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Mother Daughter Exchange Club 10

Title:  Mother Daughter Exchange Club 10
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director: Not Credited
Released:  July 2008
Performers: Jessi Palmer, Persia Monir, Brooke Lee Adams, Daryl Hanah, Magdalene St Michaels, Delila Darling, Katrina Kelly, Hayden Night

First review posted to this blog. Updated May 2015. This is one of my all time favorite videos. I later learned that this was Jessi Palmer's first adult video, as well as her first time with another woman.  In fact, I liked this video so well that I bought it twice -- once on DVD  and later as an online download (after I lost the DVD).

RECOMMENDATION: Definitely buy or rent this DVD.

This is the tenth video release in the MDEC series from Girlfriends Films. There are four sex scenes – standard fare for GFF videos – with two set ups. Loosely speaking, the premise of the series has been that the “club” is a social network of mothers and daughters who get together for sex. This edition seems to set that premise aside somewhat, but it doesn’t matter because we’re only watching this for the sex anyway – the set up is just a chance for the stars to show us that they can act outside of the bedroom. For the most part it works, but sometimes it’s just awkward – more on that later. The hook is sex between an older woman and a younger one.

Mother Daughter Exchange Club 10 breaks down into the following parings:

• Scene 1. Jessi Palmer, Persia Monir
• Scene 2. Brooke Lee Adams, Darryl Hanah
• Scene 3. Delila Darling, Magdalene St. Michaels
• Scene 4. Hayden Night, Katrina Kelley

Scene one and two are sort of blended, i.e. we switch back and forth between pairings several times before settling down to the Monir/Palmer pairing first and then Hanah/Adams to conclude the first scenario.

Persia and Brooke arrive at Jessi’s home, apparently expecting to also see Darryl, Jessi’s putative step mother. She’s not there, or so we’re led to believe, and a three way conversation ensues, mostly between Brooke and Persia. Persia is trash talking about Brooke’s mother and Brooke finally gets sick of it, grabs her wine glass (wine being a staple of almost every GFF setup I’ve seen) and walks out of the room. We see her in the foyer about to leave when she realizes she is still carrying the wine glass. She turns to set it down on a table. The next few minutes of the scenario switches back and forth between Persia/Jessi and Brooke/Darryl. I’m not giving a blow by blow description here so I’ll just take the pairings in the order given above.

The chemistry between Persia and Jessi is obvious. Persia devours Jessi with her eyes and it’s obvious that Jessi is enjoying the attention. One of the things I like about this pairing is the contrast between the two women. Persia is an imposing figure at 5 foot 5 inches tall with spectacular 40DD breasts, middle eastern features, and a commanding presence. Jessi Palmer is (according to only 4-11 and 85 lbs with 34A breasts and nearly transparent white skin.

At one point, Jessi asks Persia “have you ever thought about having your own little mistress?” Persia replies “maybe we can make that happen,” sealing the deal.

These two can’t wait to get down and dirty and they make their way up to the guest room where Persia takes control. There’s lots of foreplay and kissing before the clothes start to come off. Having devoured Jessi with her eyes Persia devours her physically and she just can’t get enough of the tiny brunette. Who could blame her? Jessi is a tasty morsel who loves eating Persia’s hairy pussy, having had her own tended to by her older lover. To say that sparks fly in this scene is an understatement. At one point Jessi says “I love you” and it does not appear scripted. If you only buy this DVD for this scene you will have gotten good value for your money.

But wait there’s more…

Brooke has discovered Darryl, Jessi’s alleged mother in the basement. Darryl Hanah is stunning in every sense of the word. She’s tall with distinctive facial features, large breasts, legs up to here, and the appearance of a woman who is perpetually horny. As for Brooke Lee Adams, what can I say? She’s a total cutie with a great sense of humor and a world class ass. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything that I didn’t like.

Darryl wants Brooke. Brooke thinks Darryl is a little crazy and is trying to get away from her at first. That isn’t going to happen and they eventually end up in the Foyer, kissing and playing grab ass. Like Persia and Jessi, Darryl and Brooke end up in a bedroom. BTW, where do they find all these houses to shoot these vids in? Every one of them looks like a multi-million dollar mansion. I guess there really is money in porn, or at least enough to pay the rent on a place like this.

Darryl, as the older woman, is in charge, sexually, and she quickly takes Brooke to a series of climaxes before getting naked herself. One of the best shots in the scene is when Darryl strips off her slacks (she’s gone commando apparently) and says something like “I’m really wet” and to prove it, we see her dip her fingers in her honey pot and come away with a strand of pussy juice.

Brooke returns the favor to Darryl who comes noisily and often. The chemistry between the two performers isn’t the same as between Persia and Jessi, but it’s still good. Darryl seems like the kind of person who would fuck a snake if it stayed still for her, and Brooke just happens to be available. Brooke is eminently fuckable and obviously enjoys sex. Darryl simply overpowers her psychologically and physically. It’s a great scene.

After we fade out on Darryl/Brooke we get a change of venue and the next scenario starts.

Katrina Kelley (the mother) and Delila Darling (the daughter) are a pair of con artists. They’ve targeted Magdalene St Michaels for a scam involving raising money to fight colony collapse disease, a plague on honey bees. The problem is real but the alleged charity is not. Katrina is a blond MILF with a nice body. Delila is a little shorter with auburn hair – she’s a cutie. Katrina also appears in Lesbian Seductions 29 but I haven’t been able to find her in anything else. Most of Delila’s work has been in hetero porn so far.

We next see the pair in Magdalene’s living room. With Magdalene is Hayden Night. Both of these ladies have appeared in numerous GFF titles, including several editions of MDEC, including several where Hayden is Magdalene’s lover. So I’m not quite sure what the relationship is in this segment. At any rate, both are GFF regulars and with good reason.

Katrina makes her pitch. Hayden is skeptical and not very polite. Eventually Magdalene takes Delila to her bedroom and drops a bomb: she knows it’s a scam and that Katrina is a confidence trickster. She’s going to call the FBI. Delila of course will do anything to avoid this and sex ensues. Once again GFF has done a great job of pairing. There’s good chemistry here. Magdalene St Michaels likes girls and she’s obviously turned on. Both women get a good seeing to and there are lots of orgasms.

Meanwhile Katrina and Hayden are left alone in the living room. Hayden continues to attack Katrina verbally. All of a sudden one of them comments on the fact that the other two women have been gone a long time. There’s some speculation about what they might be doing (“having fun”) and the suggestion is made that they might as well have some fun too, whereupon the two antagonists go to a bedroom and have sex. Of all the setups this one feels the most forced/awkward. It doesn’t really matter, however, as the point is to get these two blondes into bed at which it succeeds.

They start slow but once they get going this pair also heats up the screen. For me the high point is an extended bout of pussy grinding which happens to be my fetish du jour. Both women appear to climax several times and there is good heat once they get going. They both seemed a little awkward at first and their initial contact seemed a little stiff. Once they got warmed up though things went well and it was a good scene.

Technically speaking this video lives up to the standards set by other GFF features. The lighting and camera work are spectacular and the audio is good, that is to say I didn’t notice any problems. The editing is smooth and I had to watch it twice to actually notice where the cuts were within scenes.

This video made me an instant fan of both Jessi Palmer and Persia Monir who also appear in MDEC 11, although not in a sex scene together.

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