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Mother Lovers Society 3

Title: Mother Lovers Society 3
Studio: Sweetheart Video
Directed by: Nica Noell
Cast: Magdalene St Michaels, Kasey Chase, Sinn Sage, Dylan Ryan, Erica Lauren, Madison Young

Synopsis: This is the third installment of the Sweetheart Video soap opera centered on the love life of middle aged, newly divorced, newly gay, Magdalene St Michaels, who has a thing for younger women. The main plot line of the series involves the tortured relationship between St Michaels and Kasey Chase, with whom Magdalene has fallen in love. In the first two episodes, we learned that Magdalene isn’t Kasey’s first “older woman.” She had a fling with Erica Lauren before meeting Magdalene. While with Magdalene, Kasey cheats on her with Magdalene’s roommate Darla Crane (MLS2). In this episode, episode 3, Kasey has disappeared, leaving a cryptic note. Magdalene is devastated, but still needs sex, so she’s gone back to personal ads and meeting women in bars.

Scene One: Magdalene St Michaels and Madison Young

We open with Magdalene meeting Madison in a hotel bar. They’ve hooked up through a personal ad. The set up isn’t all that important except that we learn a little bit about Magdalene’s state of mind. Madison has some rather odd facial expressions, but more importantly, she is hot for St Michaels . The two women hit it off and are soon making out in the bar. They quickly retire to Magdalene’s hotel room for some girl-girl fun.

Once in the room, they make out on the bed. Lots of kissing here as the clothing starts to (slowly) come off. One of Magdalene’s trademarks, at least in the videos I’ve seen her in, is her ability to completely focus on her partner. She is also not shy about taking her own pleasure. In this scene, both women are really enjoying themselves and, as is usually the case with Nica Noell’s work, the scene is allowed to proceed naturally with very few cuts. St Michaels spends quite a bit of time on Young’s breasts with lots of nipple play and some breast-to-breast rubbing. After about seven minutes of foreplay, the shoes (and Young’s panties) come off and things get serious. Young does some serious finger work on Magdalene’s pussy. Magdalene seems obsessed with Young’s tits and continues to suck them while being fingered. Madison Young does a really good job of returning Magdalene’s focus. She’s really working hard to get her partner off at this point. Great eye contact between the women and very intense expressions. You would never know that there’s a video crew in the room with them – they are totally focused on each other. Young gets Magdalene’s panties off and dives in face first for some furious cunnilingus, once again with lots of eye contact – it’s a really hot sequence. After about five minutes of pussy eating and fingering, Magdalene has a very intense orgasm. This is followed by some kissing and pussy grinding (it’s pretty obvious that Madison is very turned on by this point) and Madison appears to have an orgasm from rubbing her pussy against St Michaels’ thigh and belly. Then Magdalene turns the tables and eats Madison’s pussy. Madison spreads her lips and St Michaels zeros on her clit for some intense tongue action. She switches to fingering and while she uses two fingers on the inside, Young joins in and rubs her own clit. Magdalene sucks on one of Young’s nipples. The two women both have their eyes closed at this point and it’s a very intense moment. Once again the impression is very strongly conveyed that for Magdalene and Madison there is no one else in the room, or in the universe for that matter. This continues for some time. One thing that was kind of interesting here is that it isn’t easy to maintain the speed and force of the finger thrusts that Magdalene was employing for the amount of time it took to bring Young to orgasm – she must be in pretty good shape. When she comes, Young is practically in tears. Wow. It was something to see. At the end, I don’t know who was breathing harder, Magdalene or Madison. We finish with some nice afterplay, and fade to black.

Scene Two: Sinn Sage and Dylan Ryan

I’m not sure how this scene fit with the plot of the ongoing soap opera – I’m going to have to go back and watch the first two episodes to see if I missed something. Sinn Sage appeared in MLS 2 and her scene with Magdalene St Michaels in that episode was off the charts hot. In this case, we find Sinn and Dylan packing someone’s stuff – someone Sinn is close to who’s moving. I didn’t quite get this part, but after watching the opening scene of the video there wasn’t a whole lot of blood getting to my brain. Dylan comforts Sinn and they end up fucking (why not?).

