Friday, October 30, 2015

Stranded 3

Title:  Stranded 3
Studio:  Offworld
Director:  Magdalene St. Michaels
Released:  October 2015
Running Time:  About 56 minutes plus BTS footage
Format:  VOD
Performers:  Syren DeMer, Blair Summers

Adult video veteran Syren DeMer and relative newcomer Blair Summers are paired in this third installment in Magdalene St. Michaels "Stranded" series.

As usual the set up involves someone who is literally stranded due to delayed flights, weather, lost passports, or just bad planning.

Magdalene St. Michaels stays behind the camera in this one, although it must have been difficult for her not to jump in for a hot threesome.  While I'm always pleased to see Magdalene get naked and enjoy herself it was OK in this case that she didn't.  Syren and Blair have great chemistry and both do well with the improv in the set up.

As was the case with episodes 1 and 2 of this series we get a nice build up to the sex, which, when it starts, continues to develop with great patience. Once things really heat up, however, the energy is plentiful as are the orgasms.  Both women have a great time.

Blaire, Syren's new assistant -- Syren owns some sort of business; we aren't told what kind --  has messed up some flight reservations meaning that the two women are "stranded" somewhere mid-trip because they couldn't make their connecting flight.  Syren takes Blaire to task for this and then suggests that if Blair wants to stay with the company and advance her career she'll have to make the boss happy.  Well, you can guess where it goes from there.  After some necking on a sofa, the two head for the bedroom.  As they're getting up to go, Blair just says "Just don't tell my mom."

Part of the appeal of Stranded 3 for me is the fact that the women seem so real.  Blair has some bruises on her left knee and Syren's C-section scar is clearly visible in a number of shots.  For some this would be a distraction.  For me it was proof that these weren't some air brushed cuties with six pounds of makeup.  This was two real women having real sex.

As for the sex, there is lots of kissing, breast play, pussy eating, tribbing, fingering, and no toys.  It all flows naturally.  There's great continuity in the shot selection, good camera work, lots of light, good audio, and minimal (if any) directorial interference once the action starts.  These women can't wait to get each other naked.  There's a humerous moment when Syren is trying to get Blair's shoes off, for example.  Some directors would have cut this awkward sequence, but I'm glad Magdalene included it. There are other, similar, examples.

Bottom line is that this scene is well worth your time and money.  It's available as VOD only and can be viewed through Magdalene's VOD site (  If you're a fan of lipstick lesbian sex with a nice build up and good pacing throughout, this video is for you.


  1. Well you do seem to have this one right. I was lucky to get to watch with a few close friends who are true fans of Magdalenes St Michael. We are over 40 and like the kind of movies she is bringing forth and hope she keeps not just performing in front of but definitely behind the camera.

    1. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while :-)

      Magdalene's touch is a deft from behind the camera as it is from the front. I'm glad you're one of her fans. If you don't mind my asking though, which ones have I gotten wrong?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you for replying to my comment. I honestly can say I haven't had the chance to read many of your reviews. But I do appreciate a review by someone who ovoiously not just writing to get a pay check. I like to read those who know what they are talking about. So I hope this answered your question.:-)

    2. No, I don't get a pay check, and I only review things I like, which has caused a few people to dismiss my work. Apparently if you're not willing to rip people apart in public you can't have any credibility, alas. I have given constructive criticism from time to time but have always tried to stay (for the most part) positive. Thanks for leaving a comment. So few of my readers give feedback.

  3. Your r welcome. That's a shame that more people don't give you feed back. But that's probable because so few want others to know that they perhaps enjoy to watch erotce type films. I'm pretty sure if you were writing about the latest major motion pic out at the time you'd have more than you'd know what to do with.:-) A few of my friends,as well as myself, would be interest in knowing what other films you'd suggest.It can be this type but also any b/g ones too are fine. If you don't mind.:-) try

    1. There are more than 130 videos reviewed on this blog. As recommendations go, most of these would be movies that I endorse as good to watch. Keep in mind that I'm a man and that is the perspective from which I write. Not everything I watch will be to your taste. I don't always watch story based material -- sometimes I'm in the mood to just cut to the chase :-).


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