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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 19

Title: Mother Daughter Exchange Club 19
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director: Not Listed but probably Dan O’Connell
Performers: Nicole Moore, Brenda James, Zoey Holloway, Persia Monir, Jessi Palmer, Darcy Tyler, Aiden Ashley, Aubrey Belle

Pairings: Zoey Holloway/Darcy Tyler, Nicole Moore/Aiden Ashley, Brenda James/Jessi Palmer, Persia Monir/Aubrey Belle


As the title indicates, this is the 19th installment in the long running Mother Daughter Exchange Club series from GFF. The original premise (a website where mother/daughter couples can meet each other for older/younger hookups) is still somewhat intact. There are four scenes in this video. As is standard for the series, the scenes are paired, in terms of the setup, so that the video breaks down into two halves. I must confess that I have been looking forward to this release since I heard that Brenda James and Jessi Palmer were paired in it. And, I’m also a big fan of two other stars in this flick, Zoey Holloway and Persia Monir. The MDEC series has generally been good with more hits than misses. Episode 19 is definitely in the “hit” column as far as I’m concerned.

The scenes are allowed to develop organically, the women do not seem overly coached, the photography is good, as is the lighting and sound – all things we’ve come to expect from Girlfriends Films – and there is good chemistry in every scene. My favorite hookup is the Brenda James/Jessi Palmer scene, but that is probably because I’ve been anxious for these two to get together for some time.

One caveat here is that I don’t (generally) review movies I don’t like. You won’t read a lot of criticism here, but I will try to explain what it is about the video that made me like it. Your mileage may vary.

Scenes 1 and 2: Zoey Holloway/Darcy Tyler and Nicole Moore/Aiden Ashley

Zoey Holloway is Aiden’s mom in this scene, and Nicole Moore is Darcy Tyler’s mom (they actually look a bit like each other, which adds to the verisimilitude). Zoey and Aiden are visiting Nicole and Darcy. Wine, snacks, and conversation reveal that Nicole is divorced and a lesbian. Zoey is divorced as well and also just out of a long term relationship with a man her daughter did not approve of. There’s some drama here, well played by Aiden and Zoey that ends up sending Zoey out of the room in tears. She ends up in a bedroom (I know, shocking, isn’t it?) where Nicole and Darcy comfort her. Zoey’s tears here are real – a nice bit of acting. The sex here is well played, from the first tentative touches and kisses, to the gentle after play (that was very nicely acted and shot). Zoey Holloway is one of the most beautiful women in porn (or anywhere else) and she is well matched here. Darcy Tyler gives as good as she gets. It’s a terrific scene. I had to take a breather after this one, not to mention the fact that my tissue box was empty. The only criticism I have of this scene is the amount of time Nicole Moore spends on the end of the bed watching Zoey and Darcy have sex. But this is a standard GFF/MDEC paradigm and I’m used to seeing it. Still, it was a bit awkward.

We get the Nicole Moore/Aiden Ashley hookup next. These two are on a bed (no idea how they got there) and Nicole starts by telling Aiden about her first girl-girl experience back in college. Aiden shares that there was a lesbian in high school who she had thought about getting together with but nothing happened. Nicole asks if Aiden has ever seen a strapon; whereupon Nicole goes and gets hers. Other reviewers have commented on the fact that Nicole Moore has a predilection for strapon sex. I can’t say that I’ve kept track but I think it’s probably true. Normally toys of any kind in a lesbian scene are a turnoff for me, but not always, and this scene is one of the exceptions. There’s no question from the start that Nicole and Aiden want each other. Nicole is aggressive and assertive while Aiden is curious yet still somewhat shy. It’s a good pairing. Nicole overcomes Aiden’s shyness/reluctance and you just know where that strapon is going to end up. Things heat up from the first kiss and Aiden is very quickly a willing participant. There’s good chemistry here and that makes for an excellent scene even if there is a fake penis involved. There’s a lot of kissing here and a lot of clothed/partially clothed play, which I like. The scene is allowed to build slowly and this works very well. Nicole really wants Aiden, and once she gets into it, Aiden gives Nicole all she wants. I could have done without the ersatz cock, but it was still a very hot scene.

