Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dana's World (Project Spotlight)

Title:  Project Spotlight -- Dana’s World Studio:  Sunlust Pictures (Vivid)
Director:  Sunny Leone
Released:  October 2014
Performers:  Dana Dearmond, Penny Pax, Kara Price, Riley Jensen, Jessie Andrews, Ela Darling, Victoria Lawson

Parings:  Scene 1 Dana/Penny, Scene 2 Dana/Kara, Scene 3 Dana/Jessie, Scene 4 Dana/Ela, Scene 5 Dana/Riley/Victoria

Once you have watched the first scene of this video you will have gotten your money’s worth for all five scenes, but please don’t stop watching, because Director Sunny Leone and star Dana Dearmond keep the pedal to the metal for the entire two hour and fourteen minute run time and trust me, you do NOT want to miss a moment of what they've put into this video.  No, it isn’t a misprint -- there really are five scenes in this production.  Dana is in all of them, which is a bonus.  There's no romance here, just pure, raw, lust.  No story either.  I'm usually all for having a story, but in this case I didn't miss it.

Dana Dearmond is a force of nature.  She’s a five foot eight inch tsunami of sex.  Her enthusiasm is infectious – I’m sure her co-stars would agree.  She holds nothing back and whoever she’s with had better keep up.  Fortunately in this case she surrounded by a group of ladies who not only keep up but encourage Dana to even greater exploits.  Few performers in today’s adult biz can match her high energy and (seemingly) completely spontaneous sexuality.

Director Sunny Leone’s main tasks were to call “action” at the start of each scene, make sure the camera was pointed in the right direction, and call “cut” at the end of each scene.  This isn’t story driven porn.  There’s no set up.  The ladies just appear on screen in sexy lingerie and have at it.  Kissing, breast play, spit play, foot play, tribbing, toys, three-way-sex, pussy fingering, pussy eating, ass eating – you name it, Dana’s World has it. 

I have only two quibbles with this video, neither of which ruined the viewing experience for me (which is why I’m calling them quibbles rather than problems).  The editing appeared to have been done with an axe – i.e. some of the cuts appear to have no other purpose other than to shorten the scenes.  It's the biggest problem with one camera shoots, which this appeared to be.  You have nothing to cut to and are left with the choice to either let the scene play out (which is what directors like Mason do) or make jump cuts to shorten it.  I would rather have seen just four scenes with fewer edits if that was the case.  The other was the constant music background.  In the first scene (Dana with Penny Pax) we start without music, but suddenly it’s there.  It sounded to me like Leone used a camera mounted microphone and was picking up heavy breathing from the camera operator (who for all I know was Sunny Leone) and the music was there to cover it.  It almost succeeds.  Hell, if I’d been in those rooms I would have been breathing pretty heavy myself.  Even though the music became annoying at times don't let that put you off watching this video.  It's not that big a deal -- to me anyway.

I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a word or two about Dana’s co-stars in this production.  Penny Pax has wonderful natural breasts and Dana absolutely goes wild for them.  She can’t leave them alone.  Kara Price is someone I thought had left the business – she’s been pretty scarce since 2011, although she was a semi-regular for Girlfriends  and Filly before largely disappearing from the scene in 2013.  It was great to see her again – she and Dana had great chemistry in their scene.  As for Jessie Andrews, well anytime I get to see this little cutie on my screen doing the nasty is a big plus.  She has terrific energy and Dana puts her through her paces.  Ela Darling has long been a favorite of mine.  She always gives the impression that there’s nothing she’d rather be doing than what we’re watching on the screen.  She seems laser focused on her partner and is equally at home doing improv dialog or just going for the gusto.  Her scene with Dana in this video is terrific.   This may have been my first time watching Victoria Lawson or Riley Jensen but it won’t be the last, based on this performance.  All of the ladies in this cast are lovely, lusty, and full of energy.

I have no trouble strongly recommending this video for rental or purchase.  If you are a Dana Dearmond fan you will want this in your collection.  It’s a keeper.

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