Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Web Review:

I don't generally review websites because it's rare that I buy actual web memberships, preferring to purchase or rent individual scenes or videos rather than get into the hassle of trying to remember when your site charges renew so you can cancel them.  But, I'd heard great things about and had seen some of their product, so I got out my credit card and took the plunge. Here's what I found. is a great place to go if you are looking for mature women who appear to be exactly what the website says they are -- true amateurs.  The women featured on the site come in all shapes and sizes with a dollop of racial diversity thrown in for good measure.  Some of these women are stunningly beautiful.  Others are more plain.  Some of them are incredibly passionate, some are almost shy, or at least appear somewhat inexperienced (which all by itself can be sexy as hell).  Presumably some are there for the money -- but they all seem to have a great time.  Some are repeaters and one is considered the "resident MILF."  There's plenty of BTS for those who like it. Many of the women do anal and at least one of those wasn't really prepared, if you know what I mean. By and large the women are good looking, real (if you don't consider fake tits an issue) with wrinkles, some saggy middles, various scars, tats, piercings, and whatnot.  But again, they all appear to have a really good time.  Not all of them like facials, but they all take them (copius amounts of facial, by the way).  You don't get to see the faces of the two guys who do the fucking and the camera work, you just hear them.

Each video sets up pretty much the same way. The woman is on a bed, usually dressed in something moderately to very sexy.  She looks into the camera, says her name and age, and announces that this is her very first adult video.  That is, presumably, true.  I haven't seen any of these women anywhere else on the net, which wasn't always the case with similar sites like which quite commonly used porn stars, or at least women who had done other work in adult.  A lot of these women are swingers, some are married, some are single, some are grandmothers (or old enough to be grandmothers).  Ages range from upper 20's to mid to late 50's.  There's an interview at the beginning of each video which lasts around 10 minutes or so. The interviews themselves are fairly interesting and I've (mostly) found them worth watching.  I'll admit, however, that I occasionally fast forward to the next segment.

Following the interview we generally get a blowjob sequence, followed by modified press position on the bed with great views of the insertion.  Then it's cowgirl (regular and reverse) and either doggy or anal, which generally starts in missionary and moves to doggy.  The end is generally a combo blow/hand job with the guy jerking himself off on the woman's face.

Some videos have more than one pop shot and there are some videos featuring a cream pie.  At least one of the women does A2M.  There are some FFM and MFM threesomes as well.  Bonus tracks are generally shorter and tend to cut to the chase.  Behind the scenes is more or less what you would expect.  Some of the scenes are shot outdoors.

Videos are available for online streaming or download in several versions including HD 1080p.  Download speeds are more than adequate if you have decent broadband.  I encountered a few problems with buffering but I suspect my ISP was having a few hiccups that day.  There are also galleries with stills from the shoots if that's your thing. (I've included some sample shots with this review)

The cost is $29.99 a month with weekly content updates (one new shoot per week).

My favorite video on the site features a woman in her late 40's named "Daisey."  Hers is the longest video on the site and I can't believe they didn't get her back for more shoots.  She was absolutely amazing.  Beautiful tan lines, a very meaty pussy, prominent clit, and holy smokes, was she juicy.  In many of the videos, the shooter/cocksman has to use lube on his dick to get it in, but Daisey was practically leaking all over the place before a cock got anywhere near her pussy.  She seemed to cum almost continually during the shoot and her biggest orgasms came (no pun intended) during the anal sequence.  She practically begged for the pop shot at the end.  Whew.  At 88 minutes it is by far the longest video on the site.

Overall I'd give really high marks for its content.  This is the best amateur MILF material I've ever seen.  Some of these women could have careers in porn's mature niche -- they're that good.


The site's member interface is clumsy at best.  Once you click on the "member" button you are taken
to a page where there are links to 57 pages containing links to each of the 347 videos on the site.  There's no "home" button, or any way to navigate to any other part of the site, like the "gallery" function, which a much better interface, in terms of looking for women on the site than the member page. You can't search for women by name, and, frankly, I'm not even sure why the search window exists, because other than searching for specific videos there really isn't that much else to look for.  Each of the 57 pages has six video links on it. There are video links on the gallery pages but those links only take you to a sign up page.  In other words, your login *only* gets you to the member page and the site doesn't recognize your membership anywhere else.

On the whole, however, the quality of the videos themselves is enough to make up for the annoying interface and it is well worth the 30 bucks a month.  I would suggest, however, that in the next site upgrade, the owners should really do something to improve the member experience of the website.  I did a quick USENET search and discovered that a TON of their stuff (like pretty much every other pay site) gets pirated, but it seems quite popular with the non paying crowd according to my research.  I have no idea how many subscribers they have but they must have some because they've managed to stay in business for several years and they, apparently, fly women to Las Vegas (I think I recognized some buildings when the shot included windows) for shoots and pay them enough to make it worth the trip.  Looks like two guys basically run this thing so there aren't that many mouths to feed.

Bottom line:  if you like to watch really sexy amateur MILFS get pounded, is the site for you.  I can't give it a full two-thumbs-up because of the interface, but I'll give it a thumb-and-seven-eigths anyway.

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