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Women Seeking Women 72

Title: Women Seeking Women 72
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director: (none credited, but probably Dan O’Connell)
Performers: Jada Fire, Nicki Hunter, Nyomi Banxxx, Kelly Divine, Kayme Kai, Magdalene St. Michaels, Jessi Palmer, Zoe Voss

This is the 72nd installment in this award winning series from Girlfriends Films. I decided to watch this one because Jessi Palmer and Magdalene St. Michaels were in it and I happen to be a BIG fan of both. There are four scenes in this video. Unlike most of the WSW series, this video has a premise that connects all four scenes. Four women consult a psychic who predicts that they will each have a relationship. The number of psychics who could go four-for-four can be counted on the fingers of one hand, I think, but the premise works here, and gives the video a cohesiveness often lacking in videos from the WSW series (not that I care, because the sex is usually smokin’ hot).

The setups are reasonably short, make a certain amount of sense, and are well performed – Palmer’s scene has a few genuine laugh out loud moments in it. But let’s face it, you aren’t going to buy or rent this video to watch the setups. The sex is worth watching and there are two interracial scenes – something we don’t see enough of in girl-girl porn.

OK, let’s talk about the scenes specifically.

Scene 1: Jessi Palmer/Nikki Hunter

I love this little Texas (sweet)Tart. I’d like to wrap her up and take her home with me. She’s a walking wet dream. Jessi is VERY well paired in this scene with Nikki Hunter who appears to feel the same way about Ms Palmer that I do. From the moment Jessi walks into Nikki’s House the look of hunger on the buxom red head’s face is palpable. Can you blame her? And, oh, those beautiful tits hanging from Nikki’s chest – magnificent is too weak a word for these works of art. Jessi is a perfect submissive and Nikki takes advantage, first in the parlor, where she strips Jessi almost naked before she carries her (yes, carries her) upstairs to the bedroom where she proceeds to devour the pint sized pleaser. Nikki teases Jessi, enjoying her gasps and squeals. Neither one is aware, seemingly, of the cameras in the room. I’m not going to give away the rest of the scene except to say that it’s explosively hot. I have yet to watch it all the way through without stopping to clean up (not for lack of trying either). There are several tribbing segments in this scene -- always a plus for me.

Scene 2: Kayme Kai/Jada Fire

BOOBS! Lots of BOOBS! If you’re a breast lover, this scene will have you salivating in no time. After visiting the fortune teller and being told to choose carefully, Kayme Kai is walking her dog down the street and comes across a silver purse with an i.d. and a major roll of cash in it. Soon, she’s minus the dog and knocking on Jada Fire’s door to return it. Jada appears to be about to leave to catch a plane but she decides to catch Kayme instead. The pair are soon making out on the sofa and then the BOOBS come out to play. Jada’s mammaries are truly massive without being grotesque. Kayme has a pretty nice set of her own with some long, stiff, nipples to top them off nicely. Lots of nice kissing here before the clothes come off and the real action begins. They take turns eating each other and then we get the big (and I mean big) surprise. Jada wheels in her suitcase and takes out the biggest strapon dildo I’ve ever seen. Somewhere, a horse is missing something. I like my girl-girl scenes to be toy free for the most part so I was a little apprehensive when the giant black dong came out. And went in. Kayme is certain to have a wrinkle free pussy after Jada gets done reaming it with King Dong. I can’t believe they tried this without anything but saliva for lube. Half a bottle of KY would have come in handy here. This part of the scene was a wood-killer. Then Jada does a little more labia lapping and puts that horse cock back inside for some serious strapon fucking. Kayme screams “oh shit!” and I am in complete agreement. What follows looks like a lot of the gonzo porn we’ve become familiar with – lots of heavy fucking in a variety of positions. By the end of it, Kayme is taking quite a bit of that massive cock and (seemingly) liking it. Jada sure seemed to be enjoying it.

This was my first time seeing Kayme Kai and I hope we see more of this 5-0 import. She’s a beauty and hotter than Kilauean lava. I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of porn produced in Hawaii, which explains why we haven’t seen more of this boner inducing lady and her delectable nipples.

