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Lesbian House Hunters 5

Title: Lesbian House Hunters 5
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director: Dan O’Connell
Cast: Hayden Night, Melanie Monroe, Ariella Ferrera, Prinzzess, Tanya Tate, Jodi West, Dana DeArmond, Jelena Jensen.


This is the fifth in the Girlfriends Films series about a lesbian real estate company in the mythical (but very gay friendly) hamlet of Thornhill. The setups are minimally logical but who cares? The point is that the ladies end up 1) in bed together; and 2) naked. Why else are we watching this stuff anyway? Camera work, lighting, and sound are all up to GFF’s usual high standards. I don’t pay any attention to DVD extras so I’m not going to comment on what comes with this one. The all star cast includes some of my favorite GFF regulars, including Tanya Tate, Dana DeArmond, Prinzzess, and Ariella Ferrera.

Scene One: Hayden Night and Melanie Monroe

The DVD opens with Prinzzess and Ariella knocking on the front door of Hayden’s parents’ house. The house is for sale, and Ariella and Prinzzess are the sales agents. The folks aren’t home, which is unfortunate. The two Thornhill realtors have some bad news to report and they need to get in touch with Hayden’s parents right away. It seems that an appraisal on the house has come back under the dollar figure required to make the deal work. Long story short, the appraisal can be “fixed” if Hayden has sex with the appraiser, in this case Melanie Monroe. Hayden’s not wild about the idea (“Are you joking?”) but, Prinzzess is very persistent and Hayden eventually, and VERY reluctantly agrees. Melanie is totally OK with this. Oh, and one more thing, somehow Prinzzess is able to structure this deal so that she gets to have sex with Ariella. Personally, I think she gets the best half of the deal – I’m not a big Hayden Night fan. So we have the set up for the first two sex scenes in one fell swoop – rather like the structure for Mother Daughter Exchange Club.

So, Hayden and Melanie end up in, where else, a bedroom. Prinzzess has escorted them there and she just happens to have a strapon and a bottle of lube in her brief case. Is this standard issue equipment for real estate agents? I’m going to have to ask mine the next time I see her.

At any rate, the first thing Melanie has to do here is overcome Hayden’s fears. I will say this for Hayden: she really plays the reluctant participant well. She is very visibly nervous, seems (at first) to just want to get it over with, and it is obvious that she’d rather be anywhere than in bed with Melanie Monroe. That’s crazy of course, who wouldn’t want to be in bed with Melanie? She’s a major hottie, and as far as I’m concerned, way out of Hayden’s league. Monroe takes things slowly being very patient with Knight who continues to look like a deer caught in the headlights well into the scene – she’s doing a wonderful job of acting here. The first attempt Monroe makes to kiss Hayden is completely priceless. The scene unfolds from there to its logical conclusion. Most of the sex time is spent with Monroe ministering to Hayden, who, finally, at the end, turns the tables. It ends up being a much better scene than I thought it would be, and much of the credit for that goes to Hayden Night’s portrayal of someone who is being forced into a sexual situation they really don’t want to be in and are completely unprepared for.

This isn’t gonzo porn. GFF is known for taking time with a scene and not just focusing on the payoff. It’s not for everyone, but for those who like this sort of thing, this scene is priceless.

Scene Two: Prinzzess and Ariella Ferrera

These two are half the reason I got this DVD in the first place, and as hot as this scene is, it wasn’t even the hottest scene on this DVD. Having been pleasantly surprised by how good scene one turned out to be, I was really ready for this next scene to take off from there. And, it did. Ariella isn’t too sure about being Prinzzess’ bitch, but once she commits to doing the nasty, she does it to the max. Both of these women have very distinctive vocalizations and body language when they get off. And, they are both very responsive. Prinzzess loves being a top and she dominates this scene at first (remember, she’s the one who came to the party with a strap-on, although she never used it in this scene). Part of what makes this a good pairing is the contrast in physical types. Prinzzess is long and lean with a youthful, coltish, body, while Ariella is much more muscular with much bigger tits and a thicker frame. Both women are stunningly beautiful, and both have prominent labia and clitoral hoods.

The scene starts out slowly with plenty of kissing and clothed foreplay. If you like lots of that, this scene should work for you (I enjoy it myself). When they finally get naked Prinzzess works Ariella over pretty good with her tongue and fingers, and then it’s time to switch. They switch back and forth a few more times and each of these sexy ladies gets off repeatedly. I won’t bore you with a description of every position – I’ll just say that the ladies generate some good heat. I’ve seen both of them in hotter scenes but this scene was far from disappointing.

