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Imperfect Angels 9

Title:  Imperfect Angels 9
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  Dan O'Connell
Starring: Amber Chase, Andy San Dimas, Darla Crane, Elexis Monroe, Heather Starlet, India Summers, Tabby, Veronica Avluv

As the title indicates, this is the 9th in GFFs Imperfect Angels series. Its another one of their soap operas set in the mythical town of Thornhill, which apparently has more lesbians per capita than any other town in the good old USA.

The plot, at this point, revolves around the fact that Heather Starlet, who is in love with her step mother Brenda James (and why not? James is a stone cold FOX), had sex with Brenda (way to go Heather!), but then caught Brenda with another girl and freaked. She tells her father who ends up kicking them both out of the house. It becomes something of a local scandal.

Scene 1: Veronica Avluv and Heather Starlet

Scene one involves one of my new favorite female stars, Veronica Avluv (that’s Vulva spelled backwards in case you hadn’t picked up on that yet). In this scene, Darla Crane is relating to Veronica all of the doings in Heather Starlet’s troubled home life. Veronica feels responsible as she was Heather’s real (dead) mother’s best friend and had promised to look after Heather. This lengthy set up shifts time/place to a meeting between Avluv, Crane, Starlet, and (you’ll love this) “Pastor” India Summer, complete with Bible.

Holy improbable, Batman! Starlet is getting counseling from the other three women, and, wait for it, subsequently ends up in , where else, a bedroom with Veronica. Naturally, the two have sex. But before that, Avluv demonstrates some pretty good acting chops by actually weeping on camera, AND we find out that a prepubescent Heather Starlet had a crush on Veronica years ago. OK, that’s the pretense for the two of them pairing off for some girl-on-girl fun. It’s taken us 20 minutes to get to the first kiss (including opening credits, etc) but, in this case, it was actually worth it. The acting was first rate and it didn’t seem scripted. The emotions appeared to be real, particularly for Heather and Veronica (India Summer did not have much to do or say to this point, and her presence seemed to have more to do with setting up a scene for her with Darla Crane, but more about that later).

From the first, tentative, tender, kiss, the chemistry is palpable, and it builds from there. The two women go from weepy to horny in short order. After some light kissing and cooing on a sofa, the pair adjourns to the bedroom and things get serious. Anyone who’s read any of my reviews knows that I don’t spend a lot of time describing all the positions and activities that populate the scene, and I won’t do that here. The scene is allowed to develop organically without a lot of editing and the two women take things slowly at first – just like most real people would. It’s incredibly erotic (to me anyway). Avluv is the dominant one in this scene and she plays Heather Starlet like a finely tuned fiddle, taking her time unwrapping the package before enjoying the lovely teenager’s charms to the fullest. Heather Starlet responds to everything Veronica does – the excitement rises from the dimpled teen in waves that you can almost see like heat ripples coming up from hot pavement in the summer sun. This scene is worth the price of the DVD, in my opinion. But wait, there’s more!

Scene Two: Darla Crane and India Summer

Darla Crane is one of my favorite “old broads” and I mean that in the most positive way. She looks like she’d be a LOT of fun. She’s someone you’d love to have a beer with and then go some place and fuck like rabbits. She seems like she’d be up for almost anything (and having seen quite a few of her videos, I think she actually IS up for almost anything). So, yes, I’m a Darla Crane fan. India Summer, on the other hand, hasn’t always done a whole lot for me, and I can’t even say why. Lately, however, I’ve been warming up to this pretty brunette, and her scene in Lesbian House Hunters 4 with Jessi Palmer totally rocked.

In this case, Pastor Summers and Darla have retreated to the kitchen for some wine while Veronica and Heather sort things out between them. Crane and the Reverend (I am still chuckling over THIS bit of casting, LOL) Summer continue to talk about Heather, Heather’s real (dead) mother, and other things. I don’t know what branch of the church India Summer represents, but it’s apparently a rather liberal one, sexually (Sunday School must be a riot). Oh, and one more tidbit here, Crane is, for this story, Heather Starlet’s aunt. The transition to sex in this scene is deftly handled. Crane confesses that she’s had too much wine, whereupon India Summer asks her if she’s ever been in a situation similar to what Heather is going through (i.e. discovering that she likes women rather than men). Odd question for a minister to ask, right? Not here. Crane confesses that she had a crush on an older woman while at college, and, surprise, surprise, it turns out that the woman she had a crush on looked a lot like India. The good Reverend tells Crane that she wouldn’t want her to have any more regrets about the road not taken and leads her off to a private room where, GASP, sex ensues.

It turns out that Pastor Summer isn’t wearing any underwear under that tight black dress. I really have to find this church. I think I’d be a regular attender. The two women undress each other and then get down to business. We’re supposed to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that this is Crane’s first girl-girl tryst. Well, for a first timer, she does pretty good (LOL). India guides her through it and the scene is very quickly boiling hot, once they’re naked on the bed together.

