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Cougar Club 3

Title: Cougar Club, Vol 3
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer: Nica Noelle
Stars: Deauxma, Nica Noelle, Michelle Lay, Magdalene St Michaels, Rocco Reed, Frederick Way, Anthony Rosano, Xander Corvus


After Deauxma reveals to Nica that she’s sleeping with an 18 year old college student, and Nica shares this juicy tidbit with friends Michelle and Magdalene, Michelle issues a challenge: each member of the trio will seduce and bed a young man within 30 days and report back. Needless to say, they are all successful. There are four scenes in this video.

General Review

This is the third volume in Sweet Sinner’s “Cougar Club” series. I think it is the hottest volume to date. Written and directed by Nica Noelle, this video features four scorching hot scenes of heart poundingly intense love making. There is excellent chemistry throughout and each of the ladies is displayed to her advantage. The men are handsome and well endowed (tell the truth – would you watch a video featuring fat guys with small equipment? Neither would I) and they are very focused on pleasing their partner.

As usual with a Nica Noelle directed video, each scene is allowed to develop organically with what appears to be a minimum of direction – a BIG plus for me. The performers’ responses appear natural, real, and visceral. There is good chemistry in each scene. What dialog there is in this video is delivered convincingly (or convincingly enough) and the scenes are fairly plausible – this is porn, after all, and what we’re really looking for is an excuse for people to get into bed.

The sex takes place (mostly) in comfortable environments (i.e. bedrooms) so there are few awkward or overly gymnastic positions. The fourth scene takes place in a restaurant and features sex on a hardwood floor (I’ve done this, and, frankly, I don’t recommend it, although it was a long time ago and I have much better padding these days). The sexual action develops naturally and includes a lot of kissing, touching, stroking, and other forms of foreplay not usually seen in most of today’s M/F porn. The love making is very energetic and the women all appear to have multiple orgasms. No one looks into the camera to see if we are watching (a big plus). There is excellent eye contact between the performers. All four scenes have a high level of eroticism.

The age difference is most notable in Deauxma’s scene – Frederick Way looks like an 18 year old. In fact, he looks like someone who could still be in high school rather than college.

Lighting, camera work, and sound are all excellent. There were some minor (and I’m being picky) editing issues – in one place a dialog cut was about a beat too slow, and in another, the master audio track did not follow the action on the screen. But these were minor issues, because, frankly, I didn’t notice either one until the SECOND time I watched this video – by which time my brain was actually getting enough blood to perform higher intellectual functions.

Scene 1

Deauxma has taken a new job as a college counselor. I wish there’d been counselors like this when I was an undergraduate. Mine was a grumpy old man who acted more like a Marine D.I. But I digress. We open with Deauxma and Nica in Nica’s kitchen having coffee and talking about Deauxma’s new job and the move it requires. In the course of the conversation we learn that Deauxma is having an affair with one of the male students she’s counseling.

The scene shifts to Deauxma’s office where we meet young Frederick Way, a young man who looks like an 18 year old (barely) who may need to shave once a week, if that. He’s having some troubles at home and, long story short, Deauxma offers him her spare room to live in for the remainder of the semester. Frederick, reluctantly (!!!) agrees to the arrangement.

Dissolve to Deauxma on her bed in a skimpy outfit. We hear a knock on the door. Enter Frederick, a handsome young African American who wishes to thank his benefactress for her generosity. Cutting to the chase, Frederick and Deauxma begin to make out, and, yes, they make mad, passionate love at great length. I remember having stamina like that . Frederick is completely focused on Deauxma’s pleasure and we do not hear her object. For the next 25 minutes we’re treated to a wonderful display of two individuals giving vent to their mutual passion. I’ll spare you the play-by-play. The sex is intense; the chemistry good; and we end with some nice afterplay. I have not always been a big Deauxma fan – her breasts are just too big for my taste – but in this scene, Deauxma completely wins me over with her passion and enthusiasm. Frederick really turns her on and she completely lets herself go with the flow.

Dissolve to Nica’s kitchen for the conclusion of Deauxma’s tale and then…

Scene 2

Three ladies having a lunch: Michelle Lay, Nica Noelle, and Magdalene St Michaels. Nica tells her compatriots about her conversation with Deauxma. Long story short, Michelle, who appears to be the troublemaker in the group (and I mean that as a compliment) issues a challenge to the others – they are all to bed a younger man in the next 30 days and then the three will get together and compare notes. This sets up the next three scenes.

Nica Noelle is the first to get lucky, and why not? She is the Director after all. I don’t think we get to see enough of Nica Noelle as a performer – she’s too busy writing and directing – so this was a treat for me. And, she’s chosen Rocco Reed with his dashing good looks and rogue’s smile, not to mention some sexy facial stubble. In this scene, he’s Nica’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend and he’s stopped by because he wants to get his ex-girlfriend’s new contact info. Rocco, it seems, is homeless, and he’s considering trying to hook up with his old GF to help him find a place to stay. Nica, taking a page from Deauxma’s book, offers him a spare room in her house, on the condition that Rocco never tells Nica’s daughter. There’s more to this scene, but you’ll just have to get your own copy. The dialog in this scene is well done and convincingly delivered – there’s real romance being portrayed here. The first kiss in the kitchen is as tender a moment as I’ve ever seen in an adult video.

