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Legends and Starlets vol 6

Title: Legends and Starlets Volume 6
Studio: Sweetheart Video (Mile High Media)
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer: Nica Noelle
Released: December 2011
Performers: Katsuni, Lily Labeau, Jesse Jordan, Alexandra Silk, Teri Weigel, Chastity Lynn, Magdalene St. Michaels, Taylor Vixen


This is the 6th in the series of older/younger videos featuring legends of porn with starlets, thus the title.  There are four scenes, each of which stands alone.  There is a brief set up and then the sex begins.  This video is packed with great stars on both the legend and starlet sides of the equation.  As usual, Nica Noelle has worked her magic with the pairings producing lots and lots of passion.  The set-ups are well conceived, well written, and well played

Scene 1:  Katsuni and Lily Labeau start things off with a steamy bathtub tryst featuring a lengthy tribbing segment, always a plus for me in any girl-girl video.  Katsuni’s innate sensuality and Lily’s pure beauty make this a scene to watch over and over again.  And, I love Katsuni’s French accent, don’t you? In this scene Katsuni and Lily are lovers.  Katsuni is going back to France and Lily is already feeling the loss.  Katsuni reassures her with some incredibly sensuous lovemaking.  Bathtub scenes can be awkward as performers try to prevent themselves from banging knees, elbows, or even heads, on the porcelain.  You won’t notice that with these graceful ladies whose lovemaking takes the form of a sexual pas de deux, their every movement beautiful and not in the least awkward.  Lots of pleasurable give and take here with plenty of passion, and, as I mentioned, an excellent tribbing segment.  A great scene to start the video, and there are still THREE more to go!

Scene 2:  Next up its Porn Legend Teri Weigel with Starlet Chastity Lynn.  One of the reasons this scene is such a pleasure to watch is the sheer physical contrast between Weigel and Lynn.  Teri Weigel has a lush, deeply tanned body with beautiful large breasts and a luxurious mane of deep brown hair.  Chastity Lynn is a spritely figure with a petite frame and luminous porcelain skin to go with her blonde tresses.  The contrast between the two women adds to the appeal of the scene.  Chastity plays a young girl who is hesitant to have sex with another woman.  Teri is the patient mature woman who wants to get into the young blonde’s panties (that she will is a foregone conclusion of course) who knows that Chastity really wants her to – she just needs a little encouragement.  The back and forth here goes on just long enough before the action starts.  Both women play their parts well and it’s a believable set up.  Once Chastity is on Teri’s bed things heat up, and Chastity’s reluctance dissipates after a few kisses like a morning fog before the heat of the sun.  It’s turn and turn about once the clothes come off and both women give/receive a great deal of pleasure.  This combo scorches the screen, or more accurately the video monitor, and is entirely wank-worthy.

Scene 3:  Alexandra Silk and Taylor Vixen are up next.  Alexandra is a sex therapist and Taylor is, ostensibly, her patient.  Instead of an office Alexandra has a sunken grotto full of soft, comfy, furniture just right for, um, er, ah, therapy.  Yes, that’s it – therapy.  Alexandra Silk was about 33 when she started in porn back in 1996 (according to IAFD) and to say that the years have been kind would be an understatement. This legend of porn is beautiful.  Her long brown hair cascades down her back and suggests a much younger woman than numbers describe.  Taylor Vixen is a lovely brunette nymph with luscious breasts who just exudes cute all over the place.  Alexandra Silk is trying to help her with a problem – Taylor is about to get married and she’s never had an orgasm except from masturbation.  I think Alexandra can help her, don’t you?  Silk goes through the standard therapist rap trying to relax her patient.  This eventually leads to touching, and, well, we all know what touching leads to right?  YES! More touching.  Followed by feeling, and then kissing, and more touching, and OMG they’re naked!  Once things get rolling there’s some nice breast play (both ways) some tribbing, fingering, pussy eating, etc. – all the things we like to see in a girl-girl scene.  When Taylor is on her back and Alexandra is licking her pussy I had the strongest urge to blow a major load over Taylor’s fabulous breasts.  I resisted, not wanting to have to explain the stains on the carpet.  The scene ends with a nice piece of pussy-on-pussy action followed by some tender kissing.  I think Taylor’s problem is well on the way to being solved.  Another highly wankable scene.

Scene 4:  There were two reasons I really wanted to see this video, and one of them was Magdalene St. Michaels.  I love watching her devour young girls.  I’m sure she enjoys devouring them too; in fact I know she does.  Jesse Jordan is a tiny little thing with A-cup breasts – she has “cheerleader” written all over her.  She’s the kind of girl you’d want to just throw over the arm of a chair and start banging from behind as soon as you saw her.  Of course this is not recommended.  But you’d be thinking of doing it.  Magdalene plays all roles well, but I like her best as a powerful figure.  In this scene Magdalene is the founder of a lesbian dating site and she needs an escort to an important function that evening.  Jesse is her “escort.”  After the function the pair ends up at Magdalene’s house.  Jesse is as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  The room is dimly lit, almost spooky, with lots of candles.  If there’d been a crack of thunder or some wolves howling it could have been a great Bela Lugosi-like vampire scene with Magdalene as the predator and Jesse as her prey.  “What are you doing,” Jesse asks as Magdalene kisses her.  “We shouldn’t be doing this should we?”  Magdalene does not waste time talking.  She puts a liplock on the young escort who is powerless to resist and soon the two are sprawled on a bed where the action escalates quickly.

I should mention at this point that I’d been “edging” since the first scene.  I wanted to hold out through all four scenes, but when Magdalene took Jesse’s head in her hands and started sucking her face, I almost lost it.  A quick application of a cold soda bottle saved the day.  I vowed to sit on my hands while the rest of the scene unfolded.

Jesse can’t help but respond to Magdalene’s kisses, nibbles, and caresses.  I love a scene with an extended, clothed, make-out/petting session, and we get that here.  (must-keep-sitting-on-hands)  Magdalene bares one of Jesse’s cute little boobies and begins working on the nipple with her lips and tongue.  (sit-on-hands-sit-on-hands-sit-on-hands)   I must confess that when (some time later in the scene) Jesse has her mouth fastened on Magdalene’s oh so delectable pussy I forgot to sit on my hands.  Be sure to keep your eyes on Magdalene’s face during that sequence – I dare you not to touch yourself when she’s really feeling it.  Lots of nice missionary position tribbing and lots of kissing in this scene as well.  Whew…My “mart” list now includes more tissues.

Overall Impressions

This video gets a definite “buy” recommendation from me.  Excellent camera work, lighting (particularly in the first and last scenes), sound, and other technical elements.  The performances are all first rate.  I wasn’t tempted to hit the FF button once.

This has been a great series, in no small measure because Nica Noelle understands how to pair her ladies for best effect.  Good chemistry leads to enjoyable viewing.  As usual the scenes develop organically, and the edits, when they come, are not intrusive or jarring.  The camera doesn’t just focus on genitals.  We see passionate expressions on faces, good eye contact, and no one is looking at the camera and begging us to watch (I hate that).  The women are into each other.  Let’s just say I liked this video.  I need to go replenish my precious bodily fluids now.

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