Friday, June 25, 2010

Lesbian House Hunters

Title:  Lesbian House Hunters
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  None Credited
Performers:  Ariella Ferrera, Brenda James, Chastity Lynn, Dana DeArmond, India Summer, Prinzzess, Ryan Keely, Tanya Tate

General comments: This video is worth the price of purchase or rental for the first scene alone in my opinion. Tanya Tate and Ariella Ferrera burn up the screen and neither one of them ever get completely naked. GFF is spending more time on set-ups and this can either work or not depending on the people involved. It takes 15 minutes to get to the first kiss in the first scene but once they do, sparks fly. The way the story is plotted it’s hard to see where they could have cut it to make it shorter. The other scenes take less time to get to the action.

Lighting and camera work, as usual, were both good as was the audio. No technical complaints. Editing was excellent.
My favorite scenes were the first and third.

Scene 1:  Ariella Ferrera and Tanya Tate

In the first scene, Ariella is a real estate agent and Tanya Tate has a house she’s trying to unload while her marriage is breaking up. She and Ariella hit it off – Ariella comes across as very empathetic as she listens to Tanya’s tale of woe (her mate has done her wrong and they’re splitting). Ariella comes back for a second visit, this time with flowers. Tanya is getting rid of some items she won’t need in a smaller place and offers to give some of her clothes to Ariella. That gets them to the bedroom and surprise surprise, Tanya comes on to her new friend. Shy at first, Ariella is soon in a passionate lip lock with Tanya and then the scene really takes off. Tanya and Ariella are both very blessed in the breast department and there’s a lot of really hot titty play. There is real chemistry between the two and the scene is very hot.

Scene 2:  Dana Dearmond, India Summer, Chastity Lynn

Scene two is a three way featuring some really hot actresses. I don’t know why, but this scene didn’t do very much for me, despite the fact that I’m a huge Dana Dearmond fan. She and India Summer arrive at the home of Brenda James and Chastity Lynn expecting Brenda to be there for an appointment. Brenda’s not home, which pisses India and Dana off no end and they aren’t shy about making their feelings known. Their performance in the foyer would have gotten them kicked out of real estate school, but that’s irrelevant here. They are given a tour of the house by Chastity Lynn, cute in her school girl outfit, and during the tour they discover some sex toys. Dana puts some other clues together and figures out that Chastity and her “mom” are sleeping together. I’m guessing it’s a “step mom” situation of course. Anyway, the two real estate agents use their discovery to blackmail Chastity into having sex with them.

Both Dana Dearmond and India Summer are dominants and they have some fun playing with Chastity. The plotting and acting here are both pretty entertaining and the sex is good – just a little cold and angry. It’s like Dana and India are mad at Brenda James and they take it out on Chastity. GFF does scenes like this from time to time and Dana has been in a number of them. This one didn’t do very much for me.

Scene 3:  Brenda James and Chastity Lynn

In the third scene, Brenda James is totally hot and her chemistry with Chastity Lynn is excellent. There isn’t any real dancing around the issue – they are hot for each other from the start and clearly have played around before. Once they get into it the scene really takes off. Brenda is really into Chastity and she just devours her with her eyes, hands, and of course, mouth. It’s like she doesn’t know where to start she’s so turned on. It’s totally believable because Chastity is such a delectable little dish. Chastity returns Brenda’s passion with interest and the result is a very hot scene.

Scene 4:  Prinzzess and Ryan Keely

Prinzzess is always fun to watch. She’s so cute when she cums. As usual, she’s the dominant woman in her tryst with Ryan Keely in the fourth and final scene of the video. Keely is having trouble with her mortgage and Prinzzess is some sort of financial agent helping her out, but there’s a catch – in order to get the best deal, Keeley has to have sex with Prinzzess. It takes a while for Prinzzess to warm Ryan up but once she commits to doing the nasty, Ryan Keeley gives it her all. Prinzzess is Prinzzess and that generally means a lot of heat and a lot of finger fucking.

On the whole I liked this video and the series shows some promise. I have no trouble recommending it for either rental or purchase. I'm looking forward to seeing the second release in the series.

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