Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lesbian House Hunters 4

Title:  Lesbian House Hunters 4
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  Dan O'Connell
Starring: Diamond Jackson, Dyanna Lauren, Elexis Monroe, India Summer, Jessi Palmer, Lily LaBeau, Tanya Tate


You'll want a full bottle of lube handy before you sit down with this DVD. The fourth in the Lesbian House Hunters Series has a great cast and the pairings are excellent. As usual with GFF, the production values (i.e. sound, lighting, music, camera work) are top notch.

Usually there's one scene in a video like this that really stands out from the rest, but even though I have a favorite scene in this movie it was a tough choice. India Summer is in two scenes in this video, which is a big plus for her fans. She really dials up the heat in her two performances, but she has lots of help.

As I said, this is the fourth installment in this GFF series about real estate dealings in the lesbian capital of the universe, Thornhill -- I'd hate to be a man looking for a date in Thornhill, but I digress.  In this mythical community most real estate transactions, including finding a place to rent, involve sex, and that's good for us because we get to watch.

Scene 1:  India Summer and Jessi Palmer

The first scene pairs Jessie Palmer with India Summer. I'm a huge Jessie Palmer fan. I don't normally go for the "waif" look, but Palmer is just so damn sexy. I've never seen a girl-girl scene of hers that didn't deliver the goods -- she is smoking hot once she gets going. India Summer is a gorgeous brunette with a sly look and plenty of sex appeal. The set up has Jessie showing India around her house, a house that India is going to try to sell. When they get to the Master Bedroom, Palmer makes an off hand remark about this being the room she shares with her "mother." In this case, "mother" means former foster mom. It's obvious that the relationship is sexual. Jessie tells India that she and "mom" often invite others to share their bed, but these visitors have to be "vetted" first. That's where the sex in this scene starts. And, once it starts, it's hot, hot, hot. There's great chemistry here and lots of excellent foreplay. Tons of passion.

The next two scenes are set up at the same time, and involve some sexual blackmail between Dyana Lauren and Diamond Jackson. Jackson is a musician who is in hock to Lauren, who is evicting her. She'll give her two weeks in return for performing some sexual favors -- but not with Lauren in this case. It's complicated -- you'll have to watch the DVD to get the details.

Scene 2:  Dyana Lauren and Lily Labeau

Scene 2 features one of my favorite MILFS, Dyana Lauren and young blond Lily Labeau. Labeau is a fan of Jackson, and is being brought to Lauren as a barter. Forget the set up, this is another hot scene. Lauren is beautiful as a predator and she seduces Labeau quite easily. The ensuing lust bout is passionate, explosive, and entertaining. Very hot pairing. The younger/more mature aspect is an additional turn on.

Scene 3:  Elexis Monroe and Diamond Jackson

Scene 3 features another favorite of mine, Elexis Monroe. She has to be the James Brown of lesbian porn -- she's everywhere! In this scene, she's paired with Diamond Jackson and it's a great pairing. Monroe plays a fan of Jackson -- someone Lauren wants Jackson to fuck. So, they fuck. But the actual sex is much more tender than the set up would lead you to believe. These two women really hit it off. I haven't seen Diamond Jackson before (that I recall) but I hope I see lots more of her going forward because she's a real beauty. Monroe never disappoints in the passion department and that's true here as well. Good chemistry, good sex, good passion, and great intensity. It's an excellent sex scene.

Scene 4:  India Summer and Tanya Tate

The fourth and final scene pairs India Summer with the best import from Liverpool since the Fab Four, Tanya Tate. Tate is selling her house. Summer thinks she has the listing and has brought over a yard sign. But, wait, not so fast, says Tate. It seems that another company has been courting Tate's business. Well, I think you can see where this is headed: straight to the bedroom. Summer goes to great lenghts to show Tate why it would be best to list with her company rather than the competition. What makes this scene work for me is the amount of fun these two women have making love. Tate is always a treat, and India Summer is equally hot. The two together are DVD dynamite.

Overall, I think this was an excellent effort -- the best of the four videos in this series thus far. Oh, and fans of tribbing will enjoy the first scene as Summer and Palmer get into some serious muffin bumpin'.

Excellent production values throughout.

I would recommend this one as a "buy" for collectors, and a definite rental for everyone else.

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