Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kittens and Cougars Vol. 5

Studio:  Zero Tolerance
Director:  Mike Quasar
Performers:  Julia Ann, Kristal Summers, Darryl Hanah, CeCe Stone, Tia Cyrus, Tasha Reign, Brett Rossi, Avril Hall
Released:  02/28/2012

This video has a lot going for it before even opening the box.  One look at the cast list should confirm this.  The premise is just what the title implies:  young(er) girls having sex with mature women.  The older-younger vibe has been a staple of lesbian porn because it’s hot and we like to watch it.  Seeing a more experienced woman put a young girl through her paces, sexually, is a big turnon.

As usual, Mike Quasar’s pictures are spectacular and he does not appear to give much direction to his actresses which is always a plus for me in any sex scene – put people together who have some chemistry and let them have at it.  The women are beautiful, sexy, horny, and having fun.  Works for me.

There’s no story here and the setups are minimal – the scenes open and the women go for each other.  It’s a simple formula that Quasar has used before and used successfully.  I love story driven porn but it’s not an absolute requirement for me to enjoy a video.  I’m more interested in natural performances, passion, and real lust on the part of the performers.

Scene One:  Darryl Hanah/Brett Rossi

If you like your women tall and big breasted with long beautiful legs this scene is for you.  The opening shot is totally bone inducing as we see Rossi in a bath tub, her beautiful breasts wet and shining, soft light suffusing the scene with sensuality.  Hanah shows up to dry Rossi off and the scene kicks into high gear.  Once before I die I’d like to be kissed by Darryl Hanah.  She could put her tongue right down my throat and I’d die a happy man.  We get an extended bout of tongue twisting tonsil hockey here before Hanah even gets her clothes off.  Ten minutes into the movie and I’m already thinking an ice bag on my crotch might be a good idea if I want to watch the whole thing in one sitting, or even just this scene.

At one point I was sure I could hear Quasar’s breathing as he captured this breathtaking scene on video. Perhaps it was my own breathing.  Who knows.  It’s pretty hot before they ever get to the bedroom where we get more teasing and kissing before Darryl goes to work with that talented tongue of hers on Brett’s pussy.  Well, I could go on with a blow-by-blow-lick-by-lick description but I won’t.  Suffice it to say that this scene got the video off to a rollicking good start.  According to IAFD, Brett Rossi has only 11 videos to her credit, all solo or G/G, but a beauty like this is likely to have casting directors beating down her doors in short order.  This was a great pairing.

Scene Two:  Cece Stone and Tia Cyrus

In this scene, Quasar pairs a couple of gonzo girls who, out of a combined total of over 100 titles, have just a dozen or so girl-girl scenes between them.  This would suggest “gay for pay,” which is something I generally avoid.  Stone and Cyrus, however, exceeded my expectations with an entertaining scene:  Lots of nasty talk and hard core girl-girl sex.  This scene provided an interesting contrast to the one before it.  The Hanah/Rossi coupling was more about eroticism and passion.  This scene was about no holds barred lust.  No problem there.  These two have at it from the opening shot and neither ask nor give quarter. There’s no romance here – these girls are fucking. 

Scene Three:  Avril Hall and Kristal Summers

Avril Hall is a newcomer to porn with just four titles (including this one) in her IAFD profile.  It is possible that this is her first girl-girl scene.  She’s paired with porn veteran Kristal Summers.  Avril might be a newcomer but she more than makes up for it with her energy and enthusiasm.  Summers is a gorgeous MILF with a terrific tan and magnificent breasts capped with thick nipples.  One of the things that makes this scene work is the contrast between the lush, curvy, full breasted summers and Hall’s almost boyish frame with its small breasts and narrow hips.  Contrast is good.  Hall spends some quality time with Summers’ tits and who can blame her?  They’re awesome.  But there’s plenty of coochie eating too and both women have a great time.  This is another solid scene featuring beautiful women enjoying one another.

Scene Four:  Julia Ann and Tasha Reign

Ahhhhh…Julia Ann.  What can I say?  If there is a Queen of Porn I think Julia Ann has the best claim to the throne.  Don’t agree?  Make your argument in the comments section.  She has the looks, she has the attitude, and she has the grace – all in good supply.  She moves like a cat and she obviously enjoys giving and receiving pleasure.  So her name on this pairing has me sweating already.  Tasha Reign?  She’s beautiful too with a heavenly body and long blond hair.  Mike Quasar didn’t have to worry about what to shoot here – just pointing the camera in the direction of either one of these two women was going to produce a beautiful shot.

Once again there’s no wasting time here as the scene opens with the two women already kissing and teasing each other.  As is typical with Julia Ann girl-girl scenes there’s lots of finger banging and pussy eating – two things I never get tired of watching.  Both women give and receive pleasure with gusto.  This makes a great closing scene.

Summary/Final Thoughts

Kittens and Cougars 5 picks up where Vol 4 left off and maintains the quality of this series and the reputation of its chief architect Mike Quasar.  Well shot and well performed overall.  My favorite scenes were the first and last, but that was probably because I’m such a big Darryl Hanah and Julia Ann fan.  All four scenes were extremely wankable, and I speak from “first hand” experience.  No technical flaws that I noticed -- Mike Quasar's work was up to his usual high standards.  I have no trouble giving this a strong "buy" recommendation for those who enjoy the toyless lesbian genre.  Your mileage may vary.  If, after you see the video you have cause to disagree with me please feel free to share your comments below.  Reviews are, after all, about matters of taste.


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