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Title:  Dani
Studio: Club 59 (Elegant Angel)
Director: Mason
Release Date:  May 23, 2012
Performers: Dani Daniels, Georgia Jones, Holly Michaels, Skin Diamond, Veronica Avluv

This is a showcase for Dani Daniels in the same way that Celeste was a showcase for Celeste Star.  It’s also (another) show case for Mason’s wonderful eye.  The visuals in this video are exceptional in every way.  Anyone who picks up digital video camera can claim to be a videographer. By that definition the fact that I own three guitars makes me a guitar player.  No one in today’s porn world with the possible exception of Mike Quasar (on a really good day) even comes close to capturing what Mason does when she puts her eye to the viewfinder.

And, in Dani Daniels she has an amazing subject to shoot.  In just two short years in the business Dani Daniels has amassed a significant portfolio of girl-girl and fetish work.  She’s a beautiful woman in every respect as well as being incredibly sexual on screen.  Personally, I hope she never strays into hetero work.  I understand that Dani chose her co-stars for this video.  Interesting idea.

This is a terrific video and I have no problem at all recommending it for purchase or rental.  If that was what you were interested in reading here you can stop now and just go out and buy a copy.  If you want to know WHY my recommendation is this strong, read on.

Scene One: Dani/Georgia

We open with a long shot of what I presume is the L.A. skyline on a clear day.  Cut to a long shot from a tall building overlooking an interestingly shaped pool (or series of pools). We can see a figure walking through the shot. It’s Dani, clad in a black belted car coat and hat, her long chocolate tresses streaming down her back, her long sexy legs displayed wonderfully by her high heeled shoes.  Her hips sway as she walks.  We see her from the front walking down a corridor – looks like a high end hotel – and into a room.  She walks to the window, poses, turns, poses again. She is wearing dark glasses.  On the bed is the scantily clad Georgia Jones. No words are spoken. Ethereal music plays as a sound track – it’s almost like a Peter Hegre film without the masseuse.  Dani steps to the bed, the coat comes off, and she’s naked underneath.  The sound track switches to the natural sounds of the room as she joins Jones on the bed and the two begin to make love.  It’s an incredibly artistic video sequence as well as being highly erotic.  I would have been just as happy for the music to continue. 

As was the case with Celeste, Girl Crush, and Teach Me, Mason seems to be using a single camera to record all of the action.  There are three types of movement in video:  Primary Movement is the movement of the subjects in front of the camera, Secondary Movement is the movement of the camera to capture different aspects of the subject, and Tertiary Movement is the movement of the people watching through the use of editing.  I include this both to prove that I paid attention in my college television courses and to describe Mason’s work here.  She uses Secondary Movement better than anyone else shooting porn today in my opinion.  Long takes with a single camera gently moving to capture the action (Primary Movement) and few edits (Tertiary Movement) combined with what appears to be all natural lighting creates a level of intimacy that is distinctive by virtue of being so rare.

The Daniels/Jones tryst is incredibly passionate, intimate, and erotic.  Even though the activities depicted are fairly standard lipstick lesbian fare the presentation and the way the two women interact and flow from one thing to the next with no interference suggests a spontaneity that is often lacking in adult video.  We are privy to a very private moment here – I felt the need to be quiet so as not to disturb the couple writhing on the bed.  It was a truly voyeuristic experience.  I got the impression that Dani and Georgia kept right on going even after the “cut” call.  I know I did.  Phew! Reload tissues and lube and get ready for scene two.

Scene Two:  Dani/Holly Michaels

This scene is preceded by an interstitial segment titled “Inside Dani Daniels,” in which we learn a few things about Dani, including the fact that she doesn’t feel that she’s a “performer” when she’s in a sex scene, because that implies “fake.”  She also prefers to work with women she knows. Oh, and she loves women – just thought I’d throw that one in there.

So we fade to black on the pseudo interview and come back up from black on a shot of dani in a coral bikini in a sunny outdoor patio/pool setting.   The music is back.  Dani teases us for a little bit running her hands up and down her body.  The camera pulls back and Holly walks into the scene wearing a yellow bikini – except for the lack of polka dots it could be termed an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini – and she prances over to where Dani is standing.  Holly is a raven haired lass with just a hint of the exotic in her face, particularly around the eyes which look faintly Asian in their slant and shape.  There is light kissing and body contact at this point and I have to say I was hoping they’d go inside because none of the concrete surfaces in their immediate area looked particularly inviting for any sort of sexual activity that might involve laying down.  Fortunately  my hopes were in line with Mason’s direction and after some mutual teasing and titty rubbing the scene cuts to a more comfortable venue and the music goes away signaling the start of the serious sexual activity we’ve been waiting for.  This time the setting is a white leather sectional in the middle of what appears to be a very large room with lots of indirect, natural, light.  As was the case in the first scene we are treated to long takes of the happy couple in the throes of passion without a lot of editing or any overt interference from the Director.