The sex starts in a nearly empty room with a bare wooden floor (doesn’t seem like it would be too comfy, but they don’t seem to notice) with kissing and light touching. The passion mounts and they soon retire to more comfortable quarters before getting down to business. I don’t recall seeing Dylan Ryan before, but I’m going to be looking for her in the future.

Once on an actual bed, instead of a hardwood floor, the clothes start to come off and the heat increases rapidly. These two girls are into each other and once again we have two performers who know how to ignore the camera and crew, staying focused on each other at all times. Lots more kissing, titty play, and pussy bumping (panties on). Dylan gets Sinn’s panties off and goes to work on her ass and pussy, eating her from behind for a while before flipping her over and eating Sinn some more. Sinn has an orgasm and then she reciprocates, getting Dylan on her back for some kissing/fingering action. After a while, Sinn adds some tongue action to her fingering and brings Dylan off in fine style. There’s a brief period of kissing and pussy grinding before Sinn begins to rub Dylan’s pussy with the palm of her hand. This really seems to work, as Dylan responds with some intensity. Sage then pushes Dylan’s legs back into a press position and “mounts” her, leading to a great bit of pussy rubbing that is extremely well shot – we really see the pussy lips grinding together. This morphs into the more traditional “scissors” type of grindage and the scene continues with both women having a great time. Dylan is laughing and squealing while Sage is more quiet and intense during all of this. I really liked this part of the scene as I am a big fan of tribadism/frotage. Sage gets off pretty hard here and I think Dylan never really stopped cumming from before so it creates a great bit of intensity as the scene draws to a close. Or so I thought, before Sinn puts her cooze directly on Dylan’s face for a combo tongue/finger job that sends her into orbit. I thought at this point that the scene would start to wind down, but I got surprised again, as Sage went after Dylan’s pussy again, fingering her from behind and pushing her into another orgasm. They finish with a nice cuddle/kiss sequence as the scene fades out.

Scene Three: Magdalene St Michaels and Erica Lauren

If you read my review of MLS 2, you’ll recall that I had some rather harsh words for Erica Lauren and a question for Nica Noell. According to Nica, she doesn’t work with any women who are “gay for pay” – in other words, if you aren’t at least bi in real life, she won’t have you on her videos. According to Lauren’s web site, she does not have sex with women outside of her “work.” My problem with Lauren in the first two episodes was that I got the impression that she hadn’t had much experience with lesbian sex – at least that’s what it looked like. She did not appear comfortable with her partner or herself. She was awkward and nervous. So, I have to admit that I wondered what would happen when she got together with St Michaels.

Well, maybe the problem with Erica Lauren’s performances in the first two MLS videos was more about the pairing, because her scene with Magdalene St Michaels was a whole different story. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. In this scene, the set-up is actually important to the sex that comes afterwards. Erica Lauren was Kasey Chase’s lover before being dumped for St Michaels. Chase told St Michaels that Erica was her “mother,” and Magdalene has been completely ignorant of the fact that Kasey was Lauren’s former lover. Erica comes over to Lauren’s house and reveals the truth. There’s a good bit of really nice acting by both women here. Lauren does a good job of delivering her lines and Magdalene’s reactions seem genuine – she’s devastated. Erica comforts Magdalene (I’m sure you can see where THIS is headed) and that comfort quickly morphs into kissing. This is both tender and passionate. The heat rises and pretty soon the two women have moved from the living room to the bedroom and we’re off to the races.

St Michaels has a fondness for boots and while they look great, they can be a problem to get off. Lauren has some high heeled sandals – easy to take off, and speaking of easy to take off, Erica’s sweater dress is pretty easy to get off too, while Magdalene’s slacks and blouse prove a little more of a challenge. I wonder if Erica was anticipating having sex when she picked out her wardrobe for the visit…hmmm?

