Sunday, September 20, 2015

TS Massage

Title:  TS Massage
Studio:  Transsensual
Director:  Nica Noelle
Genre:  Transgender
Released:  September 2015
Running Time:  132 minutes
Performers:  Aubrey Kate(TS), Nina Lawless (TS), Vixxen Goddess (TS), Wolf Hudson,   Magdalene St. Michaels, Robert Axel, Connor Maguire


1.  Vixxen Goddess/Connor Mcguire
2.  Wolf Hudson/Aubrey Kate
3.  Magdalene St Michaels/Nina Lawless
4.  Vixxen Goddess/Robert Axel

TS Massage is a four scene vignette format release from Nica Noelle's Transsensual Films.  The unifying theme here is the happy ending massage. There is no plot, per se, although two of the scenes are linked by virtue of the presence of Vixxen Goddess in the first and last scenes. But there is little, if any, of Nica's trademark story telling style here (there IS a nice bit of improve in the set up to the St. Michaels/Lawless scene).  This video doesn't possess the drama and creativity of My TS Student but that's probably an apples to oranges comparison and therefor inherently unfair.  Unfortunately for me every Nica Noelle transgender production from here on out is going to be measured against My TS Student, which is a very high standard to meet.

TS Massage sets out to present us with four sensual scenes featuring transwomen and their sexual partners. It succeeds admirably.  Part of Nica's genius as a director, going back to her early days at Girlfriends Films, has been to get her performers to give the appearance that they have forgotten the cameras, forgotten the crew, forgotten the set and all the trappings of video production and have found a way to focus solely on each other.  Once the action starts it proceeds organically without overt interference from the director.  That's what we get in TS Massage, and that, plus the presence of Magdalene St Michaels, is what made this video worth the purchase/rental fee for me.

The images are lovingly captured and deftly edited.  This isn't gonzo porn, so we don't get shots of gaping orifices dripping with lube, ass-to-mouth stunts, screaming orgasms, or titanic money shots.  This is Nica Noelle's work and what we get to see in each scene is this:  two human beings enjoying one another while having sex.  The passion generated has an authentic feel to it, and, as in other Transsensual productions the transwomen are treated AS women -- particularly in the choice of shot angles.  The Magdalene St. Michaels - Nina Lawless scene feels like lesbian sex in spite of the presence of a working (and may I say substantial) penis and a significant money shot.  The men in the other three scenes treat their partners like women.  That's how the scenes are directed and shot.  Bravo Nica.

Finally, we come to the closing scene in this video.  Robert Axel is a stud. That's a cold hard fact. Vixxen Goddess is a cutie.  This scene is about contrasts.  Her bright white skin against Axel's darker flesh, her petite frame against Axel's muscular bulk, his male force against her femininity.  These two were also paired in TS Playground 18 (Evil Angel/Jay Sin May 2015 release) and Shemale Idol the Auditions Volume 6 (Evil Angel/Joey Silvera August 2015 release) so they have a good deal of familiarity.  That is clearly demonstrated in the smooth and sensual way that they interact in this excellent closing scene.  Contrasts and chemistry combine to give this scene the passion and energy that we are looking for from Nica Noelle's work.

All four of the scenes in this video feature some nice cuddling/kissing after the money shot, which I really enjoy.  Could have stood more of that.

On the technical side the videography is excellent, the lighting bright and free of annoying shadows, the audio clear, and the editing was free of glitches or unfortunately timed cuts.  No complaints there.

Bottom line is that you can get a lifetime streaming rental of this video for about 10 bucks, or download it for 25.  Either way it's good value for money, and I have no problems giving this video a strong rent/buy recommendation.  Nice work, Nica (and  crew).  Of the Transsensual vignette releases to date, this one is my favorite.

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