Scene 3: Nyomi Banxxx/Kelly Devine

This time it’s drop dead Nyomi Banxxx who meets the psychic, looking for the love of a good woman (aren’t we all?). She’s told it will take 3 days. Three days later there’s a knock at the door and, surprise, Kelly Devine is there to give Nyomi a massage. Trouble is Nyomi hasn’t ordered any out-call massage, but it’s pre-paid so she invites Kelly in to discuss things. Kelly convinces Nyomi that since the massage is pre-paid she should just take it. Nyomi says yes and sets up her table and Nyomi is soon face down with a towel strategically placed over her bottom. Watching Kelly oil up that beautiful brown skin forced me to sit on my hands. Very sensual. The conversation centers on Kelly’s experiences as a masseuse and how a lot of guys are looking for a “happy ending” massage. Nyomi asks if women request the same service. Well, you can see where this is heading. Kelly is soon massaging Nyomi’s impressive booty and we’re off to the races (and NO, that was NOT a pun). There’s lots of kissing and since both of these women are very well endowed in the breast department, boob lovers get a second helping in this video. The sex is good with lots of variety, some tribbing (again, always a plus for me), and both women seem to get off. Again, breast lovers will enjoy these two well endowed women.

Scene 4: Magdalene St Michaels/Zoe Voss

Magdalene consults the fortune teller, looking for love. She’s tired of being lonely. The psychic gives Magdalene a potion and tells her to drink it. In three days, she says, Magdalene will find love.

Three days later, we find Zoe Voss on a sofa, playing a video game (with the sound off, apparently) and eating chips (not the British kind either – I guess we should call them “crisps”). This room is a mess. Magdalene comes in and admonishes Zoe for the mess. Zoe is having a bad month relationship-wise and she pours her heart out to Magdalene. This, we know, according to the laws of the porn universe, always leads to sex, which is good for us because we get to watch Magdalene have it. I never get tired of watching this lovely import have sex in front of the camera. She is always 100 per cent committed to the scene. Zoe Voss is one lucky lass. Anyone who has Magdalene for a sex partner is in for a good seeing to. Zoe is a lovely young thing with elfin features and beautiful red hair. The build up to the sex is very romantic and tender. We know where this is going and there’s no hurry to get there. I like this. Magdalene is both gentle and persistent as she introduces Zoe to the joys of Sapphic Love. She plays the younger woman like a fine violin. It’s fantastic. I’m not a big fan of gyno close-ups, but there’s one shot in this scene that really illustrates how much Magdalene St Michaels likes eating pussy. This scene starts out slowly, but once Magdalene steps on the gas, it accelerates quickly and stays at a high level for the remainder. A great closing scene to an excellent video.

Final Thoughts

I’m giving this a fairly strong recommendation as a rental and the only reason I’m not recommending it as a “buy” is that the kai/fire scene contains a giant black strapon – not a plus for me. If I want to see women taking big black cocks there are lots of places I can see that. I’m not a fan of lesbian videos with toys in them. I prefer the “lipstick” genre without appliances, although the occasional Hitachi is OK.

There is good passion here in all of the scenes and that comes from good chemistry. Chemistry doesn’t always come just from good looks and I don’t know why more porn producers haven’t figured that out. The idea that you can just take two beautiful people, put them in a room, and expect great sex to ensue is patently absurd.

I liked all four scenes (even the one with the giant black dildo) but my favorites were the ones featuring Jessi Palmer and Magdalene St. Michaels. When is someone going to put these two ladies TOGETHER in a scene? Damn! I sure wish someone would. These two were made for each other. I think I’ll start a Twitter lobbying campaign.

Camera work, editing, and audio were all up to the usual GFF standards. It’s interesting to see how this studio has developed over the years. If you go back and watch their early work, mostly shot in cheap motels with a lot of pretty much unknown or b-list talent (who gave us some pretty terrific girl-girl sex scenes), they’ve come a long way. But one thing that has remained true is that the GFF ethos has been pretty consistent over the years. My hat is off to them for what they’ve brought to the porn table. Not every GFF title is a winner but I haven’t seen one yet that hasn’t had at least one great scene in it.

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