What’s cool here is that the face sucking never stops even while Magdalene is struggling to get her boots off. It’s like Erica is a starving woman and Magdalene is a plate full of her favorite food. The clothes eventually come off and Erica is like a kid in a candy store – she doesn’t know where to start – but she’s really hot for Magdalene. Erica is clearly the aggressor her and it’s the first time I can recall seeing Magdalene St Michaels bottom for anyone. It was interesting to watch the scene develop as Lauren’s manic approach was in sharp contrast to St Michaels’. Perhaps the difference in their experience was showing here. One rather comical moment was when Erica had some trouble getting Magdalene’s bra off. Once again, however, the organic shooting style that Nica Noelle uses allows the scene to unfold naturally. Erica finally frees St Michaels’ breasts from their fabric prison and the scene moves on.

Michaels maneuvers Lauren so that Erica is kneeling over Magdalene’s face. Magdalene moves aside the gusset of Lauren’s panties and gives her a good pussy licking. Lauren’s facial expressions here are priceless. This goes on for a little bit and then there’s some titty play, mutual pussy touching (through panties), and kissing. Magdalene gets her panties off at this point, and I think she thought that Erica was going to start fingering her, but Lauren focuses instead on St Michaels’ breasts and mouth. I still don’t think Lauren has a clue what to do with another woman, but Magdalene is very patient with her. It’s really very touching. Lots of passion here. Erica Lauren is practically on fire, she’s so worked up. Again, St Michaels is more restrained, but still into the scene. While the kissing continues, St Michaels starts masturbating, something I don’t think Erica knew was happening at the time. When Erica finally gets a hand between Magdalene’s legs, Magdalene guides Erica’s hand, teaching her how she wants to be touched. This is a subtle thing, but I thought it was important to the scene. Lauren’s previous lesbian scenes had been with younger (much younger) women who either didn’t feel like helping her learn anything or were intimidated by the age difference. That wasn’t the case here.

Finally, Lauren goes down on Magdalene. What Erica Lauren lacks in experience she more than makes up for with enthusiasm and she soon has St Michaels arching her back in pleasure. I wanted to cheer. St Michaels has an extended orgasm. Some kissing/cuddling and we transition into a reversal of roles. Michaels gets Lauren on her back and goes to work, showing her how it’s done. Lauren is in good hands here, as Magdalene is a veteran of these encounters and knows just what to do. I’ve seen Erica Lauren in a lot of videos, almost all of them with men, and I’ve never seen her react sexually the way she does here. Magdalene is relentless in her attack on Lauren’s pussy with fingers, lips, and tongue. It doesn’t take long before Erica is thrashing around and practically in tears from the intense pleasure she’s feeling. Either that or she deserves an academy award for acting. Now we get some kissing and a really intense bout of pussy grinding during which both women seem to get off. The scene ends with a nice sequence of kissing, cuddling, gentle touches, and other after play. All in all it was a good scene. It wasn’t as intense as the St Michaels/Young pairing, but it was by far the best girl-girl scene Erica Lauren has been in.

Scene Four: Magdalene St Michaels and Kasey Chase

Well, you know what they say about makeup sex – it’s always really hot. Get ready then because the final scene on this DVD opens with Kasey Chase in a bar; guess who walks in but Magdalene. It seems that Kasey had responded to a personals ad and thought she was meeting that person in the bar (the same one that Magdalene had met her in way back in MLS 1). But, Kasey soon discovers that she’s been set up, and she gets it both barrels from Magdalene who vents her spleen in a very realistic way. Kasey says she left because she felt guilty about cheating on Magdalene with Darla Crane – this is unwelcome news to Magdalene who threatens to slap the young woman but doesn’t thanks to the timely intervention of the bar tender (what stories he could tell, eh?). We also learn that Erica wasn’t Kasey’s first by any means (what a little tramp, eh?). Kasey doesn’t seem very repentant. Magdalene says “You’re evil. You’re an evil little girl,” at which point, Chase leans in and kisses her. St Michaels, to her credit, pulls away at first, but we soon learn that women can be ruled by their genitals just as much as men can, and, surprise surprise, the two women are soon sharing a hotel room and some really intense makeup sex.

