Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don Juan's Therapist

Title: Don Juan’s Therapist
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Cast: Dia Zerva, Manuel Ferrara, Mz Berlin, Rocco Reed, Tori Black, Victoria Blue

Sweet Sinner is the hetero side of Sweetheart Video, the lesbian studio founded by director Nica Noelle, whose work I have generally admired.

This feature has four scenes.

Synopsis: Rocco Reed has a problem. He thinks he is Don Juan. He is looking for true romantic love, as it turns out, in all the wrong places. His therapist, Victoria Blue, has her own issues thanks to a long ago broken romance with Manuel Ferrara. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

We open with Rocco in therapy with Victoria Blue. We flash back to a scene where “Don Juan” seduces a married woman (Dia Zerva) and they have sex. It’s pretty intense. I’m a huge Dia Zerva fan, I’ll admit, so it’s hard for me to be objective about her work. Rocco isn’t going to win an Oscar but he’s so good looking we don’t care. This is a good example of why I think it’s great to be a bisexual man – I can admit that I thought Rocco was hot. Typical of Nica Noelle’s work there is very little editing in the sex scenes which are allowed to develop organically. Dia is so wonderful when she’s in the throes of passion. I don’t often see her in hetero work so it’s a treat for me to watch her take Rocco’s cock so enthusiastically. The scene eventually ends with Rocco spewing on Dia’s belly and then we dissolve back to the therapy session, which wraps up with Rocco kissing Victoria’s hand.

The interstitial that follows is Victoria speaking to an unnamed associate about Don Juan’s case. She sets up the Tori Black/Manuel Ferrara coupling by talking about her long ago failed romance. Dissolve to…

Tori Black (ostensibly a young and virginal Victoria Blue) answers the door and it’s Manuel Ferrara. He’s a hunk and he has flowers. He tells her he loves her and doesn’t even want her to think of anyone else. What woman could resist? Tori doesn’t, and soon the happy couple is coupling (to say the least). This is a relief, since the acting in this scene is painful to watch. Fortunately we soon forget this because these two lovers are hot, hot, hot and the sex is intense from the first moment. There is good chemistry here and Nica Noelle’s minimalist directing style once again helps us see how much these two are enjoying each other. Manuel eventually blows his load on Tori’s belly and she takes a bit on her fingers and tastes it. Manuel is all tenderness as Tori catches her breath until he suddenly gets up, tucks his (monster) cock back into his jeans and tells her he has an “appointment” that he needs to get to. He leaves and we dissolve back to Victoria and her associate – Victoria reveals that she never saw Manuel again. She’s still pissed that he took her virginity and disappeared.

Cut to the therapist’s office where Don Juan announces that he’s met the most beautiful girl. The girl in question turns out to be Mz Berlin who Rocco meets on a patio. One of Berlin’s more endearing qualities is her intense cynicism. As a diehard cynic myself, I really appreciate that quality in others. She isn’t buying Rocco’s line about looking for true love and romance, but he’s pretty cute so she invites him back to her place to show him some real romance. Berlin is a dominatrix and she quickly masters Rocco, who seems bewildered at first. His cock, however, is much more aware of what’s going on (good thing), and a very hot sex scene is the result. If I was going to be a submissive, I’d want Mz Berlin to be my mistress. Rocco has a good time and eventually shoots all over Berlin’s tits after which she cleans off his dick with her mouth and then she informs him that he’s “a nice distraction… until a real man comes along.” Then she dismisses him.

Cut back to the therapist’s office where Rocco describes how Mz Berlin made him feel (“used…dirty”). Victoria tells him he’s in danger of developing “narcissistic personality disorder.” He has no clue what that is, so she explains by sharing the story of how her long ago lover used her and then walked out (this is why she went into psychiatry in the first place). She tells him he doesn’t understand how destructive his behavior is to women. This apparently has the effect of curing Rocco of his Don Juan syndrome. He leaves and we get a moment of Victoria sitting alone in her office. Then the door opens and in walks Manuel Ferrara with an amnesia defense (I’m oversimplifying here) which Victoria buys (of course – otherwise how would we get to see them get naked and horizontal?). Manuel plays her like a great violin. And she responds. The sex is VERY intense. My favorite part of the scene is when Manuel is fucking Victoria doggy style and he begins putting fingers (yes more than one) up her ass and telling her to come. It’s hotter to watch than to describe. He eventually gives up his load on her belly. Fade to black on the happy couple reunited. Chalk one up for true love.

Things I liked about this video…

The lighting and camera work were superb. The players were all beautiful. There was good chemistry in each scene. The sex was realistic, including awkward moments such as when Rocco had trouble unfastening Dia’s dress. The passion/lust appeared to be genuine. I’d give the scenes in this video an 8.5 on the eroto-meter except…

Things I didn’t like…

The audio during the set-ups was very inconsistent – changing with the camera angles as if they were using camera mounted mics and had no master audio track. That was a small annoyance compared with my biggest complaint about this feature: money shots. The opening to Sweet Sinner and Sweetheart videos is always Nica Noelle’s voice talking about “real passion…real orgasms.” IF that’s the case we don’t need to see semen flying onto the woman’s belly or breasts. We don’t have any physical evidence for the female orgasms do we (although I will say that Victoria Black’s sex flush was very evident on her pale skin)? If we’re willing to accept that, why wouldn’t we be willing to accept the fact that a man can have an orgasm INSIDE his partner? Is it natural for a man to pull out at the last moment and jerk off? Not in any universe outside of the porn world.

Nica spends a considerable amount of time and effort to make her sex scenes realistic and natural and it really really works -- right up to the point where the guy pulls out and jerks off onto the woman’s body. For me, that blows the whole deal and calls into question the so-called “reality” of the rest of the sex. The money shot is a long time porn convention. I thought Nica was trying to make videos that got away from what the average porn producers have been foisting on consumers for the past 30 years.

All in all, however, I liked this video. I think this would be a great video for couples to watch. There’s lots of eye candy for both, and there’s at least an attempt at romance. I’m going to give this a recommendation for a rental for sure. I can’t quite recommend a “buy.”

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