Thursday, June 10, 2010

Netskirts 1.0

Title:  Netskirts 1.0
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director: None Credited (Presumably Dan O'Connell)
Performers:  Julia Ann, Brooke Lee Adams, Samantha Ryan, Brea Bennett, Lux Cassidy, Madgalene St. Michaels, Brenda James, Shyla Jennings

Netskirts 1.0 is Girlfriends Films foray into the premise of social networking. Think Facebook. That’s pretty much it. Women post their profiles and then have encounters with each other for a variety of reasons.  NOTE: Do not be mislead by the front cover of the DVD.  There are women pictured here who are NOT in this volume.

If you like your sex hot, nasty, and over-the-top, this video isn’t for you. The scenes here are, by and large, romantic with lots of build-up before people actually get naked (or even partially naked). This is typical of GFF videos and usually I don’t mind it, but in this case I think they’ve gone too far. If the women in these videos could act they’d be doing movies and television. They can, and do, act (and mostly they do it well) for short bursts. Attempts at sustained non-sexual scenes are risky – sometimes they work but often they don’t.

Scene one features two women I never get tired of: Magdalene St. Michaels and Brooke Lee Adams. St. Michaels is a regular for GFF and it’s obvious that she really loves women, especially young women. Who can blame her? Brooke is a total cutie. I’m a legs/ass aficionado and Brooke has the goods. The premise here is that the two women met on Netskirts and started chatting which led to phone calls and eventually to a face to face meeting. They develop a friendship. Magdalene invites Brooke to go away with her to a resort and that’s where the fun ensues. It takes more than 20 minutes to get these two lovely women into bed together but when they finally do the sparks fly. What makes this scene work is the fact that you believe there’s really a relationship there. The sex is romantic and loving.

Scene two pairs a young woman I was seeing for the first time, I think, Shyla Jennings with one of my favorite MILF’s, Julia Ann. Shyla, a college student, comes over to Julia’s house because, through Netskirts, she found out that Julia is teaching a scuba class. A long (way too long) conversation ensues at the end of which Julia gives Shyla a kiss causing Shyla to freak and run out of the house. Julia goes over to Shyla’s house and brings flowers and the two women talk, apologizing to each other for what happened. Julia notices that Shyla has some dry skin and offers to apply some lotion. I wish I had a nickel for every time I tried THAT on a girl when I was in college… Anyway, the two women eventually (20 minutes into the scene) have some really good sex. Shyla is in love and says “I love you” to Julia who tells her not to say that. There’s some potential for further scenes featuring these two. For me, this scene worked really well sexually – there was good chemistry and the women are beautiful. This is a case of too much verbal foreplay. Perhaps the GFF market (women) responds better than I did. The initial conversation between shyla and Julia was painful to watch after about the first four minutes.

Scene three is Brea Bennet and Lux Cassidy. I’m not real familiar with either of these two ladies. They’re close to the same age (a change after the first two scenes featuring older/younger pairings). Through Netskirts, Brea, a bride, finds Lux, who owns a bridal shop. Brea invites Lux over to take measurements. Apparently, and I did not know this before, you have to get a woman to take off her clothes in order to properly measure her for a wedding dress. Who knew? Well, once Lux has Brea almost naked they get down to some girl-girl fun. In this scene it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the first kiss and the ensuing sex is worth the wait. At least in this scene the build up had some physical contact between the players and seemed more natural than in scene two.

Scene four is, for my money, the hottest scene in the video (your mileage may vary). It features Samantha Ryan, one of the prettiest women in porn, and Brenda James who has a lot of the same qualities that I like about Julia Ann. In this scene, Samantha works for a university. Brenda wants to get a job there. Naturally, Samantha will help Brenda as long as she puts out (can you say sexual harassment?). These two ladies like sex and they obviously like having it with each other. There’s a lot of pussy-to-pussy grindage in this scene, always a plus for me. This scene was the least romantic of the four and also (for my money) the hottest.
This video is not for the gonzo crowd. What’s interesting to me is to see actresses in different contexts. Some of these ladies have made some pretty nasty gonzo vids for other production houses. It’s kind of neat to see them doing something soft like this. They obviously all enjoy it, a hallmark of GFF videos.

What didn’t I like about this video? There was at least one editing glitch that should have been caught before it went into duplication (first scene). That’s a minor point but it surprised me because GFF usually does a better job on that kind of stuff. Second, I wasn’t all that wild about some of the setups. In particular the long conversation between Julia and Shyla could have been edited. It went on about five minutes too long for my taste.

Overall, however, I think this is the first of what promises to be another hit series for Girlfriends Films. I definitely recommend it as a rental. Hard core GFF fans and those who really like romance will want to buy this one.

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