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To Protect and to Serve 2

Title:  To Protect and to Serve 2
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  Melissa Monet
Writer:  Melissa Monet
Starring: Asa Akira, Aurora Snow, Bobbi Starr, Brooke Lee Adams, Hayden Night, Jayden Cole, Julia Ann, Lux Kassidy

This is the sequel to To Protect and to Serve, which was also written and directed by Melissa Monet.  Police procedurals are all the rage on television, with three different CSI shows, two NCIS franchises, and half a dozen other shows on various broadcast and cable networks.  To Protect and to Serve is lesbian porn's take on crime drama.
To Protect and to Serve 2 focuses on a robbery gone bad and its aftermath.  A police officer is killed while he and his partner (Jayden Cole) walk into a robbery.  The plot centers around the effects of the death on the other officers (mostly women) and the investigation.  The plot is actually logical, which is the exception rather than the rule in porn, and the dialog is well written if not always well delivered.
In my view, the script for both the original and the sequel place unsustainable demands on the performers to act in non-sexual contexts and the results are mixed.  Some of the acting is stiff, some is pretty good, but mostly it's amateurish.  I'm not trying to be mean here, but I don't think anyone appearing in this video has had any actual training and very few of us, myself included, are natural thespians.
The sex in this video, however, is stellar, and that's what I'd like to focus on in this review.
Scene One: Jayden Cole solo

I’m not a big fan of solo masturbation scenes. I know some people like them – too each his/her own I say – but I’m not one of them. Even with that caveat, I’d have to say that this was an excellent scene. Jayden is lovely and the shower makes a nice setting for her. She does a great job of going into her own little world (or making us believe she has) and getting herself off. A lot of solo vids feature women looking into the camera or speaking to the viewer, and I think that’s what turns me off. This scene doesn’t have that and it is very erotic. Jayden wakes up and starts her morning with a wank-off in the shower. Then she puts on her police uniform and goes to work. She and her (male) partner get called to the scene of a robbery in progress. They enter the building, we hear shots fired, and Jayden eventually staggers out holding her hand to her neck, which is bleeding profusely. She makes it to the squad car and gets out a call for help. Her partner, we learn later, got killed. The rest of this episode (the non-sex parts) is devoted to the investigation into the murder of the officer.

Scene Two: Bobbi Star and Julia Ann

I’m a fan of both of these women, especially Julia Ann, who I’ve watched for years. Her scene with Dyanna Lauren in volume one of this series is one of the best girl-girl scenes I’ve ever watched. Actually, anytime those two get together it’s going to be an epic scene. But, I digress. Julia Ann and Lux Kassidy are the two main detectives in the first two episodes of this series. Bobbi Star is an officer who is distraught over Jayden’s injury because she thinks it should have been her call. In this scene, Julia Ann is giving Bobbi some comfort, and, wouldn’t you know it, that comfort includes SEX! Wow. OK, the set up is lame, but the sex is definitely NOT lame. Julia Ann is experienced. She knows how to treat another woman, and to watch her undress Bobbi Star and then make love to her is to understand the value of experience. Bobbi gets the royal treatment, which, of course, inspires her to give back, which she does with great gusto. Good chemistry – the ladies are obviously enjoying each other. Well, guess what? I enjoyed them too.

Scene Three: Lux Kassidy and Brooke Lea Adams

The investigation into the murder of the police officer continues, and now we have Detective Kassidy following a lead. They think they know who the killer is, and they are going to try to get to him through an ex girlfriend (Adams) who also happens to be an “old friend” of Kassidy’s. After they talk about the info that Kassidy needs, they, of course, have sex. I love watching Brooke Lea Adams. If she reads this I hope that doesn’t creep her out (lol). Her work for GFF has been stellar, and this scene is no exception. The twist here is that in most of her other GFF scenes she hasn’t been the initiator. In this case, she wants to get it on, and she presses the issue. Kassidy and Adams get on very well together, and we get all the standard lipstick lesbian sex acts – lots of kissing, fondling, pussy eating, and, my favorite, tribbing. Both women get off and seem to have a great time.

Scene Four: Hayden Night and Aurora Snow

The best way to describe this scene is split personality. The set up has Hayden, who is distraught over the shooting of her fellow officer (“John”) and is thinking of quitting. She talks about not feeling well and not being able to eat. Clearly she’s depressed. OK, I get that. When we get to the sex, however, the tone is completely different. The sex has a very playful feel to it (which I like) and the two ladies obviously enjoy one another. It’s kind of interesting seeing Aurora Snow these days because I remember when she was the queen of gonzo anal flicks. She’s still the same Aurora with her giggles and gasps, and although her body has changed as she’s matured, she's still sexy as hell. One of the things that makes this scene work for me is that neither of these women has a “perfect” body. No boob jobs here, maybe an extra pound or two around the middle (I should talk!) and you might see a dozen women who are built like these two in any food market or shopping mall in the country. They have a good time and it’s fun to watch them. Still this is, of all the sex scenes in the movie, the weakest. It’s not bad, it’s just not as hot as the others.

Scene Five: Jayden Cole and Asa Akira

Asa is helping Jayden recover from her wounds at home. She helps with changing bandages and gives a nice massage (we see this before the scene shifts to Aurora/Hayden). Akira is actually staying with Jayden (sleeping on the sofa) and as the scene opens, Akira is awakened by shouts from Jayden, who is having a nightmare about the shooting. She goes to comfort Jayden, and, yes, you guessed it, they end up having sex. Hot, wet, passionate, sex. I have to say this and the Julia Ann/Bobbi Star scene were the two hottest in this video (your mileage may vary). The contrast between the two women, physically, makes a nice visual, and the passion here is palpable. Once they start in on each other it’s no holds barred girl sex. Again, good chemistry leads to a nicely played scene.

Overall Impressions: Great sex, weak acting

Melissa Monet does a great job of directing. Like some of my other favorite lesbian video directors (Nica Noelle, Kathryn Annelle), she lets the scenes develop organically without a lot of editing. When it comes to porn, the best formula, as far as I’m concerned, is to put people together who turn each other on and let them go at it. The lighting, camera work, and sound are all first rate. I appreciated the effort to make a video with a bit more “plot” but the execution was not completely successful. Julia Ann probably does the best job of “acting” here, as she did in the first video in the series, but when I watch porn, I’m not expecting to see Oscar worthy performances -- in fact I don't want any "acting" at all.

I’d say this DVD is worth at least a rental, and for some it will be well worth a purchase.

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