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Net Skirts 5.0

Title:  Net Skirts 5.0
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  Dan O'Connell
Staring:  Amber Chase, Anita Dark, Chastity Lynn, Elexis, India Summer, Prinzzess, Shyla Jennings, Tanya Tate


Net Skirts Release 5.0 is, as the title suggests, the fifth in the series from Girlfriends Films. It started as a series about a lesbian hook-up website (Net Skirts) and the encounters that the website created. The current iteration pays some lip service to the fictitious web site but mostly just puts two women together on a bed where they have sex. There are four scenes in this video with two women in each scene. I really liked this edition of Net Skirts. I mean, come on – look at who’s in it? It’s a “who’s who” of Sapphic Starlets, including a pair of my all time favorite women, Tanya Tate and Anita Dark (who, unfortunately, aren’t paired in this video, alas), and this will be, I think, the sixth or seventh time that Prinzzess and India Summer have appeared in a scene together. PLUS, Elexis Monroe, who is probably the greatest girl-girl performer ever, gets a second taste of Amber Chase, with whom she shared a very steamy scene in “Imperfect Angels 9.” So, all in all, this looked pretty good even before I opened the box. I was not disappointed.

Scene One: Tanya Tate and Shyla Jennings

Imagine Tanya Tate playing the part of a woman who is shy about having sex with another woman. Yeah, I know, it seems pretty farfetched. Well, she not only does it, but it’s actually fairly believable. For some, unexplained, reason, Shyla Jennings (and what a delectable little morsel SHE is!) and Tanya Tate live in the same house (mansion is more accurate). Tanya notices that a steady stream of women seem to visit Shyla, including the lovely Julia Anne, who brings Shyla flowers. Clad in only a see through negligee, Tanya plops down on Shyla’s bed and asks what this is all about. Shyla admits that she’s been sleeping with these women and asks Tanya to keep it a secret. Tanya admits to having had some fantasies about “having a penis” and fucking women. There’s your set up. The sex that ensues is hot and passionate. It’s interesting to have the younger (and much smaller) Shyla Jennings initiate the supposedly inexperienced Tate into the joys of lesbian sex. The contrast between the two women physically is one of the things that make this scene work. Tanya plays the novice very well and Shyla does a great job of gradually bringing her along. The result is a very hot scene.

Scene Two: Prinzzess and India Summer

This is the 7th time that these two women have been together in a scene (according to the IAFD web site) and the fifth time for GFF. So the chemistry here should be a given – if they didn’t like each other, they wouldn’t be in so many scenes together would they? Of course not. When I saw this pairing on the box cover, I knew I was in for a treat. Prinzzess comes over to India’s house and discovers that India is in a foul mood (boy, does SHE do sarcasm well). India is unhappy because Julia Ann has “stolen” Shyla Jennings, and India wants revenge. So, she and Prinzzess cook up a plot to get Shyla in a compromising position (with photos and video) and for India to fuck her. What is important here is that India and Prinzzess eventually start getting it on at about 8 minutes into the scene. India is definitely the top here and it’s interesting to see Prinzzess play the bottom, which she rarely does. These two know each other well and the sex is passionate and familiar. It’s a hot scene. Prinzzess is a very responsive partner and India knows where all of the right levers are to get the most out of her. Prinzzess gives as good as she gets, however, and the result is very satisfying for the viewer.

Scene Three: Anita Dark and Chastity Lynn

Next to Tanya Tate, my favorite female pornstar import is Anita Dark. She has such a spectacular body, but more than that, she’s just so graceful. Every movement is sensual. And, then, there’s the accent. She’s a very seductive woman. Chastity Lynn is one of those cute blonde girls who looks innocent but, in truth, is incredibly nasty (evidence: “Little Gaping Lesbians 4”). When I saw this pairing I knew I was in for a treat, and I was not disappointed. The setup for this scene has a scantily clad Dark (yeah!) come into an also scantily clad Lynn’s (yeah!) bedroom for some girl talk. The two women share fantasies about same sex lovin’ and, well, darned if it doesn’t lead to, well, sex. Talk about a total surprise… Things heat up once the kissing starts and then the clothes come off. I never get tired of looking at Anita Dark’s body. She’s so elegant and the contrast to the more coltish Chastity Lynn is a turn on for me (your mileage may vary). Good chemistry here leads to a very satisfying scene.

Scene Four: Elexis Monroe and Amber Chase

The final scene in this video presentation features another pair of women who are no strangers to one another. They had a scene together in “Imperfect Angels 9” last year, and it was hot. So my expectation for this scene was that it would also be hot. It takes about 13 minutes to get through the set up (Elexis is looking at some estate furniture that belonged to Amber’s late grandmother) to the first kiss, and then things take off. The clothes come off and Elexis devours Amber’s coochie. I mean she goes after it like a starving man with a t-bone steak. Elexis likes women, no, strike that, Elexis loves women, and it’s very evident in this scene. She isn’t going to release Amber’s pussy from that lip lock until she’s good and ready. I particularly enjoyed the moment when Elexis has Amber in the “press” position and continues eating. This goes on for a good six minutes before Amber turns the tables. There was an edit here so who knows how long Elexis was carpet munching before the director called “cut!”? There’s a nice tribbing sequence as well as some excellent muff diving by Amber. This scene met my expectations and rounded out an excellent DVD.

Overall Impressions

This was another excellent Girlfriends Films release. As usual, the camera work was excellent throughout, there were no problems with the audio, the setups worked fairly well, the women were beautiful, and the sex was hot. Definitely worth a purchase for GFF video fans and anyone who is into the lipstick lesbian genre.

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