Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Open Letter to Nica Noelle

Dear Nica,

I have told you before (on Twitter) that I would love to see you on screen more often, particularly with women.  I was reminded of this recently when I watched you with Nina Hartley in Women Seeking Women 29.  It must have been incredible for you to have a chance to make love to one of the truly legendary performers in the adult industry.   You were the perfect Ingénue to her Courtesan

You and Nina were connected well before she kissed you.  I was watching your eyes during the conversation and it was obvious (to me anyway) that you were smitten. And, perhaps more importantly, you respected her and really appreciated her attention.

She was looking at you like a gourmand contemplating a particularly dainty morsel. The sex that followed was electric. Having devoured you with her eyes she proceeded to devour you with the rest of her body (and a hot red strap on dildo to boot). 

In Ginger Loves Girls you and Ginger tore up the screen and put a big exclamation point on the video.  I could cite other examples but it's getting late and I'm tired.

Recent self portraits and Vimeo clips are evidence that you still have a beautiful body to go with your beautiful mind. Is it asking to much for you to show it to us more often?  Here's a list of women I want to see you with in a scene (readers feel free to leave your own requests in the comments section):  Magdalene St. Michaels, Dyanna Lauren, Sinn Sage (you two were explosive together in Lesbian Daydreams 1), Samantha Ryan (it's been FOUR years since you burned up the screen with her in Lesbian Tutors 6), Nina Hartley (see above), Darla Crane, Michelle Lay, and the list goes on.  Others will add their two cents worth (I hope).

The bottom line is that you are a beautiful woman inside and out and, well, shoot, I guess I just want to see you naked more often, preferably in the company of other naked people enjoying each other's company so to speak.

Much love,


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