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Lesbian Adventures - Wet Panties Trib

Title:  Lesbian Adventures – Wet Panties Trib
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Writer/Director: Nica Noelle
Release Date:  July 2011
Performers:  Sinn Sage, Amber Chase, Jessie Andrews, Natasha Nice, Alexis Texas, Zoe Voss, Isis Taylor
Length:  146 minutes (4 scenes)
DVD Extras: Photo Gallery

Recommendation:  Strong buy.

Writer/Director Nica Noelle has combined two of her passions in this edition of the Lesbian Adventures series:  wet panties and tribbing.  More importantly, Sinn Sage is featured in two of the four scenes in this video -- a plus because it’s well known that she loves tribbing.  But, my goodness, look at the rest of the cast!  It’s an all star assortment of some of the most beautiful women in porn.  Be still my heart.

Good chemistry produces an authentic feel to the encounters which develop organically with no noticeable directorial interruptions/suggestions.  We’ve come to expect this from Nica Noelle but we shouldn’t take it for granted.  Given the theme of this video it would have been easy for the scenes to be pretty much the same.  But they’re not because Nica has given each one a slightly different twist.  The scenes are independent of one another in terms of set up – a series of vignettes each with the wet panties/tribadism fetish as the overall unifying theme.

Scene 1 features Sinn Sage, a real lesbian stud if ever there was one, with Amber Chase.  Both of these women are sexually aggressive, at least in the scenes I’ve seen, so this pairing promised much.  So what happens when a pair of tops collides?  Fireworks.  Sinn and Amber are roommates at some sort of retreat for lesbians.  Sinn accuses Amber of not really being a lesbian.  They spar for a bit and the sparks fly.  Sinn thinks Amber is a poser and wants to show her what lesbian sex is all about.  Amber is out to prove her bonifides as a lesbian by having sex with Sinn.  So they do.  Lots of grinding, kissing, fingering and general sexual mayhem ensue, and THEN they take off their clothes.  I am really going to have to buy myself a set of handcuffs or a chastity belt if I’m going to keep watching porn for reviewing purposes. It’s such a hassle to have to stop and clean up all the time, not to mention the unintended post-orgasmic-naps.   

This is an incredibly hot scene. Both women were still going after each other as the scene faded to black.  You may need a cigarette afterwards.  I thought about it even though I don’t smoke.  What a great pairing this was.

Scene 2 offers Natasha Nice with Jessie Andrews.  If the first scene was overflowing with hot, nasty, passion, this scene is overflowing with cute.  Gobs and gobs of cute.  Natasha Nice is the type of woman you look at and say “yeah, I could definitely cuddle THAT.”  At least I would.  You just want to squeeze her.  And Jessie Andrews?  One word:  Dimples.  OMG I want to grab those cheeks between my fingers and pinch ‘em.  So we have two beautiful ladies with an abundance of cute.  So far so good but they still have to have sex.  Nica Noelle gives us a little twist here, not to mention a Hitchcock style cameo, as Natasha starts out making love to an inflatable sex doll.  This could have been very awkward and stupid but it isn’t.  Natasha totally sells the idea of making love to the toy and then, suddenly, the toy turns into, wait for it, Jessie Andrews!  And Jessie’s panties are already wet.  Once the doll is replaced by the real live girl things accelerate quickly.  Lots of great panty to panty tribbing, plenty of kissing, and oodles of passion make this another great scene.  At the end, Jessie turns back into the doll which gets put away.  Nice touch.

Scene 3 features Alexis Texas and Zoe Voss.  So far this video has delivered sexually aggressive women and cute women.  This scene offers us a pair of runway model beautiful women who get to show a more literate side than is usual in porn.  The set up for this scene includes book reading.  Yes, you read that last sentence correctly, I said book reading.  But it’s hot, believe me, and it leads to some even hotter sex.  Zoe is going through a bad break up, it’s a rainy day, and she is at Alexis’ house.  Alexis is doing her best to support Zoe in her time of need.  I think she also wants to get into Zoe’s panties.  They end up watching television in bed and decide the TV is boring.  Zoe then delivers a truly unique line in porn video history:  “Let me check out your bookshelf.”  I’m not making this up.  She returns to the bed with something racy and the two women take turns reading to each other.  As foreplay this is genius.  Alexis can’t resist rubbing her happy spot and Zoe is soon helping her.  Well, you can imagine what happens next.  And, no, they don’t go to the library to have sex.  Wet panties and tribbing ensue along with a lot of pussy eating, kissing, fingering, and more tribbing.  So far, three for three on this video in terms of great scenes, and there’s one left.

Scene 4 gives us another taste of Sinn Sage, lesbian stud.  This time she’s paired with the glamorous Isis Taylor.  Nica Noelle turns up the kink factor in this scene and gives Sinn Sage a chance to show off her acting chops, which are for real.   Isis and Sinn are roommates.  Isis is the glamour girl and Sinn wears flannel and doesn’t do much with her hair.  It’s obvious she has a crush on Isis, but Isis is interested in men.  As the scene opens Isis is going out on a date.  Sinn is doing homework.  After while she either finishes or gets bored and goes upstairs to Isis’ room, where she starts playing with her roommate’s underwear – first some clean items left laying out on the bed, and then stuff from the clothes hamper in the closet, which she sniffs thoroughly, tries on, and masturbates in.  Of course you know that Isis is going to come back and catch her, but Nica does a great job of teasing us here.  Sinn hides in the closet when Isis finally shows up, and, of course, she is discovered.  Instead of shouting at Sinn and kicking her out of the room, Isis fucks her.  It starts with a standing trib sequence featuring Isis in pantyhose and Sinn in a pair of Isis’ panties.  Lots of kissing here.  About the only thing that bothered me (and this is a really tiny “bother”) was the speed with which Isis goes from creeped out to turned on.  Since the whole point of the set up is to get these two in bed Isis’ conversion was a foregone conclusion anyway so it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the scene.  Both women do a great job with the set-up, especially Sinn.  And the sex is explosive.  Isis Taylor is just sooooo beautiful and glamorous.  Sinn wants her – actually I should have written WANTS HER because this is definitely an “all caps” kind of “want.”  A super closing scene.

Overall I thought this was a great video.  The ladies did a great job selling the set-ups, the camera work, editing, lighting, and sound were all first rate, and the sex was consistently bone-inducing.  If you like girl-girl sex and especially if you share Nica Noelle’s wet panties and tribadism fetishes (I know I do) this video is a must have for your collection. 

I have no problem at all giving this a strong “buy” recommendation.

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