Monday, September 2, 2013

Mother Lovers Society Vol. 9

Title:  Mother Lovers Society, Vol 9
Studio:  Sweetheart Video Director:  Dana Vespoli
Released:  August 7, 2013
Performers:  Jessie Andrews, Nicki Hunter, Nina Hartley, Chastity Lynn, Magdalene St. Michaels, Julia Ann, Ash Hollywood, Teal Conrad.

This long running Sweetheart Video series has evolved from a soap opera with a multi-episodic plot line to a vignette series reminiscent of Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Seductions series.  Dana Vespoli is at the helm now and she demonstrates (again) her mastery of the lesbian video genre.  She’s also created a series of believable short stories based on well crafted scripts suited to the people performing them.  The stories are loosely connected and the video breaks down neatly into two halves with each having a general set up and then something specific for each scene.  The sex is wonderful – hot, passionate, creative, genuine, and believable – and the fact that the set-ups are well done is a big fat bonus.

Of course having an all star cast like this one doesn’t hurt either.  And, when I say “all star” that’s not hype.  Julia Ann?  Nina Hartley?  Nicki Hunter?  Magdalene St. Michaels?  Case closed.  And, that’s just the senior half of the cast.  The youngsters are all stars as well, including two of my favorites, Chastity Lynn and Jessie Andrews – a pair of charmers with whom I’d dearly love to spend some quality time (who wouldn’t?).  So, we know that Dana’s words are in good hands right off the bat before we even have this one unwrapped, so to speak.

The four scenes all involve young women who lust after older women (hence the title).  We begin with Jessie Andrews and Chastity Lynn.   Chastity is an actress with a problem and she believes Jessie can help her resolve it.  This involves a flashback to a time when Jessie, a model, had a total melt down and was seeing a counselor, to whom she developed a serious attraction.   The counselor, played by Nicki Hunter, was easy prey for the aggressively sexual Andrews.  This was interesting; aside from the fact that these are two really hot women; because Nicki usually plays tops.  At any rate, this scene is also the set up for Chastity Lynn’s bout with Magdalene St. Michaels, an acting coach assigned to help get Chastity ready for a big role.  She admits to Jessie that she’s attracted to Magdalene and wants to know how she (Jessie) managed to score her counselor.  In the course of dispensing some friendly advice, Jessie takes us back to that fateful day when she successfully seduced her counselor, Nicki Hunter.

Scene One:  Jessie Andrews/Nicki Hunter

Nicki makes a nice contrast to Jessie Andrews in this scene.  Jessie is that full cheeked fresh faced young thing that you just want to wrap up and take home whenever you see her.  Nicki is more planes and angles (facially anyway) and has a slightly darker skin tone.  She also tends to play more predatory women (her scene with Jessi Palmer in Lesbian Seductions in Women Seeking Women Vol. 72 is a great example).  In this case, however, Andrews is the aggressor.  She has Hunter in a vulnerable position.  Andrews is a star, and in rehab, and Hunter is her counselor.  Nicki has to be really careful in dealing with the obvious attraction between the two of them. 

But Andrews isn’t taking no for an answer and she takes Nicki down by the simple expedient of planting a big fat kiss right on Hunter’s lips.  The older woman melts at that point and it’s “on.”  Damn, this is a hot scene.  The contrast in physicality is one part of it, but the raw animal passion on display is what really sells it.  These two women devour each other as if they were both coming off several years of celibacy.  It’s a terrific kick-off to the video and a good sign of things to come.

Scene Two:  Chastity Lynn/Magdalene St. Michaels

This is the third time these two have played together on camera and the other two times were really good so there was every reason to believe that this one would follow suit.  Once again we have a little role reversal here.  Rather than the strong, dominant Magdalene we’re used to seeing, it’s Chastity in charge, as she seduces her acting coach by applying the lessons she’s learned from Jessie Andrews’ experience with her counselor.  Chastity is pretty up front with Magdalene when it comes down to it, and, like Andrews, seals the deal by just leaning in and kissing St. Michaels, whose initial reluctance evaporates, giving way to passion.  Boy howdy – as usual, St. Michaels gives us the intensity we expect from her scenes, and Chastity matches her at every turn.   Great chemistry -- I love these two together and hope we get more pairings in other productions.   This scene rocked even though it took place on a leather bench – I was worried that one or both of the ladies would fall off and hurt themselves.  The location was consistent with the way the scene was written, so it worked, and really I don’t think I noticed it until I saw it the second time.  Lots of passion and fireworks with great intensity and authenticity.  This video just keeps getting better and we have two scenes to go.

