Thursday, October 1, 2015

Web Release Review: What We've Lost Part 1 (

Title:  What We've Lost (Part 1)
Studio:  Girlsway
Director:  Stills by Alan
Released:  September 2015
Performers:  Karlie Montana and Marie McCray

I have been more than a little impressed by the content coming out of  After some friends of mine turned me onto this website I took the tour and eventually decided to become a member.  I've reviewed the site elsewhere on this blog (and a very positive review it was) so I won't spend any more time on that except to say that I think it's well worth the money to join.

Right now though my focus is on a recent release from Girlsway, part one of a new series titled What We've Lost,  featuring Marie McCray and Karlie Montana.  In keeping with the Girlsway ethos, these two young ladies are beautiful, energetic, passionate, and very good at improv.  Stills by Alan does a great job directing the scene and the visuals are stunning.

Karlie and Marie are going through a breakup, and it isn't going well.  Karlie comes by the house to pick up up some of her stuff and conflict ensues, which, of course, due to the pornographic version of narrative causality, results in sex.

In this case, however, the sex seems to flow at least somewhat logically from the set up.  Both women have cheated, but this time Marie can't forgive Karlie her indiscretion.  Tempers flare and Karlie reveals the real reason for her cheating -- sex with Marie is boring and Karlie wants something a whole lot less vanilla than what she's been getting at home.  Which she then demonstrates by throwing McCray on the bed.  Montana starts out on top, but McCray gives as good as she gets, slapping Karlie around (just the way she likes it, apparently).

This video goes pretty high on the heat-meter.  The set up is worth watching because the payoff is even better.  The question at the end is will this be enough to get these two back together?  Or will they go their separate ways?  No spoilers here.  You'll have to pay to see how this part turns out.

McCray and Montana have excellent chemistry.  They play their parts well, improvise some pretty effective dialog, and, of course, they're both hot as hell.  The sex appears both spontaneous and passionate.  The scene is allowed to develop organically with little apparent interference from the director (which I always appreciate).  

This is just one of the series available on Girlsway.  The amount of content they push out every week is astonishing considering the cost of an annual membership, and I applaud them for the way they take care of their customers.

This video runs around 33 minutes, with about 24 minutes or so of sex.  We're left with a good set up for part two, which I am looking forward to seeing.

If you like girl-girl sex with imaginative plots, reasonably good acting, beautiful women, and lots of hot, steamy, sex, then you could do a LOT worse than plunk your hard earned dollars for a membership to, believe me.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the trend toward episodic porn, as opposed to the 4 scene DVD format we've been used to over the last dozen years or so, is more than a trend.  This is the future of adult video production.  Girlsway isn't the only company doing it this way and they weren't the first.  But in terms of quality AND quantity, they're the best of what I've seen so far in this genre, and What We've Lost is merely one of the most recent examples.

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