St Michaels is a real tigress here. She’s in charge. She’s almost fierce in her passion. There’s some great dialog that I won’t try to reproduce here, but it’s worth listening too. The premise that these are two lovers reunited is sustained and supported by everything that happens in this scene. She wastes no time in stripping the younger woman, devouring her breasts (“I’ve missed these breasts,” she breathes), and seeking to possess her physically as if re-establishing ownership. Damn, it’s an intense bit of acting and I’m not entirely sure how much was acting. If I was Kasey Chase’s boyfriend, I’d be a little nervous after watching this.

After some extended titty licking and kissing we get to some panty clad pussy on pussy action for a while. St Michaels is really trying to fuck Kasey Chase. If she’d had a cock, I think she’d have impaled Chase and nailed her to the bed. This is fierce; really fierce. And it seems incredibly authentic.

Finally, Magdalene tears off Kasey’s panties and goes for the gusto. At this point you can almost see a little tiny bit of fear on Kasey’s face. But then she sort of smirks and we wonder – is she playing Magdalene again? It’s a great bit of business. Now, St Michaels has her face firmly attached to Chase’s pussy and she goes to work. Using every bit of lesbian lovemaking skill she has, Magdalene soon has Chase well on the way to a mind blowing orgasm.

The reunited couple share some kisses and then it’s Magdalene’s turn to get eaten. Chase goes after her with gusto (she still has her bra on, interestingly enough, although it’s pulled up over her tits – it didn’t look very comfortable, but it was neat to watch her ignore this and go right after Maggie’s pussy), eating St Michaels’ pussy with relish and youthful enthusiasm.

Magdalene is in bliss. Her young lover, the girl she thought she’d lost for good, is going down on her. What could be better? Chase uses a combination of fingers and tongue to bring the older woman to a crashing climax. Magdalene hasn’t tasted enough of Kasey, and she puts her in doggie for some ass/pussy eating and spanking before she pulls Chase’s hips against her face and really starts tossing some serious salad. At one point she orders Chase to start playing with herself while she continues to lick and suck Kasey’s ass. This evolves into some pussy grindage with Magdalene on top. This increases in intensity until Kasey sais “cum with me,” and that’s the signal for things to ratchet up another notch. Whew…the next few minutes are the most intense of the scene. Out of breath, the two finish up with some nice cuddling and kissing.

Overall Impressions

What a great vehicle for Magdalene St Michaels. She has three scenes in this video and they are all hot. The DVD would have been just as good without the Dylan Ryan/Sinn Sage tryst, but that was hot too, so I’m glad it was included – it just felt out of place. Perhaps there’s a storyline here that will be picked up and developed in the future.

Lighting and sound were, as usual, excellent. I know some people prefer a more gyno approach to shooting lesbian porn and I respect that, but I prefer videos where the women are allowed to just go at each other without a lot of interference from the director. That’s the case here. The videography is great and each scene has a lot of heat.

The setups worked really well – they were logical and believable. Sometimes porn scene setups are just stupid. They don’t make sense or they’re just really hard to believe. That is not the case here (which is typical of a Nica Noelle video, in my opinion) as the setups really do matter and add something to the scene. It doesn’t require much willing suspension of disbelief to get us from conversation to sex. And the women deliver their lines convincingly, particularly in the Lauren/St. Michaels pairing.

I’d give this two thumbs up and highly recommend it as either a rental or purchase, particularly for fans of Magdalene St Michaels. She’s really amazing to watch, particularly with young girls.

As usual, Nica Noelle proves again that she owns the Lesbian Porn genre as a director. This series has been a hit from day one, and it just keeps getting better. The women obviously enjoy each other and Nica allows them to have fun and explore. I assume that she tells the ladies what she wants in a scene, but once the ones-and-zeros are flowing she stays out of the way. This involves a lot of trust – Nica has to have a lot of trust in the women she shoots, and they have to have a lot of trust in Nica’s ability to pair ladies with good chemistry and then make them look their best on camera. I can think of only one or possibly two other directors who even come close and I won’t name them here. The “Real Passion; Real Orgasms” slogan is not hype.

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