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Lesbian Confessions, Vol. 4

Lesbian Confessions Volume 4
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle

 Performers:  Elexis Monroe, Kasey Chase, Sinn Sage, Kate Kastel, Mia Knight, Melissa Monet, Darla Crane, Wendy Breeze

This is, as the title suggests, the fourth volume in this series from Sweetheart Video and Director Nica Noelle. I have to say at the outset that I have been a fan of Nica’s work as a director since her days at Girlfriends Films. Her work for Sweetheart has demonstrated her continued growth as a director. She is fussy about who she works with in terms of actresses and the performances she gets as a result demonstrate the wisdom of her choices.

There are four scenes in this edition of “Lesbian Confessions.” The premise of the series is women confessing their feelings for one another or for women in general. The scenes appear in the following order:

Scene 1: Elexis Monroe/Kasey Chase
Scene 2: Sinn Sage/Kate Kastle
Scene 3: Mia Knight/Melissa Monet
Scene 4: Darla Crane/Wendy Breeze

One of the things I like about Nica Noelle’s directing work is her efficiency. By that I mean she establishes a premise quickly without beating it to death (i.e. we don’t get 15 to 20 minutes of bad acting before the sex starts). There is clear motivation; we get a real idea of the chemistry between the players; and the premises (mostly) follow some sort of logical path.

We open with Elexis Monroe and Kasey Chase. Elexis has been a mainstay for Sweetheart Video and I hope that her recent defection to Girlfriends Films isn’t permanent. She is one of the hottest lesbian actresses around and her scenes always sizzle; that her acting skills are almost nonexistent and her voice is a little annoying notwithstanding. This was my second look at Kasey Chase – she broke her lesbian cherry in Sweetheart’s “Mother Lovers Society.” She’s at least a 9.5 on the cute-o-meter. She and Elexis are studying and girl-talk ensues. Kasey admits that she’s somewhat ambivalent about her sexual preferences and Elexis, who admits she’s a lesbian, presses Kasey to talk more about it. Kasey gets uncomfortable and repeatedly changes the subject. At last the two fall silent, buried in their respective books, and furtive glances are exchanged. Finally, they kiss and things get hot and intense from then on. Both women are thoroughly satisfied. I have a hunch that we’ll see more of Kasey Chase.

The second scene features another Sweetheart staple, Sinn Sage. In this case she’s paired with Kate Kastle, who makes her Sweetheart Debut in this video. In this case the premise is that Kate is the mother of a friend of Sinn’s. Sinn asks a very delicate question: “Did you ever have feelings for me” meaning when she was hanging out with Kate’s daughter back in high school. Kate gets real uncomfortable and suggests that Sinn leave. Sinn insists on getting an answer to her question and Kate tries to put it off. Sinn takes control of the situation and leans in for a kiss. Then it’s off with the clothes and off to the races. The chemistry here is excellent and the sex is intense. I like this younger/older pairing a lot and I hope to see more of Kate Kastle as well.

The third scene pairs another Sweetheart veteran, Melissa Monet Mia Knight, a tall beautiful woman with short brown hair, also making her first Sweetheart appearance. Melissa has apparently just lost her long time lover to a car accident just before they were to have gone through a commitment ceremony. Her partner left her entire estate to Melissa, something that didn’t sit very well with her partner’s family, specifically, her daughter, Mia. Mia has come to Melissa’s house to confront her about it and the two argue. The verbal fur flies and then the tears come and here’s where the premise starts to lose its rational basis (not that I care – the sex in this scene is off the charts good). Mia, according to Melissa, looks just like her mother. At some point, during the crying, there’s an embrace which becomes a neck nibble, and then a full on kiss. Next thing you know they’re in bed, naked, doing the nasty. So what we have here is the daughter of Melissa’s lover takes over where her mother left off, apparently. For some reason I found that to be just a little bit squicky. However, once the sex started I didn’t really care about that. This scene features some pussy grinding that’s really hot. That’s a particular fetish of mine so I always look for that in a girl-girl video.

The last (fourth) scene features Wendy Breeze and Darla Crane. Wendy is making her second Sweetheart Video appearance and Darla Crane her third video for Sweetheart. Wendy is a cute black girl with nice curves and a killer smile. Darla is, and I mean this in the most complimentary way, a tough looking broad with big tits and an aggressive attitude to match. She’s fun to watch. The scene opens with Wendy describing what led up to her encounter with Darla. Wendy was staying overnight with a friend. She couldn’t sleep and got up looking for something to drink. That’s when she ran into her friend’s mom, Darla Crane. In terms of a premise this is the least believable of the scenes. Wendy is not an actress and her delivery is flat. Darla supplies the energy for the first part of the scene. Darla manages to get Wendy to her bedroom where she is showing photos of her daughter to Wendy. She compliments Wendy on being “beautiful” and then kisses her. Wendy plays coy for a while, but eventually (as if we didn’t know this was coming) she succumbs to Darla’s insistent kissing and that’s where the scene takes off. Wendy Breeze is beautiful – curvy in all the right places – and her dark black skin contrasts nicely with Darla’s pale, freckled, flesh. Once Wendy commits to having sex with Darla it’s no holds barred – she’s really fascinated by Darla’s magnificent mammaries and Darla loves the attention. The sex is hot and intense.

Overall I’d recommend this DVD as a buy or rent – you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The lighting and camera work, as usual with Sweetheart, is excellent. The sex scenes generally proceed without a lot (if any) of editing suggesting that the women are free to indulge themselves however they feel like. The sex presented here is realistic, sensual, intense, and erotic as hell. In short, I liked this video and have added it to my “definitely watch again” pile.

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