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Girls Kissing Girls vol 7

Title: Girls Kissing Girls, Vol 7
Studio: Sweetheart Video
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer: Nica Noelle

Performers: Dana Dearmond, Andi San Dimas, Dylan Ryan, Samantha Ryan, Natasha Nice, Riley Ray, Alia Starr, Sarah Shavon

I consider kissing to be one of the most erotic things two people can do together. It is my favorite aspect of sex, and the one thing I miss about my teen years – those long makeout sessions in the back seat of my father’s 1971 Ford LTD, or in my girlfriend’s basement rec-room. Those were the days. When you combine the kissing theme with the work of Nica Noelle, which I respect immensely, you have a winning combination on your hands – at least from my point of view. The 7th in this series does not disappoint on any level. The women are beautiful and passionate, the scenes progress in a natural way, and everyone seems to be having a really good time. I sure had a good time watching this video.


This is the seventh installment in the “Girls Kissing Girls” series from Sweetheart Video. There are four scenes, each of which stands alone as a vignette. After a short set-up, two women have sex with a major focus on kissing, hence the title of the video. They do other things, of course, and there’s plenty of pussy play to go along with the osculation.

Scene One: Dana Dearmond and Andi San Dimas

One of the things I’ve noticed about the GKG series is that the vignettes often begin with some sort of conflict and the kissing comes about as part of that. Sometime I’d like to have a chat with Nica Noelle and see what she has to say about this. But I digress.

In this first scene, passion develops from jealousy. Dana is about to go on a date with Andi’s ex-boyfriend. Andi doesn’t like the idea at all, and she convinces Dana to stay home by kissing her. Dana acts a little confused by this at first, but soon joins in, and pretty quickly the two women are (literally) sucking face. The clothes come off and we’re treated to lots of kissing, fingering, pussy eating, tit sucking, tribbing, and more kissing. It is an erotic and satisfying scene to start the video.

Scene 2: Dylan Ryan and Samantha Ryan

I love Samantha Ryan. I can’t even really say precisely why. She’s incredibly beautiful, even with her hair darker than it used to be. That face, those legs, her voice – I just love everything about her. And, when you watch her in a scene, you quickly see that she is 100 per cent committed to what’s happening, whether she’s with a man or a woman. She is intense, sexually. In this case, she is paired with Dylan Ryan, in a truly inspired piece of casting (way to go Nica!), because Dylan Ryan is every bit as committed to the scene as Samantha. This was a treat to watch.

The two women are fighting as we begin. Dylan and Samantha are sharing a house. Dylan is, apparently, unemployed, and Samantha has a job. Samantha wants Dylan to do the dishes instead of laying in her room watching television. Dylan says “they’re not all my dishes,” and Samantha leaves in disgust. Dylan follows her to the kitchen where the argument continues to escalate until Dylan slaps Samantha and a catfight erupts.

Somehow the fight lands the two women back in Dylan’s bed. Dylan, the taller and presumably stronger of the two pins Samantha on her back. Next thing we know, Dylan is kissing Samantha, who, at first, protests. It doesn’t take long, however, before the protests turn into moans of pleasure, as the two women get naked and continue kissing along with other intimate activities, including a nice extended tribbing session (always a big plus for me). I had to stop the video after this scene to catch my breath and tend to a few other things.

Scene 3: Natasha Nice and Riley Ray

I must not watch enough porn because these two women were pretty new to me. Having seen them once, however, I intend to see more of them. Riley is tall, slim, and blond. Natasha is short, brunette, and busty.

Like the previous scenes, this one starts with conflict. Natasha is trying on some dresses when Riley walks in without knocking. Things escalate from there, and a wrestling match ensues. Despite giving up a fairly significant height advantage, Natasha soon has Riley on her back pinned to the bed. And, guess what? Yup, they kiss, switching from wrestling to tonsil hockey. After a nice long make-out session, the two ladies get naked and Natasha temporarily abandon’s Riley’s mouth for her pussy for a little bit. Things progress from there. We get some nice titty play, and Natasha’s titties are beautiful and all hers I’m happy to say. Plenty of other standard girl girl fare with not a toy in sight (another plus for me), and, plenty more kissing. It’s another excellent scene.

Scene 4: Alia Star and Sarah Shavon

In the fourth and final scene, we start out with our two players already in bed. Sarah and Alia are lovers, but Sarah is married and she fears that if her family finds out about her illicit lesbian affair she’ll be disinherited. Alia wants Sarah to stay with her and not worry about money or anything else. Sarah is not so sure, and feels that she must go back to her family.

No fighting this time, as the two women are into each other and don’t need any other encouragement. The kissing begins, very tenderly, and then with more passion. The contrasts between the women up the aesthetic ante in the scene – Alia is black and Sarah is white; Alia is shorter and fuller figured while Sarah has a longer leaner body. It makes for a pleasing visual affect. A good scene, with lots of passion and pleasure exchanged. And of course lots of kissing with some great tongue action. There’s a great moment after Sarah has been licking Alia’s muffin for a while, when Sarah raises her head and you can see that her whole lower face is shiny with saliva and, presumably, pussy juice. It’s a very brief moment and you have to really look for it, but I saw it and it was VERY erotic. I’d love to see more shots like that.

General Comments

I enjoyed this video. It is true to the title and the description on the box cover, something that isn’t necessarily standard in the industry. If you love kissing or watching other kiss as much as I do, you will find this a very enjoyable video. The sex here is more laid back in some ways, particularly if you contrast it with, say, Cougar Club 3, which was about a 9.5 on the intensity-meter, but no less erotic. It isn’t hot, sweaty, nasty, mattress mambo. This is about two women sharing an intimate moment.

If you are a fan of this series you should have no hesitation about picking this volume up at your local adult video emporium or ordering it on line. If you like lipstick lesbian sex this is worth at least a rental. It should be no secret if you’ve read my reviews of other Nica Noelle projects that I am a huge fan and admirer of her work. Her aesthetic sensibility matches mine right down the line. You should consider that when reading this review because not everyone will share that aesthetic viewpoint. So, in other words, your mileage may vary.

Lighting and sound were, as usual, excellent. Well cast and well produced, not to mention well directed, pretty much sums it up.

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