Scenes 3 & 4: Brenda James/Jessi Palmer and Persia Monir/Aubrey Belle

My anticipation for this video was based on the James/Palmer pairing. I was not disappointed. Brenda James is the least pretentious adult performer ever. She sounds like she’d make a great neighbor. She is the quintessential Midwestern MILF, a natural beauty who is completely comfortable in her own skin. There is absolutely nothing fake about Brenda James. Jessi Palmer is a stick of Texas TNT with a short sexual fuse and a full clip of cute. OK, back to the video.

Persia Monir took Jessi Palmer’s video cherry in MDEC10 in an epic scene that still brings instant wood every time I think about it (or watch it again). She’s a gorgeous lady with a hunger for young girls that is very obvious.

Aubrey Belle is in her second video ever (according to IAFD), her first being MDEC17. I’d actually like to see her hook up with Jessi Palmer some time. Aubrey is a cutie who is quite comfortable being seduced by a Cougar.

This half of the video opens with Aubrey and Jessi sitting on a sofa having a conversation about people they know. The doorbell rings and Jessi says “my mom will get it.” That’s the signal to cut to a shot of Persia (Jessi’s mom) and Brenda. Persia wants to sell a grand piano to Brenda. Her real interest, however, is in Aubrey, but I’m not entirely sure what the connection is between Aubrey and Brenda. Keep in mind that when I’m watching these videos my brain is not getting its usual dose of oxygen – I sometimes lose track of the plot. But, who cares? The whole point is that women have sex on camera and we get to watch, isn’t it?

At some point, Persia manages to tell Jessi that Brenda is a member of the MDEC and suggest that Jessi make a move on Brenda so that she (Persia) can have her way with Aubrey. Jessi is a little reluctant at first (her teenaged resistance is very realistic), but eventually goes along with the plan, which works (of course) and she and Brenda end up in Jessi’s bedroom.

Sometimes when you anticipate something for a while and are really looking forward to it you can be disappointed by your expectations. Not this time. Jessi is the aggressor here, at least at first, and she’s very direct about wanting to have sex with Brenda. Brenda is a little reluctant at first, but once she commits, she takes over and gives Jessi the girl-fuck of a lifetime. The sex is so intense I could almost smell the pussy juice. Great scene – well worth the wait. Jessi Palmer has come a long way since her first scene, which was in MDEC 10 with Persia Monir (according to a post by Jessi Palmer on her thread at ADT). She loves sex – with men or women – and because of her skin tone we can easily see when she’s aroused. And, then, there’s Brenda. How can you not love this woman? If you can watch this scene and not be aroused, well, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Finally, we get to the fourth and last sex scene, featuring Persia Monir, whose very name is wood inducing, and the young and (seemingly) innocent Aubrey Belle. Persia is a feline predator intent on making Aubrey her next meal. Aubrey does a great job of playing the part of the prey. Next to Persia, a woman for whom the term statuesque is not misused, she looks like she’s about 15. Aubrey is staying overnight at Persia/Jessi’s house and in this scene Persia is putting Aubrey to bed – literally. Persia’s lust for Aubrey is palpable and implacable. She offers to help Aubrey get undressed which seems to confuse the younger woman for a moment (and why not?). Aubrey has no chance to resist.

Once the first kiss has occurred, Persia slows down and takes her time making love to the younger woman. The sex that ensues is actually quite tender and loving while still being very erotic. The contrasting body types help make this scene work. Persia is in charge from start to finish as she teaches young Aubrey the joys of Sapphic Love. It’s a good finishing scene. I’d like to see Aubrey Belle in more scenes, and not just with more mature women.

Overall Impressions

This is a good video, overall, and one of the better ones in the MDEC series. Each scene is worth the rental cost and taken together this is a purchase-worthy DVD, in my opinion. The passion as presented feels real and that is the number one thing I look for in a lesbian video. The setups were not overly long and the writing was decent – something that isn’t always true in a GFF video. The acting was excellent, particularly Zoey Holloway’s emotional outburst in the opening scene.

I will definitely watch this one again (and again), only this time I’ll make sure there’s a fresh box of tissues handy.

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