Soft sensual kisses quickly give way to a pulse pounding session of thigh-on-pussy grinding and a lot of gasping/heavy breathing.  We are off to the races.  Once again this is a great combination of art and eroticism and by the conclusion of the scene I had to take a break.  If I smoked I would have lit up a cigarette.  One of the high points of the scene, and a spot where I literally had to sit on my hands in order to keep watching, was when Holly was straddling Dani’s face.  Dani’s tongue was working its magic but more importantly Holly was fucking Dani’s mouth.  It was a great visual and a moment of intense passion and raw uninhibited lust.  As was the case in the first scene the activity ran the gamut of what two women can do with each other sans-toys.  Another great scene.  Two down, two to go.  Will I have enough lube?  How’s that tissue supply?  Am I hydrated enough to continue?

Scene Three:  Dani/Skin Diamond

We are once again treated to another interstitial before the next scene and it was a welcome respite. My blood pressure and pulse had an opportunity to recover before being sent soaring once again.  We get to learn a little more about Dani, including this quote:  “The sexiest part of a woman is her confidence.”

Skin Diamond is a multi-ethnic beauty with exotic features and a lithe, athletic body.   Once again we begin the scene with a sensually artistic music video sequence, this one with a slightly BDSM theme before the two women get down to business.  And, once again, this segment provides an aesthetic reward of its own beyond that provided by the skillfully shot images of two beautiful women in the heat of passion.

The nice thing about this, and the other three scenes, is that I never had the impression that anyone was in a hurry – there were no time constraints placed on the action as in “we need ____ minutes in this position and then ____ more minutes doing this.  Things happened according to what Dani and Skin wanted to do in that moment.  It was totally spontaneous and thus totally believable.  The contrast in skin tone and body type added spice to the scene and the overall feeling was, once again, that we had somehow snuck into this room without anyone noticing and were able to watch something intimate and erotic.  Who knew that art could be so wankable? (for the irony impaired, that was a rhetorical question)

Scene Four:  Dani/Veronica Avluv

Truth to tell, THIS scene was why I wanted this DVD.  I am a HUGE Veronica Avluv fan and have been since I first saw her with Jessi Palmer in Lesbian Seductions 30 (Girlfriends Films).  I really wanted to see her with Dani – I somehow missed their pairing in Smash Pictures Finger Lickin Girlfriends 2 which came out in March of this year.  It took a great deal of discipline on my part NOT to watch that scene first.  I think Club 59 made a great tactical decision putting this scene last on the DVD.  As great as all the scenes were to this point, THIS pairing was my favorite (keep in mind that I had a bias toward the players, something that probably influenced my thinking).

After another interstitial piece of monologue from Dani (we learn about her masturbatory habits in this segment), we fade out and back in to Veronica and Dani on a bed cuddling and talking.  They trade stories of their first time with a woman.  They both had their first lesbian sex with an older woman.  Eventually the conversation stops, or perhaps more accurately it morphs into another form of communication – words are replaced by deeds. 

These two women are hot for each other.  They’ve been together before and they must have enjoyed it because here they are again.  I was curious to see them together because their sexual styles are different.  Veronica is more aggressive and intense – would she overwhelm Dani?  The answer is no, of course.  Dani matched Veornica passion for passion, kiss for kiss, lick for lick.  It took me four viewings before I could get all the way through the scene without stopping.  I would watch an entire DVD of these two making love for hours, and that’s the truth.

The peak moment for me was this:  Dani is riding Veronica's face and having a wonderful time while Veronica rubs out a totally toe curling orgasm while tasting Dani's coochie.  That was one of the times I had to stop the video to clean up.

Foot lovers will enjoy a nice sequence of Veronica licking and sucking Dani’s toes – Dani sure enjoyed it.

Overall Impressions/Final Thoughts

I don’t want to be repetitive or anything but the truth is that Mason is a genius, Dani Daniels is a stunning beauty with tremendous erotic appeal, grace, and sensuality.  The combination of these two  things helps make Dani a must own for lipstick lesbian fans.  Everything about this video was perfect.   In each scene I had the impression that Mason was the only person in the room besides the ladies making love – that may have not been true as I wasn’t there, but that was the impression created by the way the video was shot and edited.  There wasn’t a thing out of place, there were no technical glitches of any kind, and the sex was completely spontaneous and totally amazing.  If you can watch this video without jerking off there is something seriously wrong with you.

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