Scene Three: Tanya Tate and Jodi West

Tanya Tate is the best thing to come over from Liverpool since the Beatles. I’ve never seen her in anything that I didn’t like and that’s saying something. She is beautiful, and she makes me believe that she really likes what she’s doing. This was, I think, my first time seeing Jodi West and I think I’m going to put her in the same category with Brenda James – cute mature women who look like someone you might run into in the grocery store. This, to me, is VERY sexy. The contrast between the glamorous Tanya Tate and the “soccer mom” Jodi West is one of the things that makes this scene stand out.

The set up for this scene also sets up the fourth scene. Jodi West works in the real estate office where Tanya Tate works. Jodi is office help. Jodi asks Tanya if she can go along to an appointment with Tanya. Tanya is going to meet Jelena Jensen, who Jodi knows through church (!). Dana DeArmond and Tanya are going on a listing appointment. Tanya tells Jodi she has to get Dana’s permission to come along.

Dana gives her permission (she apparently runs this particular agency). OK, enough about that. At the appointment, we learn that Ms. Jensen is upside down on her mortgage. Dana tells Jelena that she thinks they can work something out to get her some help, but the catch is that Jelena will have to have sex with Dana, and Jodi will have to have sex with Tanya. “Church” gets mentioned a few more times. The part where Dana tells Jelena she has to sleep with her to make the deal work is PRICELESS.

That’s the cliff’s notes version of the set up which goes on a bit long for my taste, but it makes a little bit of sense anyway.  Dana DeArmond shows some good acting chops in this scene.  She's one of the most consistent performers in porn and never gets the recognition she deserves.  She makes this setup work.

The idea here is to get these women into the bedroom, and, once there, we get two very good (understatement) scenes.

Jodi is a very reluctant (and somewhat fearful) participant at first, but Tanya talks her through it and the ladies are soon playing with each other’s tits and kissing up a storm. Eventually, Tanya’s panties come off and she gets Jodi to lick her pussy. Everything snowballs from there. Jodi, once she gets into the spirit of the thing, is hotter than a pistol. Tanya is Tanya, and that’ saying a lot. Lots of pussy licking, fingering, kissing, tribbing and orgasms. Again, the contrast between the two is one of the things that makes this scene work. Jodi is obviously taken with Tanya’s charms (who wouldn’t be?), and Tanya goes for Jodi in a big way, enjoying the role of sex teacher.

All I know is, I want to find out where these women go to church, because I think I could get up early on Sunday morning if there are women like that there.

Scene Four: Dana DeArmond and Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen is someone else I was seeing for the first time in this video. She is a tall girl with dark brown, almost black, hair and a beautiful face. She has a lovely peaches and cream complexion and a stunningly beautiful body with beautiful natural breasts. Dana DeArmond is one of the hottest women in porn and she is a complete and total slut (and I mean that in the most positive way). You get the feeling that there is nothing that she won’t try, sexually, and no mind game she won’t play to get someone she wants into bed. She has no moral problems with blackmailing Jensen into the bedroom. DeArmond isn’t into romantic sexy foreplay. She likes to fuck. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to tease and be teased, but her kissing and sex play is all about lust and she just exudes “nasty.” She is one scary hot bitch, and I just love watching her work.

For her part, Jensen, once she accepts the inevitable, becomes a more than willing partner for DeArmond. You’ll have to watch this scene to really get what I mean here. Jensen gets as good as she gives and although it is obvious who is the “top” here (DeArmond), Jelena isn’t shy about getting what she wants either, and she demonstrates that under that church lady exterior beats the heart of a real whore. There’s a nice tribbing segment in this scene, always a plus for me, and I’d have to say that on the passion meter, this scene was the hottest of the four, and none of the scenes lacked heat.

I’d love to see Jelena Jensen paired with someone like Magdalene St Michaels or Dia Zerva – I think either one would be a good choice. At any rate, I hope to see more of her in the future.

Overall, I’d say this was at least as good as the previous volumes in this series. All four scenes featured decent chemistry, with the last two being the hottest. The second “set up” scene was quite a bit better than the first, I thought, but set ups aren’t why I rent/buy DVD’s.

I would definitely recommend this as a purchase or rental for anyone who likes the lipstick lesbian genre. Camera work and lighting were excellent as was the sound. As is typical with GFF vids there is a minimum of editing and scenes are allowed to develop organically, which is a big plus for me.

The director does a good job here, mostly by staying out of the way and letting the ladies do what they want. With this cast, that would be the best thing he could possibly have done.

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