviews of this video before watching it – one good and one bad (scathing). Since I don’t review videos I don’t like the fact that I’ve written a review should tell you that my overall impression was positive. The sex was hot, the women were beautiful, and the technical quality was pretty good, although there were a couple of unfortunate edits and a bad camera angle or two – not enough to spoil the video as a whole.

Girlfriends Films needs to hire some better writers though. I felt bad for the ladies having to slog through that awful dialog and silly plot. The opening to the Shyla/Elexis scene was bizarre. But that’s what the FF button is for. You won’t need it once the sex starts so I’m recommending this as a rental. Keira Kelly has a future in porn – she’s responsive and sexy as hell. Her looks are not conventional porn girl, which is a plus. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her – at least I hope so.

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