Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Orgasm

Title:  The Orgasm
Studio:  Penthouse
Director:  Cash Markman
Starring: Alanah Rae, Aleska Diamond, Evan Stone, Jessica Lynn, Kayla Paige, Randy Spears, Samantha Ryan, Tommy Gunn

Synopsis: The Orgasm is a parody of a porn film. The story centers on the production of a porn film featuring a number of, let’s say, mature male actors having sex with a number of lovely porn starlets. We get to see the sausage being made so to speak. This is a really funny movie. If you want some laughs, rent this video and be prepared to laugh out loud.

Review: First of all, let me say that I applaud Penthouse for producing videos with high production values. I hope that they have success in this effort because it's nice to watch porn that's been shot with some eye to aesthetics.

That said, if the producers of this DVD were going for laughs over heat, they succeeded admirably. This is a very funny movie about the production of a porn movie. As a piece of straight up comedy I can recommend this movie – it’s hilarious. It is not stroke material. Usually, I’ll FF through the setup dialog to get to the sex in a scene. In this case, I did the opposite, with the exception of Samantha Ryan’s scene with Evan Stone which featured an inspired (and sloppy) blow job.

The women are all beautiful – just like Penthouse Pets. Unfortunately this video is often times too accurate in depicting how bored these actresses can be. I kept thinking of the punch line to that old joke that goes “beige…I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige.”

In terms of heat, Samantha Ryan’s scene with Evan Stone would be #1 with the Kayla Paige/Tommy Gunn pairing #2. I’ve always liked Randy Spears, and his comedic skills are well displayed here, but the sex scenes he has lack any real passion. The bonus scene with Audrey Bitoni was pretty hot, but having just watched a bunch of scenes that constantly broke the third wall I kept looking for the edits and imagining the director calling for a switch of positions.

The final scene is very confusing. After having established the fact that Randy Spears is dead, Markman brings him back (in the banana costume) and has him shoot another sex scene. This scene was superfluous. Perhaps Randy’s contract called for him to have two sex scenes. If that was the case, they should have inserted this scene earlier in the film, before Spears supposedly dies.

This DVD is a perfect illustration of why we don’t want to watch the sausage being made. The production values are excellent, but Markman rubs our faces in it by constantly cutting to wide shots showing the big cameras and all the extra equipment – totally killing the mood of the scene. Perhaps I just didn’t get it. I enjoyed the good camera work, the lighting, the sound – it was all first rate. But, I didn’t enjoy the way it became a part of the action.

I usually only write reviews of movies I really like. I almost didn’t write this review. I liked this movie as a comedy. As a sex movie not so much. Other reviewers have given a different interpretation of this video – you might want to read their reviews before making a decision on buying/renting this video. Your mileage may vary. One man's ceiling is another man's floor. Caveat emptor. Opinions are like assholes -- everybody has one.

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