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Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons

Title:  Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons
Studio:  Forbidden Fruits Films Director(s):  Jodi West/Elexis Monroe
Released:  9/4/13
Performers:  Jodi West, Elexis Monroe, Desi Dalton, Rainia Belle, Sam Summers

My most viewed/popular review ever was for Lesbian Triangles 24 which opens with Jodi West and Elexis Monroe in a scene for the ages.  When I saw that these two ladies, two of my favorite women in porn, were together again for Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons, I knew this was a video I just had to see.

A moment please, while I wax rhapsodic about the studio responsible for this video, Forbidden Fruits Films.  I have partial reviews written for several of their titles and I hope to finish them soon, because I really, REALLY, like this outfit.  They certainly aren’t the only studio making hay out of questionable relationships.  The boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate are so blurred at FFF as to become invisible, but the one thing they do NOT do, and that separates them from another company whose name I’ll leave out of this review, is demand that their performers continually reference the taboo during the sex.  My favorite thing about Forbidden Fruits Films is that everything they’ve done to date serves as a showcase for Jodi West.  She’s in several scenes in each video with both men (young) and women.  Whoever she’s with she always puts on a great show for us.  She is the very image of the perpetually horny MILF with a hot bod and an off the charts libido always looking to get laid and not too picky about what’s appropriate.

The production values are strictly low budget but I don’t mean that as criticism.  They don’t spend money on things that don’t really matter.  The focus is on the sex.  The scenes are relatively short by today’s standards and there are more than four of them in each volume.  Forbidden Fruits harkens back to the day when you might see six or even eight scenes in a film, none lasting longer than 15 minutes or so.   Jay West, as director, tends to get to the point quickly with just the right amount of improvised set up.  Jodi, as improviser, is adroit, inventive, and often funny as hell.  What comes through is that she is absolutely having a total blast doing this and you can’t help but enjoy watching her go at it.  Forbidden Fruits leaves no button un-pushed.

Another thing I like about this company is that FFF brings us some fresh new talent but doesn’t just throw rookies in a scene together and hope it works out.  I like the direction this company is taking and hope to review lots of their stuff in the coming months.  Bravo.

But I digress.

The video in question, Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons is a five scene story co-directed by Jodi West and Elexis Monroe.  We don’t actually get any mother-daughter lesbian sex as suggested by the title, but by the time this is over they’re about the only two people in this video who HAVEN’T fucked each other.

Jodi and Elexis are a lesbian couple.  They’re going to vacation with Jodi’s daughter who is completely unaware that mom is a lesbian.  We open on Jodi in what my mother would call “a state” about packing.  She is insisting on taking two suitcases.  Elexis thinks they only need one.  It’s a silly argument but it ends with a bout of hot, sexy, playful, passionate, and intensely erotic lesbian sex featuring two women who obviously like each other a lot.  Frankly, I could have stopped watching at the end of this scene and declared my money well spent.  But that would short change the rest of this excellent production and I do not want to do that.

The venue shifts to a very upscale resort where Jodi and Elexis meet Jodi’s daughter, played by Sam Summers and her friend, played by Rainia Belle.  Jodi wants them all to get their nails done.  Sam and Elexis want to go to the beach.  It is decided that Sam and Elexis will don bikinis and head for the sand while Jodi and Rainia head for the salon.   Everyone scatters to get ready.  A knock at the door reveals Desi Dalton, playing Jodi’s sister, in a scene that establishes the relationship and that Desi will be house sitting for Jodi while she’s gone.  We also get the impression that the sisters don’t always get along.

Elexis comes to collect Sam for their beach experience and finds her not ready to go.  Sam’s got something on her mind.  Turns out she’s attracted to women and doesn't want her mom to know.  This discussion, of course, leads to Elexis and Sam having a steamy bout of girl-girl sex as Sam learns what it’s like to be with a woman for the very first time.  Elexis is famous for attending to her partner’s satisfaction.  That’s clearly evident here.  She also likes to enjoy herself, and does, as Sam proves to be an excellent lover.  There’s a nice tribbing sequence which is always a bonus for me.

Fade to black and fade up on Jodi coming back to her room and realizing that her phone is missing.  Rainia walks in with it but teases Jodi by not giving it back.  Then she demonstrates why you put a LOCK CODE on your smart phone by reading some of Jodi’s messages – messages which reveal the nature of her relationship with Elexis, something Jodi would rather keep secret for now.  In a deliciously ironic scenelet Raimia blackmails Jodi into having sex with her.  The irony of course is that Jodi’s character would fuck a snake if it kept still long enough – all Rainia had to do was ask.  At any rate, the seduction is successful (was there any doubt?) and we get to see Jodi have sex for the second time in this video (hooray!).  This was my first time seeing Rainia and I hope it won’t be my last.  She’s a knockout and Jodi can’t get enough of her beautiful body.  Rainia is hot for Jodi as well and the chemistry here is pretty obvious.  It’s a hot scene, punctuated by Elexis walking in on the trysting pair and blowing up at Jodi for cheating (another delicious bit of irony considering that Elexis had just finished fucking Jodi’s daughter).  Elexis storms out.

She reappears at Jodi’s place where Desi is waiting.  Initially the two get into a dispute over a piece of swimwear (or is it lingerie – sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference), and Elexis reveals what happened with Jodi, of whom Desi says “she’s always been a cheater,” or something like that.  In a bout of revenge sex, Elexis and Desi do the nasty right on the stairs.  I don’t generally like watching sex in awkward places but this one works.  Desi Dalton is a beauty and Elexis is obviously attracted to her.  It’s a great closing scene and ends with Jodi walking into the frame starting to apologize to Elexis before noticing that she’s on the stairs, naked, with Desi.  The last words before we fade to black are, appropriately enough, Jodi uttering “what the fuck?”

Roll credits.

One of the reasons FFF can put more than four scenes in a video and still preserve the naturalness of the sex (which they do very well, by the way) is the use of dissolve transitions to show the passage of time, thus compressing the scenes down to the most important elements.  Those who like the longer format that shows you every move, every kiss, every stage of undressing, etc., may find this a bit off putting.  I thought I would at first but the logic of it became apparent and I ended up liking it.

I am giving this video, and everything else I've seen from FFF, an enthusiastic “buy” recommendation.  This would be a good couples video, good for anyone who likes the lipstick lesbian genre, and of course good for fans of Jodi or Elexis.  There are a couple of spots where someone (presumably the camera person) brushed against the microphone.  I only noticed these on the second viewing, when enough blood was getting to my brain to allow me to perceive such things.  This is a great video and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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