Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Exchange Student

Title: The Exchange Student

Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Cast: Manuel Ferrara, Nicole Ray, Chayse Evans, David Perry, Marco Banderas, Dia Zerva, Elexis Monroe


Elexis Monroe is doing her old college a favor by taking in an exchange student. She wonders if it’s a good idea. What she doesn’t know is that her hubby (David Perry) is banging her best friend (Dia Zerva). It’s a soap opera with sex.


This was the first time I’d ever seen Elexis Monroe in a scene with a real penis in it. I must admit that it was a little disorienting at first. I’ve seen her in dozens (and dozens) of lesbian themed vids for Girlfriends Films and Sweetheart Video and her work in that genre has always been stellar. So it threw me a bit when she started making out with David Perry. Once I got over that, however, her opening scene was a great start to the video. Elexis is clearly no stranger to boy-girl sex, and quite frankly I don’t know why I assumed she was (shame on me). As usual she puts her all into the scene and her passion is clearly on display here. David Perry is his usual studly self – I never get tired of watching him work because he so obviously enjoys what he’s doing. And why shouldn’t he? He’s getting paid to fuck beautiful women. The sex is natural and very intense (look at all the sweat on their bodies and on the sheets). And then it goes *thud* when Perry pulls out and jerks himself off on Monroe’s belly. Why go to all the bother of establishing a very realistic sexual encounter and then give us a money shot? Note to Nica Noelle (whose work I have generally admired): STOP DOING THIS!

As it turns out, Chayse Evans is studying human sexuality. I mention that here because it is a central plot element.

The next sex scene features Nicole Ray and Marco Banderas. Nicole was a real bitch to Chayse Evans at the dinner table, and when she and Marco are alone she announces “I don’t like her.” Ho-hum. Once we get down to the nasty, however, this scene picks up in a hurry. Nicole is a delectable little blond with cupcake tits and a killer ass. And Marco…well he’s muscular, has a big dick, and he’s European. Great combination. Part of the appeal of this scene is the contrast in size between Marco and Nicole. She’s just so cute and tiny. She’s durable though because once the fucking starts Marco gives her all he’s got and she takes it and begs for more. And then (*thud*) we get a weak pop shot on Nicole’s ass. What redeems this lapse in directorial judgment here is that Marco immediately reinserts his cock into Nicole’s pussy and then lays on top of her. This seems a lot more realistic.

Next we find Chayse Evans in the shower. The doorbell rings and it’s Manuel Ferrara at the door – he’s there to pick her up for a date. She greets him in a towel and invites him in. He sits on the sofa while she gets dressed. She leaves her door open and gives Manuel an eyeful, which he tries to pretend isn’t happening. He can’t help himself though and soon he’s sneaking peeks at her ass (it’s a great ass) and getting a little hot under the collar. Chayse makes a good show of putting on her stockings and then she comes out, naked except for the stockings, and says “I hope I’m not taking too long.” Manuel does a double take and then she says “or we could just stay here.” Those six words are all Manuel needs to hear and he wastes no time following Chayse into her bedroom. The romp that ensues contains some of the most intense fucking I’ve ever seen on video. Chayse goes off like a string of firecrackers and Manuel fucks like a reciprocating saw on high speed. Manuel’s prodigious cum shot is wasted on Chayse’s belly and then they cuddle for a bit, ending the scene.

Next we see Dia Zerva on the phone with Elexis. That’s a prelude to Dia fucking David Perry (Elexis’ husband). I’m a huge fan of both Dia and David so I was looking forward to this scene – in fact it’s why I got the video in the first place. Dia is a woman of great passion and she shows it again here. The pair starts slowly and works into a frenzy of fucking. One of the things I like about David Perry is his focus. Once he starts in on Dia his focus is on her completely and he compels her to return that focus – she does so in spades. They are so into each other that it really creates a lot of extra energy. Sweat pours off of them. Dia orgasms repeatedly, including a really kinky segment where David Perry violently masturbates her pussy forcing her to come again. Now we come to the major difference between this scene and the other scenes in the video. After jerking Dia off, he jerks himself off, but he makes it a natural part of the scene, asking Dia if she wants him to come (she does) and telling her to look (she looks) at him jerking off on her pussy. THIS is erotic. It makes sense. It gave the scene and the video a really hot finish.

What I liked about this video:

Nica Noelle knows how to let her actors have a good time and she lets them do it with a minimum of interference. There are few cuts in the sex scenes which proceed naturally and contain a LOT of passion.

The lighting and sound in this video were excellent and so was the camera work. The actors were all beautiful and passionate. They weren’t called upon to do too much acting and the set ups were not overly long, although the dinner table scene approached the “too long” threshold.

The editing was excellent.

What I didn’t like about this video:

This is the second “Sweet Sinner” video I’ve seen and I have the same complaint about both of them: The Money Shot. Except for the Perry/Zerva scene the pop shot was a real disappointment and was really inconsistent with the way the scene had developed up to that point. What man deliberately pulls his cock out of a beautiful woman’s pussy when he is about to cum? Unless he’s practicing the “withdrawal method” of birth control the answer is nobody – except in porn. Let the guys get off for real. Please.

Overall I liked this video for the intensity of the sex and the chemistry between the men and women. It was a treat to see Elexis Monroe doing the nasty with David Perry. And the Chayse Evans/Manuel Ferrara pairing was off the charts hot. The weakest scene was Nicole Ray/Marco Banderas – it was a good scene, just not as good as the other three in my opinion.

Caveat emptor…your mileage may vary…don’t take my word for it. This video is at least worth a rental, if not a purchase.

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