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Massive Asses 5

Title:  Massive Asses 5

Studio:  Elegant Angel Productions
Director:  Mason
 Alexis Breeze, Brooke Lee Adams, Caroline Pierce, Catalina Taylor, Charley Chase, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Mark Ashley


This is the fifth in Elegant Angel’s series aimed at admirers of women with junk in the trunk. There are five scenes each with one woman and one guy.

Each scene starts out with a solo segment with the featured girl. There’s some conversation with Mason, the director, from behind the camera, some butt shaking, some more butt shaking (with oil), and then a guy shows up and sex ensues. There’s a lot of butt worship, as one might expect, but only one anal scene

If you are a fan of Brooke Lee Adams this video is worth purchasing just for her scene. Here’s where she loses her on-camera anal cherry. It’s a very intense scene.

Scene 1

Charley Chase is featured in this scene. We open with Chase in a purple bikini walking through a house talking with Mason, who is behind the camera. There are some jokes and then Chase shows off her booty. It’s a magnificent booty although I wouldn’t call it “massive.” After she shakes her money maker for us she eventually meets her partner for the scene Manuel Ferrara. The sex in this scene is incredibly intense from start to finish. I’m not going to do a blow by blow (no pun intended) but these two go at it in just about every position you can imagine. There’s lots of cock gagging, pussy and ass eating, and fucking. Boy-o-boy is there fucking. Charley Chase appears to be having a REALLY good time. Eventually Ferrara unloads on her ass crack and THEN frigs Ms. Chase to another orgasm before the scene ends.

Scene 2

I should preface this segment of the review with the admission that I’m a big Brooke Lee Adams fan. She’s smart, articulate, funny, and really cute. Mostly I’ve admired her work for various lesbian oriented production companies, but I really have to say that I haven’t seen her in anything that I didn’t like. And, she has a marvelous ass, which is displayed to perfection here. In the preamble to the scene she talks with Mason about this being her first time doing anal on video. She says that she’s done it in her private sex life but I get the impression that it doesn’t happen often. At any rate she seems a little apprehensive about the scene. We get some booty shaking and some more booty shaking with oil before adjourning to a different set where she’s joined by Michael Stefano. There’s some fairly intense making out and pussy fingering and then the oral ensues as Stefano attacks Brooke’s crotch with his mouth, spending lots of time licking her butt hole as well as her pussy. Some pussy fucking ensues and then it’s time to tap Brooke’s ass. I’m going to assume that there was some other lube involved here but all we see used is saliva. There’s plenty of it though. Stefano is very patient in terms of inserting his cock. Eventually, however, he gets it where he wants it and starts working Brooke’s back door pretty good. There’s some A2M in this scene. The sex is very intense with a variety of positions. Brooke appears to really enjoy it. Eventually she takes a load of cum on her ass crack and the scene ends.

This scene is not as frenetic as the first scene but the sex is still very intense with the added attraction of being Brooke’s first time taking it up the poop chute on camera. It’s a hot scene.

Scene 3

Alexis Breeze could also star in a video titled “Massive Tits.” Hers are lusciously large. She’s a beautiful woman and very sexy. This scene follows the protocol of the rest of the video with a preamble featuring Alexis shaking her rump and then doing it some more with oil applied before getting down to the nasty. Once again the sex is incredibly intense. There’s no anal in any of these scenes except Brooke’s and frankly I didn’t miss it. The chemistry here between Alexis and Mark Ashley is very good and the sex is both intense and imaginative. Ms. Breeze’s charms are well framed and displayed. The focus is on her throughout the scene. The pop shot is across her cheeks and is followed by some after play before we fade out for Scene Four.

Scene 4

Next up is Catalina Taylor a full bodied 19 year old with lovely café aulait skin. Her booty is very jiggly, which she says is because it’s “real.” So are her massive tits. The term “ghetto booty” comes to mind here. Once again we are treated to an extended sequence of rump shakin’ with and without oil before her co-star, Michael Stefano, shows up and puts Catalina through her paces. Once again the sex is very intense and varied. There’s no anal here but, as with the other scenes, you really don’t miss it. Good chemistry good camera work and lighting produce a very nice scene. The pop shot is down the crack and across the ass cheeks followed by some after play before we move on to the fifth and final scene.

Scene 5

The last scene in the video features Caroline Pierce and Manuel Ferrara. Pierce is a fairly tall (5-6) woman with a nicely shaped ass (again I’m not sure I’d call it “massive”) and B-cup tits with some of the tiniest nipples I’ve ever seen on a woman. She’s very pretty though and Manuel seems to dig her judging by the way he goes after her in this scene. Once again the formula is booty shaking followed by the entrance of the male partner, in this case Ferrara, some foreplay, and then incredibly vigorous fucking in a variety of positions. The men in this video really bring their “A” game and give the women a good workout. That’s certainly true in this scene, which ends after Ferrara blows a massive load on Pierce’s ass after which she sucks his cock as we fade to black.

What I liked about this video:

The women are hot, the men are studs, the sex is very intense and everyone seems to be having a good time. Brooke looks a little uncomfortable with the cock in her ass at first but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever taken anything up the poop chute. The lighting and sound are both nicely done, which is pretty standard with Elegant Angel. The performers are all pretty hot, particularly Brooke, Charley, and Alexis. There’s a minimum of editing during the sex which is allowed to develop more or less naturally. The positions are imaginative and the energy is good.

My favorite scene was Brooke Lee Adams scene, but that could be just because I’m a Brooke fan. All of the scenes are worth watching.

What I didn’t like about this video:

The opening sequence of jiggling asses was mostly a display of cellulite. I could have done without that. I thought it was a little odd that a video titled “Massive Asses” had only one anal scene, but that is being nitpicky I suppose.

If you like booty videos this one is right up your alley. I can safely give this both a “buy” and a “rent” recommendation.

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