Rocco and Nica eventually end up in bed for some very hot, very sweaty, very intense sex in a variety of positions. Rocco is in charge and he makes love to Nica with great passion. She responds in kind. In the set up to this scene, Nica has exposed her inner feelings to the viewer and we know she’s in love with Rocco, but is afraid to act. Rocco declares his own feelings for her and takes away her choices, removing the barriers to their romance. As the sex scene develops, I got the impression that Rocco was trying to prove himself to Nica by making sure her every need is met. Judging from her reaction I would say that he accomplished his mission. Whew. By the end, both parties are covered in sweat. Great chemistry between the players is the key ingredient to a very satisfying scene.

Scene 3

Next up in Cougar Club 3 is Michelle Lay. Michelle is a fun loving gal who really, really, really loves sex. She likes it hot, hard, fast, and long. She knows what she wants and doesn’t have any ambivalence about it. I think she’s one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen on screen. Anything but a real man would be too intimidated by her to perform. Xander Corvus, who turned in a stellar performance in the recent Star Trek the Next Generation parody, is just the man for Michelle.

The scene opens with Xander helping Michelle into her bedroom. Apparently they’ve been running, and Michelle turned her ankle (supposedly – it quickly becomes obvious that she’s faking). Xander gets her some ice, she apologizes for her clumsiness. He asks if there’s anything else he can do. I half expected Michelle to bust out with “yes, Xander, you can put your big dick in my twat,” but Nica is a much better writer than I am, and knows the value of making us wait for it. Michelle does, however, say that it would be nice if Xander helped her run a bath. He also ends up helping her undress. And, somehow, he loses his own clothing in the process. Michelle – you are a naughty girl!

Once again the sex is incredibly intense with lots of sweat, numerous orgasms for Michelle, and a virtuoso performance by Corvus as her young lover. She wears him out, and he does the same for her. It’s safe to say that neither of them was going to go for another run afterwards. As is typical in Nica Noelle videos we finish with some nice cuddling after the sex. I always like that.

From this we cut to another restaurant where the trio has reunited. Michelle tells about her latest conquest, and it’s obvious that Nica has also been having some luck, although she’s a little reticent at first about kissing and telling. They drag the story out of her and she admits to her involvement with Rocco without really coming clean on the sex part – watching Nica play “coy” is delightful.

Poor Magdalene has no news to report – she hasn’t bedded a younger man yet. Of course we know she will, or there’d be no fourth scene for the video (yes, I know, I’m a cynical so-and-so). But for now she’s feeling a little left out. Personally, I’d love to help her out, but not only am I too old for her, but I’m the wrong astrological sign as well, alas.

Scene 4

Fortunately, there’s a sexy waiter at the restaurant and Magdalene soon finds herself alone and completely charmed by this young man (Anthony Rosano). They flirt, then they kiss, and the party gets started. Magdalene St Michaels is always a joy to watch. She never gives anything less than 100 per cent to her scenes whether she’s with a woman or a man. She stays focused, knows how to both give and accept pleasure, and seems to regard making love as a joyful occasion (which it should be).

The location adds an exotic element, although it does lead to a few (very few) awkward moments. The feeling is intense – this is a spur of the moment fling with very little of the romantic element that we saw in Nica’s scene with Rocco, or the playful which we saw in Michelle’s scene with Xander. This scene is more in the realm of “fucking.” They’re on a coat spread out on a hardwood floor. Ouch – but when you’re as horny as these two obviously are, you don’t notice the bruising until the next day.

Here’s what makes this scene work for me – these two have eyes only for each other. There’s a point where the action is spoon-style and Anthony’s eyes are just boring into Magdalene’s. His attention never wavers even for an instant. That’s when they closed the deal for me – I totally bought the scene at that point (not that I wasn’t leaning that way before). This scene could have bombed completely. Instead, it became a terrific scene to close out the video.


I generally only review movies that I like. I’m not a paid critic. I have no financial stake in the success or failure of anyone’s venture. It’s no secret that I am a fan of Nica Noelle’s work as a director. Her style, and those of a handful of other directors, is what I’m looking for in an adult video. You may want something different. I want real passion and good chemistry. The list of video production houses and directors who promote that is short. Still, your mileage may vary. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. Caveat emptor.

Overall Impression

If you have been a fan of this series from Sweet Sinner, then you will definitely like this video. I have no trouble recommending it as a “buy” and it would make a great couples rental for a romantic evening in front of the video screen. No one is degraded or mistreated, there’s no face slapping or spitting, and the giving of pleasure is mutual. The players are easy on the eyes and there’s something here for both men and women.

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