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Kittens and Cougars 4

Title:  Kittens & Cougars 4
Studio: Zero Tolerance
Director: Mike Quasar
Starring: Inari Vachs, Darla Crane, Samantha Ryan, Kristina Rose, Yurizan Beltran, Zoe Holloway, Tanya Tate, Alexa Nicole, Chloe Cane, Sienna Milano


The latest in the older/younger lesbian series from Zero Tolerance. Mature (and very hot) women have sex with younger (and very hot) women. Five scenes. No toys. No plot. No setups. We go straight to action in each scene. The women are beautiful and the sex is hot.

The Older/Younger lesbian theme has been around almost as long as porn, so we’re not breaking any new ground here. There are a lot of current vids out there with this theme – Lesbian Seductions is up to volume 35 -- but the concept is still hot and this video is a good example of why.. When I saw who was in this volume, I was immediately interested because some of my favorites are here.

Parings: Samantha Ryan/Chloe Cane; Zoey Holloway/Yurizan Beltran; Darla Crane/Sienna Milano; Tanya Tate/Kristina Rose; Inari Vachs/Alexa Nicole

Scene One: Darla Crane/Sienna Milano

Darla Crane is one of my favorite performers of any age. I just love her long red hair, those spectacular legs, and massive mammaries. The freckles are cute. But, more than that, I like her attitude. She’s paired with youthful cutie Sienna Milano, who I was seeing for the first time. We open with them kissing in the kitchen. Why? Who cares. They make out for a while and Darla gets Sienna all worked up. Sienna says “let’s get these titties out” and voila, Crane is soon naked except for a pair of panties. They move to the living room sofa and the tryst continues. We get lots of pussy eating and fingering in a variety of positions. They are enjoying themselves and each other. The edits are few and barely noticeable (which is how I like them). A good scene.

Scene Two: Inari Vachs/Alexa Nicole

This may be Alexa Nicole’s first lesbian scene, but I’m not 100 per cent sure. Inari Vachs has lots of experience and she is pretty much in control here. This scene starts with Inari and Alexa making out. Alexa is wearing a half-bra so her nipples are already exposed. Lots of kissing to start the scene. Alexa gets her pussy spanked, which she likes. Inari eats Alexa through panties. Eventually the panties are pulled aside followed by a little more muff munching and kissing. Eventually the pair moves to a bed where the rest of the scene unfolds. Fans of lesbian kissing should really like this scene. Vachs spends quite a lot of time eating and fingering her young partner and seem to really enjoy her work. Alexa eventually turns the tables with some enthusiastic muff diving/fingering of her own. They switch to tribbing, which is always a plus in any girl-girl scene for me. Nicole spends the remainder of the scene pleasing Vachs and we close with more kissing/cuddling.

Scene Three: Samantha Ryan/Chloe Cane

Samantha Ryan is one of the hottest women in girl-girl porn. Although I liked her better as a blond, her darker haired incarnation is still boner-worthy. She gives every scene she’s in all she has and her ability to focus on her partner must make her a real joy to work with. I’ve heard she’s retiring and that would be a sad thing if true. Her girl-girl work for Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart Video has been fantastic.

In this scene, she’s paired with Chloe Cane and we open with a make-out scene. The women are clad in t-shirts and panties (easy access) and move from standing to a bed. The making out continues. More kissing (yes!) and tops come off. Some fingering under panties. When Samantha is fingering Chloe she almost never breaks eye contact with her – I like that. Samantha gets Chloe’s panties off and goes to town. Lots of teasing, licking, fingering, etc in a variety of positions is followed by some tribbing before Chloe goes down on Samantha. For me the hottest part of the scene is where Samantha is straddling Chloe’s face and reaching back to frig Chloe’s pussy. The passion that Samantha shows here is very intense. Chloe has her tongue out and Samantha is literally fucking herself on it. She has a hold of Chloe’s head and is just holding her where she wants and thrusting her hips to pleasure herself. I needed a tissue by this point in the scene.

Scene Four: Tanya Tate/Kristina Rose

I’ve said it before (repeatedly) and I’ll say it again in this review, Tanya Tate is the best Liverpool import since the Fab Four. Her name on a DVD just about guarantees that it will find its way into my collection. I’m not even completely sure why, but I really enjoy watching her fuck – women OR men. And, Kristina Rose – she’s just too fucking hot period. She’s a VERY nasty girl, and I mean that as a compliment.

We open with Kristina in a bathtub and we get some nice wet booty shots (my god…as long as I have a face, Kristina has a place to sit). Tanya joins her and the two ladies play rub-a-dub in the tub. Lots of kissing, stroking, pussy eating, and more kissing before things move to the bedroom. Once there, the fun continues with very intense pussy licking, fingering, and general sexing in a variety of positions. These two REALLY go after each other. The AC in the room must have been on maximum because these two ladies should have been covered in sweat by the time they were finished. More tissues were required by this point, and I still had one scene to watch. WHEW!

Scene Five: Zoey Holloway/Yurizan Beltran

Zoey Holloway is a beautiful woman. I never get tired of looking at her, clothed or unclothed. She’s another person whose name on a DVD box gets my interest immediately. Yurizan Beltran is a new hottie and I envied Zoey getting to play with her.

The opening for this scene is a beautifully framed shot of the two women making out in front of a large, window. This is a difficult shot to get right, particularly if the light is not perfect. Kudos to Mike Quasar for this bit of aesthetics. It adds to the sensuous nature of the opening sequence. Next, we move to a red velvet sofa where the ladies continue making out. There is some serious titty play here before the pants come off and we get down to some equally serious muff diving. The pattern set by the previous four scenes is continued here, as Zoe spends some quality time with Yurizan’s coochie from behind, working her over with her mouth and her fingers. In fact, the first 20 minutes of this scene are mostly Zoe working on Yurizan. There’s a brief turn-about and then it’s more kissing/cuddling and fade to black.   Zoe is so beautiful, and this pairing takes advantage of that, placing her in a beautiful setting.  I'm not generally a fan of sex on sofas because positions can appear awkward or uncomfortable.  It works here though.  A great finishing scene for the video.

Overall Impressions

I liked this video. For the most part the scenes seem to progress in a realistic fashion. I liked the fact that there was no set up. We have no idea what, if any, relationship these women have with each other. There’s no drama, no plot, no dialog, and indeed, very little (if any) conversation. The women are focused on each other and Quasar lets them have at it (good decision). There was good chemistry and everyone seemed to have a good time. If you like this genre this is a very strokable vid.

Excellent camera work for the most part with the exception of one or two little wobbles. The angles were good, the lighting was excellent, and the edits were few enough and well done enough not to be noticeable. Sound was also good.

I’d recommend this video to anyone who likes the lipstick genre with the extra kick of older/younger pairings. This would be a good rental and if you’re really into any of the stars here, a purchase.

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