Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Anal Cougars 1

Title:                      Super Anal Cougars Part 1
Studio:                  West Coast Productions
Director:              Chubby Rain
Performers:       Inari Vachs, Raylene, Lisa Ann, Eva Karera, Tory Lane*, Syren Demer*, L.T., Prince Yashua, Mark Anthony, Jason Brown, Wesley Pipes*

*DVD Only

Synopsis:             This is pretty straight forward -- six scenes (DVD only), minimal set ups, black males on 30-something white females, with anal in each scene.  The women are beautiful and the men are not only well hung but know what to do with their equipment.  The action is well lit and shot.  Audio is good. Everybody seems to be having a really good time.  No condoms. No cum swallowing.  A bit of A2M, particularly in Eva Karera’s scene – none for Inari Vachs, Raylene, or Lisa Ann.  If you like the interracial genre with more mature women (note, I did NOT say “older”) as opposed to the usual teeny boppers we ordinarily get, this is a good rental or purchase option.  Tory Lane and Syren Demer’s scenes are from previous WCP DVD’s.

Scene 1:  Inari Vachs-L.T.

Inari Vachs comes home to find her lazy ass white husband/boy friend (we don’t really know which) laying around doing nothing.  She kicks him out, pulls out her smart phone, and dials up L.T. and asks him to come over and pound her pussy.  L.T. shows up almost immediately, and the action begins shortly thereafter.

Inari Vachs is a beautiful woman.  She was pretty when she entered the porn biz back in the 90’s, but she has ripened into a beautiful woman.  And she makes it pretty obvious that she likes sex.  Why beat around the bush?  And, speaking of bushes, she actually has one, although her lips are “clean.”  Nice to see some turf above the camel toe.

On the phone, Inari said she wanted her pussy pounded, and she gets that for sure.  L.T. has a big dick and knows what it’s for.  He plunders all three of her holes in a variety of positions, paying particular attention to her back door, which isn’t surprising given the title of the video.  Inari is responsive and seems to enjoy the rough pounding she gets from L.T., who eventually drops a major load on her face and neck.  Some of it may have gotten into her mouth, but I wasn’t sure. 

Scene Two:  Raylene/Prince Yashua

Prince wants to be a porn star, and Raylene is interviewing him for the job.  They’re in her office, which, luckily, contains a sort of sofa like piece of furniture.  Raylene is gorgeous.  Prince has a great smile and always looks as though he might be up to something.  What he gets up to in this scene is Raylene’s ass, which gets thoroughly plundered.  Before that however, we get a short piece of set-up where Raylene asks Prince to show her his cock and get it hard.  After he does, she asks him to go down on her, which he does.  After a good bit of pussy eating, she takes him upstairs to a bedroom where the real action begins.  Once again the sex is energetic, imaginative, hot, and heavy.  Visually these two are a good match with Prince’s muscles looking good against Raylene’s curves.  I was glued to the screen during the entire scene.  Prince claims all three of Raylene’s holes with vigor and she takes every stroke.  He eventually cums in her mouth and on her chin.  She gags a bit on the cum and then spits it out. 

Scene Three:  Lisa Ann/L.T.

Lisa Ann is showing L.T. a room in a house.  He’s apparently going to be renting it from her.  There’s no furniture in the room, and she tells him he’ll have to do “extra things” in order to get a bed.  He thinks she’s talking about pool cleaning, garbage duty, etc., but what Lisa has in mind is more personal – she wants him to lick her asshole and then bang her like a cheap drum.  Once he gets the picture, things heat up from there.  Lisa Ann does a pretty good job in this scene and it’s a reasonably good pairing.  L.T. bones the living daylights out of her and Lisa Ann fans will definitely get their money’s worth out of this scene.  Once again we get a variety of positions (in two different rooms no less), good energy, nice camera angles, and, overall, a pretty good scene.  At the end, however, we get an extended jerk off/suck off before L.T.’s money shot to Lisa Ann’s chin and tits.  That was a disappointment.  Perhaps there was a time limit on how long L.T. could spend in Lisa’s ass?

Scene Four:  Eva Karera/Mark Anthony/Jason Brown

Eva Karera, who is very tall and very beautiful, walks into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of water from the fridge.  She looks out the window and spots a couple of black men peeking in at her.  She says “what the fuck” and then, instead of calling 9-1-1, she invites them in and fucks them.  No wasted time here – they get right down to business.  Pretty soon she’s taking black pipe up her poop chute.  For the first time in the video we get some actual A2M, although she seems a bit reluctant at first her enthusiasm rises quickly.  Lots of ass fucking, cock sucking, and DP in this scene.  Karera is enthusiastic and willing to take a major pounding from two substantial cocks.  The boys work her over in a variety of positions.  This scene has the best money shots of the video, as Eva takes both jizz offerings in her mouth and doesn’t spit them out either.  A good scene all around.

BONUS Scenes:  Tory Lane/Wesley Pipes and Syren Demer/Wesley Pipes

To fill out this DVD, West Coast borrowed a couple of scenes from 2010 releases “Anal Size my Wife” (Tory Lane) and “Mom’s Black Cock Anal Nightmare 3” (Syren Demer).

Wesley Pipes is always a pleasure to watch and he gives his usual fine performance in these two scenes.  Tory’s scene also includes some solo anal dildo work.   I am not certain why WCP added these to the DVD.  I would have been just as satisfied with four scenes without the recycled stuff from previous productions.  The word “bonus” implies something extra, but since these scenes are from previously released videos I think it’s a bit disingenuous to call them “bonus” scenes.

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