Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother Lovers Society 11

Title:  Mother Lovers Society
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High Media)
Director:  Melissa Monet
Released:  May 2014
Performers:  Julia Ann, Skye Blue, India Summer, Claire Robbins, Casey Calvert, Lola Foxx, Jessie Andrews, A.J. Applegate

When my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, which for reasons that shall soon be obvious mine wasn’t, complex plot lines become a lot more difficult to follow.  I’ll have to watch this video again to see what I missed in the story line. I hope that isn't too crude for some of you, but I have never made any secret of the fact that I wank to porn. If that idea is offensive, why are you reading this review?  But I digress.

Melissa Monet takes a terrific cast and lets them have at it for our delectation and masturbatory pleasure in this four scene lesbian lick fest for Sweetheart Video.  As a series, Mother Lovers Society has become a sort of hybrid of two Girlfriends Films series:  Lesbian Seductions and Mother Daughter Exchange Club.  The premise is older women and younger women having sex.  That’s the bottom line here. 

We are also treated to the first on-screen sexual performance in quite a while for Skye Blue, who hasn’t, as near as I can tell, had sex in front of the camera since about 2004. In fact, a lot of the movies she's listed in carry "non-sex" next to her name in the credits, so her actual number of on-screen sex performances is actually quite small for someone who's been in the business as long as she has.  Based on what I saw here, however, I hope she’s making more videos as a performer because she’s a knockout.  I love “mature” women.  Well, let’s be honest, I pretty much love all women (and a few men), but the aged-to-perfection cohort is especially appealing to me.  Skye is definitely in that category.

Plus, this video also features Julia Ann, India Summer, and Claire Robbins, three ladies who could easily carry a video all by themselves if need be.  Thankfully, they don’t have to do that here.  And, each is well matched with a young starlet.  Monet does a great job as director,  keeping things fresh with interesting settings for the four trysts, employing natural looking lighting that doesn’t look all “porny,” and writing a great script which her players deliver convincingly.

There’s a story here, and I’m sure it’s a good one, but I’ll have to watch it again to give you more than a Cliff’s Notes Light version.  Whatever it is that causes these 8 women to assemble at Claire’s home for a girls’ weekend, we can be glad of it.  There’s some intrigue, family drama, and a little skullduggery going on as a background for the sex, but, honestly, the intensity, beauty, grace, passion, and creativity of the sex is what’s front and center here.

Four great pairings, starting with India Summer and A.J. Applegate out by the pool.  I am not always a fan of locations like this because it can result in some very awkward (not to mention uncomfortable looking) positions for sex.  Not to worry.  Both India and A.J. are graceful and sensuous as they take turns pleasuring each other on a sturdy lounge chair.  I never, ever, get tired of watching India Summer work.  She’s just so freaking beautiful.  And, A.J., who is clearly smitten (who can blame her), is also beautiful.  But if there’s no chemistry there’s no scene.  Not to worry.  These two make sparks fly.

Next up, it’s Lola Foxx, who slips unnoticed into the bathroom where Julia Ann is having a quiet session of self-pleasure in a candle lit tub for two.  Lola spies on Julia who is preoccupied with wanking to the exclusion of all else.  Julia finally comes out of her masturbatory trance and sees Lola watching her.  Well, what else can she do?  She fucks the young girl in the tub, that’s what.  Julia Ann has a body that, if I was forced to describe it in one word, I would call “ripe.”  And, by ripe I mean ready to eat.  Anytime I see her on the screen I just want to eat her up, and, through her various on-screen partners, I can (which is kind of how porn works, I guess).  Lola is, truly, a fox, and Julia has her way with the young brunette, who returns the favor in spades.  Plenty of give and take with a lovely setting and lots of glistening, wet, skin on display.  Bath tub scenes often don’t work for me because I can’t help but think about how hard and cold that porcelain surface must be, or how water works against the body’s own lubrication when it comes to sex.  In this case, the two ladies in front of the camera were more than sufficiently distracting and it was enough for me to overcome my practical objections.

Casey Calvert and Claire Robbins end up in Claire’s bed for the video’s penultimate scene.  The nice thing about sex on a large, comfortable, stable surface is that it opens up greater possibilities for positions and reduces the opportunity for physical distractions.  That is the case here.  I’ve always been a sucker for red heads.  Claire is gorgeous.  Sounded like she had laryngitis for this production but it certainly didn’t take away from her ability to perform sexually.  Casey Calvert is a tasty looking morsel to be sure and she has great chemistry with Robbins.  They frolic for us in a passionate encounter that leaves them, and us, spent and in need of refreshment.  What a treat to watch them.

And, finally, we come to the last scene in the video.  Jessie Andrews has been a favorite of mine as a representative of the younger set of porn stars.  If you’re like me, you want to just pinch those beautiful cheeks anytime you see her.  OMG…she’s just SO beautiful.  Skye Blue (a.k.a. Skye West) is a fifty-something with a fabulous body and a full clip of sex appeal.  When she and Andrews connect on screen it’s like a match to gasoline.  The sex is vigorous, yet gentle, and shot through with lovely natural light that gives the scene a much more romantic aspect than it should otherwise have, since the meeting is part of a set-up by Calvert and Andrews, and we know going in there’s no real interest on Andrews’ part except for the sex.  I think she gets more than she bargained for with Blue, and the mature half of this duo teaches her young protégé  a thing or two before it’s all over. 

Melissa Monet has always been one of my favorite performers.  She is rapidly becoming one of my favorite directors.  She’s done a great job here of matching her performers and letting them have at it, which is always a winning formula as far as I’m concerned.  I can’t find anything to complain about in this one and have no trouble giving it a strong buy/rent recommendation for anyone who prefers their girl-girl sex toyless.

Good job by all involved.  I hope I get to see more of Skye Blue in the future.

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