Friday, October 26, 2012

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Pegging

Title:  Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging
Studio: Smart Ass Video Productions (Vivid)
Director:  Tristan Taormino
Performers:  Dylan Ryan, Jada Fire, Jizz Lee, Christian XXX, Mickey Mod, Wolf Hudson

One of the things on my bucket list is to have a woman take my ass with a strap on.  The wife won’t even discuss it, or anything else butt related (mine or hers), and none of the girlfriends I've ever had would either.  It’s one reason I identify as bi-sexual (besides the fact that I enjoy sucking cock). Unfortunately there are a lot of gay and bisexual men out there who don’t have a clue how to treat another guy’s bottom, which is a topic best left for an essay on sexual technique.  So, I've looked longingly for sex positive pegging videos.  Unfortunately every one I've picked up has focused on pegging as a way to dominate and humiliate a male partner.  Why?  I've never understood this.  Does that mean that every time a man puts his penis in a woman’s ass it’s an act of domination/humiliation?  I've never understood this.

Consensual sex between adults should be about mutual pleasure.  Sometimes that takes the form of D/s, and that can work both ways.  But I’m not a submissive.  Oh I can play at that role, but I can’t tolerate humiliation and my intense claustrophobia makes being restrained impossible.  I do like to please, however, and some have mistaken this for submission.  It isn't, at least in my case.  Which brings me back to the topic of pegging in porn. 

Tristan Taormino, porn’s widely recognized sex expert, has produced a video featuring three scenes of pegging portrayed in the context of mutual respect and in a loving way between two people who are interested in each other’s pleasure as much as their own.  How refreshing!  Bravo Tristan Taormino!  Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging is one of the most sex positive things I've ever seen featuring two naked people inserting things into each other’s various orifices.  I wanted to stand up and cheer, but since I was watching in my office at work I thought it would be better if I just wrote a good review instead.

For a couple thinking about introducing pegging to their sexual to-do list, THIS is the video they should watch first.  The DVD contains a lot of purely instructional material (Taormino IS an educator after all) about anal play and proper hygiene.  Everything you need to know about pegging is there for you to watch and the way it is portrayed is positive and affirming for both men and women.  It’s also sexy as hell.  Much of the instructional material is contained in the “Special Features” of the DVD, but each scene begins with a discussion of pegging and offers some excellent insights.  This video also features a little bit different take on interaction between the performers.  A great example occurs in the Dylan Ryan/Wolf Hudson pairing – Dylan has two gloved fingers in Wolf’s ass and he isn’t shy about giving her instructions.  Later, when he’s eating her pussy, she, likewise, isn’t bashful about telling him “a little higher.”  We don’t always get that in porn and that is one reason why it’s easy to believe much of it isn’t “real sex,” because in real sex we don’t always just know what our partner wants and a little bit of instruction can go a long way toward maximizing pleasure.

Another thing that sets this video apart from others on the shelf in the curtained room of your local video rental emporium is the lack of emphasis on the “money shot.”  Each scene handles this differently.  In the first scene (Ryan/Hudson) there isn’t one, but we are led to believe (without it ever being explicitly demonstrated) that Wolf left his load in Ryan’s vagina and then consumed it during the bout of cunnilingus that followed.  I can believe that.

In the second scene, featuring ChristianXXX and Jada Fire, Christian ejaculates on his own belly while Jada plows his bottom, and having cum while having my own bottom plowed, I know just how he felt (terrific!).  The third scene, pairing Jizz Lee and Mickey Mod, featured the pair mutually jerking off in the shower after a nice session of Jizz pegging Mickey and then Mickey plowing Jizz.  It was highly erotic.

One other note on the first scene (Ryan/Hudson) is that the apparatus she uses on his bottom has a little vibrator built in for her and she gets off on it big time.  It also seems to bring Hudson some pleasure as well.  This whole scene was as much focused on her pleasure as his and it was my favorite of the three.  But they're all good.

The set up for each scene is worth watching because each one contains excellent information for the couple contemplating jumping into the anal-sex-for-him pool. 

I’m going to forgo the blow-by-blow-scene-by-scene descriptions for this review, in part because I want to get this posted right away and in part because I don’t think it will add much to what I’ve already said.  If you are looking for a pegging video without all of the usual D/s and humiliation commonly found in such, THIS is the video for you.  If you are a couple thinking about trying this, watch this video first because it contains really important information presented in a highly erotic manner.  Either way it’s a good bet that you’ll enjoy it.

Technically speaking – no real flaws that I saw.  Nice natural lighting, decent audio, good camera work, and a “real” feel to the scenes that was refreshing, particularly coming from a Vivid offshoot.  I have no trouble giving this a strong buy recommendation.  Bon appetit!

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