Scene Three:  Nina Hartley/Ash Hollywood

The second half of this video opens with Ash Hollywood on the phone with Teal Conrad.  Ash is dishing on Chastity’s conquest of Magdalene.  Ash says that she’d had Magdalene as a coach AND lover as well some time back – small world, eh?  Meanwhile, Conrad confesses having the hots for her father’s new companion and reveals a plot to get her into bed.  Confused yet?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that porn legend Nina Hartley is about to drop on Ash Hollywood like a ton of rectangular baked clay materials.

Hollywood portrays a Lindsey Lohan like 20-something on house arrest for shop lifting…naughty girl!  Nina is (I think) either her lawyer or someone else appointed by the court to supervise Miss Hollywood.  This scene is both passionate and playful.  Nina is a top all the way, but Ash Hollywood starts the scene with a little top-from-the-bottom action, tricking Nina into getting physically close.  Once Ash’s intentions are clear, Nina takes over and the scene very quickly accelerates.  It’s not difficult to see why Nina Hartley is HOF material.  We should all age this gracefully.  It’s hard to imagine a porn career in front of the camera as long as hers has been (she started in 1983).   Given the chemistry here this is a can’t miss segment.  Like I said, it’s playful AND passionate.  The tone is both light and intense, with a little light spanking thrown in for good measure.  A highly wankable scene.  But wait, there’s more!

Scene Four:  Julia Ann/Teal Conrad

It’s blond vs. brunette in the fourth, and final, scene in this lesbian lick fest.  From the phone conversation we heard earlier between Ash Hollywood and Teal Conrad we know several things.  One is that both girls are hot for more mature women.  We know that Julia Ann is Teal’s dad’s new squeeze.  We know that Teal has a plan to seduce Julia Ann involving Julia’s pet charity (no pun intended): a border collie shelter. 

Teal is about as subtle as a blitzing linebacker.  She gushes about border collies in a way that makes Julia Ann question her sincerity, or at least her understanding of the breed – “you do understand that a border collie isn’t one of those dogs you can carry around, don’t you?”  Teal covers nicely and decides that going in for the kill is the best way to proceed, and she does, invading Julia’s personal space.  Julia is reluctant, of course, but instead of running out of the house screaming, she succumbs to Teal’s advances, and the two are soon locking lips right there in the kitchen.  For a moment I was afraid that they were going to do it on the marble counter top (way worse surface for sex than even a leather bench), but they move to a nearby bedroom and do the dirty deed. 

Conrad may have been the instigator but once the action starts Julia Ann is all in.  It’s a terrific closing scene and puts a nice exclamation point on the whole video.  I never, ever, get tired of watching Julia Ann have sex on screen.  The word “legend” is rather overused, but it certainly applies here.  Teal Conrad is easy on the eyes and a passionate performer in her own right.   There’s a contrast in body types and hair color that adds some interest as well.  Another wank-worthy scene – we’re four for four!

All in all, this is a terrific video from start to finish.  Each scene gives us something a little different but all are passionate, intense, creative, and authentic.  I didn’t notice any major technical issues with editing, sound, or lighting.  The shots were well framed and I didn’t notice any apparent direction – by which I mean points at which it was obvious that the director called “CUT!” and the cameras were moved.  So the scenes appeared to develop organically and spontaneously.

The script was well written and the players delivered their lines effectively; the set ups were credible (or credible enough) and the situations seemed plausible (willing suspension of disbelief being a key to most fiction).  I have no trouble at all recommending this video for purchase or rental. 

Bravo, Dana Vespoli!  You have become one of my “go-to” directors when I’m looking for something to watch.


  1. maggie and chasty perfect two compatible star.

  2. Magdalen St Michaels is the bes of the movie

    Jessie Andrews/Nicki Hunter Second Best

    Nina Hartley/Ash Hollywood just perfect

    Julia Ann/Teal Conrad Good Escene

    All Movie is PERFECT all escenes.


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