Darla Crane always seems to be having a great time, a fun time, when she’s having sex on camera, and her mood has an effect on India. They are clearly enjoying each other as they lick and finger one another to a series of powerful orgasms. It’s a great scene. India clearly “takes care” of Darla, which, after all, is what a Pastor is supposed to do, right? Perhaps she missed her calling…

Scene 3: Andy San Dimas and Tabby

This scene opens with Elexis and Tabby (first time I’ve seen her, I think – she’s not listed in the IAFD database) sitting on a sofa talking about Elexis’ recent trip to Hawaii. Elexis is, apparently, babysitting Tabby, although why an 18 year old would need a babysitter is beyond me. Tabby looks like she could be about 14 though, which adds some “squick” factor to the eventual sex scene. At any rate, this is a really LONG setup to get to the good stuff, and involves the Brenda James/Heather Starlet story line.

As Elexis and Tabby are talking, Andy San Dimas and Amber Chase walk in. Andy is apparently Tabby’s half sister (I’m telling you, it’s amazing how many step mothers and half sisters there are in Thornhill – way more than where I live, that’s for sure). Andy and Amber are there to get some dishes for a party at Dana Dearmond’s place. The talk comes around to a dirty trick that Dana pulled on Brenda to try to get her into bed. Amber decides to spoof Brenda as well, and texts her that there’s a house sitting job she should try to get. It’s a set-up, of course.

Andy gives Brenda a tour of the house. Brenda is enthralled with the opportunity. At some point, however, the truth comes out, and Brenda storms out of the house. Tabby and Elexis are appalled, but Andy and Amber think this is just great fun.

Elexis and Tabby criticize Andy and Amber for what they did. Andy reveals that she and Tabby have been “banging,” at which point Tabby becomes very upset (Andy wasn’t supposed to tell anyone) and storms up the stairs and into her room. Andy follows, leaving Elexis alone with Amber.

Andy manages to get through the locked door of Tabby’s bedroom and, well, let’s just say that they kiss and make up. Good chemistry here and a nice contrast in physicality. Tabby is a tiny little raven haired sprite who looks so innocent you can’t even imagine her saying the word “fuck” much less doing it. Andy is clearly older, taller, and more experienced. She dwarfs tabby, who looks small in her arms. GFF has really upped the squick factor in this scene. They flirt with incest quite often, but not as blatantly as this. At this point we don’t really know about their blood-relationship status at all, so we’re left to imagine that they really ARE sisters (which they’re not) if we like. We learn more about them in the run-up to scene four where Amber and Elexis discuss the Andy/Tabby relationship.

As the passion increases, Andy is in charge and she treats Tabby like a little sex doll, which Tabby doesn’t seem to mind at all. Andy is clearly enthralled with her little “sister,” and can’t seem to get enough of her. Lots of pussy eating, fingering, body rubbing, etc.

Tabby has a cute pussy with prominent inner lips and a nicely defined clit with a fat hood. She’s passionate and responsive and when she has the chance she gives as good as she gets – but Andy is the “top” in this scene.

There’s a nice tribbing sequence in this scene and both girls say “I love you” and mean it, apparently. This is where the scene completely explodes with passion, and, then, when they start to come down the mountain, as it were, the cuddling and words of love finish the scene nicely.

Scene 4: Amber Chase and Elexis Monroe

Talk about saving the best for last… Elexis Monroe is clearly one of the most authentic women in lesbian porn. It’s obvious that she likes having sex with women and each performance I see her in reinforces this idea. This scene is no exception. For my money, it’s the best scene in the video, but that’s probably because there’s lots of pussy grinding sex – something I’m a real fan of in lesbo vids. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Amber and Elexis are discussing what qualifies as incest, the context being Tabby and Andy having sex with each other. It’s a rather cerebral conversation for a porn video. Eventually, Amber dares Elexis to kiss her and say she doesn’t like it. Well, surprise, surprise, the kiss leads to more and soon the women are doing the mattress mambo. The sex is playful, teasing, and very hot. Amber is the provocateur, but Elexis quickly takes over the scene. Both women get off repeatedly.

It starts with a lot of kissing and body contact – fully clothed – before the garments start to come off. And, then, a very erotic pussy grinding sequence with panties still on and both women reacting strongly to the intense contact. One of the things that makes this scene work so well is the eye contact the two women have with each other. It’s something that you don’t often get in hetero-porn, where the women work to the camera and the men are mostly interested in trying not to blow their load too soon. As far as Amber and Elexis are concerned, there’s no one else in the room and that spikes the eroto-meter for me.

The scene reaches a high level of sexual intensity by the 14 minute mark and then keeps it there for the remainder of the scene. Words really can’t do this scene justice – you’ll have to see it for yourself and then let me know if you disagree. If you’re an Elexis fan, like I am, you know what she’s like once she gets going. There’s lots of pussy eating, more grindage, and pussy fingering as the two women get each other off repeatedly, although I’d say that Amber spent more time getting Elexis off than the other way around. Both women had a great time.

Technical Stuff

I like the way GFF handles camera work and lighting. This is, after all, lipstick lesbian porn, so there's no need for all the gyno-closeups you get in Gonzo or more hard core stuff. I like that it's toyless and the women make good eye contact with each other. I like that they don't look at the camras, ever. Sound and music are OK and the extras on the DVD are nice.

I recommend this video for either rental or purchase -- it's worth the money either way.

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