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Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 3

Title:  Lesbian Adventures:  Older Women Younger Girls 3 Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Dana Vespoli
Released:  9/18/13
Performers:   Mia Gold, Magdalene St. Michaels, Dana Vespoli, Remy LaCroix, Chastity Lynn, Nicki Hunter, Amber Michaels, Maddy O’Reilly

Dana Vespoli is one of adult video’s most versatile writer/director/performer combos.  She transitions seamlessly between genres and is totally comfortable in all of them.  In this edition of Sweetheart’s older/younger lesbian series Vespoli is on both sides of the camera doing lipstick lesbian with a deft hand (not to mention lips and tongue).  She follows the winning formula of combining good chemistry with minimal directorial interference and the result is, to say the least, pleasing.

The Mia Gold/Magdalene St. Michaels pairing caught my eye immediately when I got wind of this release and the smile on my face got even bigger when I read the rest of the cast list.  Wow.  In basketball terms this would definitely qualify as a “bunny.” 

Scene One:  Magdalene St. Michaels/Mia Gold

We know that Magdalene St. Michaels can act.  She’s got nothing to prove to anyone in that department.  She doesn’t always get co-stars who can keep up with her.  Mia Gold is on the short list of those who can.  I don’t know how much of this set up was scripted and how much was improv but it’s impressive either way.  If you like a little emotion with your porn you will enjoy this scene.  It gets pretty intense before the kissing starts and then things shift from raw emotion to raw lust.  I never get tired of watching Magdalene St. Michaels have sex on camera (which is, of course, the only way I’ll ever experience it, alas).  She’s all in for every scene and she makes it obvious that she’s enjoying herself.  Mia Gold is a treat to watch as well.  She has fantastic energy, is cute as a bug’s ear, and clearly likes being with Magdalene (who wouldn’t?).   Gold has the kind of face that makes me want to run up to her and pinch her cheeks – she adorable, which is one of the things that makes watching her fuck so much more erotic.   I love this pairing and hope to see these two together again.  In fact, I think it’s high time someone made the “Magdalene St. Michaels Loves Women” video.  Hint. Hint.

For those interested in the details, there’s lots of kissing with a good clothed makeout session starting things off, a good deal of breast play (duh – it’s Magdalene, right?), muff diving, fingering, and a nice tribbing sequence as well.  Magdalene also does her signature titty-fuck move on Mia, who is delighted to have Magdalene’s nipple rubbing her clit.  It’s everything we like in a lipstick lesbian scene plus lots of passion, spontaneity, and authenticity.  A great opening scene.  If this is scene one, you’ll be thinking to yourself, what’s the rest of the video going to be like?

Scene Two:  Nicki Hunter/Chastity Lynn

Well, damn…here’s a hot pairing if I ever saw one.  This scene starts with Nicki and Dana talking in the kitchen.  Apparently they’re a couple who rent out rooms to young college students, one of whom is the aggressively vegan Chastity.  Well, given the amount of “meat” we’ve seen Chastity consume on camera this made me chuckle.  She makes Nicki her meat-of-the-moment here and Nicki gobbles her right back in a hot scene that is sure to make your juices flow or your meat rise.  Apparently Chastity has become so aggressive with her save-the-animals crusade that Dana wants Nicki to have a talk with her.  Oh-oh, I think we know where this is going.  These talks *always* lead to sex.  At least in Porn Valley.  I was grateful that they didn’t end up doing it on the granite counter top.  Instead, the conversation happens in a bedroom so everybody’s comfy.  Whew.

These two love to fuck and it shows.  A different vibe than the St. Michaels/Gold pairing – lower on the emotional scale and more toward just straight on hard core lust.  Extremely wank-worthy.  This is more of the let’s-tear-each-others-clothes-off kind of sex.  There’s not a lot of tenderness here.  I’m fine with that.  I think you’ll be too when you see it.  Lots of pussy eating, sixty-nine, tribbing, and other goodies (check my tumblr for some screen caps).  I needed a break after watching these two scenes – had to clean up and replenish my fluids.  “Holy crap,” I thought, “I’m only half way through this thing!”

Scene Three:  Dana Vespoli/Remy LaCroix

OK, so I’ve just seen Remy blow my doors off with her acting chops in Nobody’s Daughter, which was really intense.  This scene is nothing like that, in terms of emotion.  Here we get to see the fun-flirty side of Remy, as she comes on to Dana, who runs a sort of handy-person repair service.  She’s at Remy’s to fix a leak under the kitchen sink, and, of course, this guarantees she’s going to get laid.  Because we all fuck the repairman, right?  Of course we do, if we live in Porn Valley and are in a porn video.  It’s all in good fun.

Dana puts an end to Remy’s flirting by saying “You talk too much,” and planting a kiss on her lips.  Things accelerate from there, as Dana takes over the scene and bops Remy’s sox off, figuratively speaking.  Dana’s the top here and she has her way with Remy who is more than happy to do what she is told, including spending some quality time with her tongue in Dana’s bottom.  Dana enjoys eating Remy’s quim and Remy is pretty happy about that.  This scene is lingus-centered, both cunnilingus and anilingus are on the main course.

Scene Four:  Amber Michaels/Maddy O’Reilly

Amber Michaels has more than 300 titles to her credit since entering the industry in 1998.  That’s an amazing number of videos.  What’s even more amazing is that until this video I hadn’t seen any of her work.  Shame on me for being so late to the party.  In this video, Dana pairs her with Maddy O’Reilly a starlet who oozes cute and sexy.  I’d say this is sort of like putting a lit match into a gasoline puddle – better do it from a distance so you don’t get burned.

Don’t skip the set up here, please.  It’s good.  Of course, if you want to see Amber’s ample tits revealed you can just skip it, but you’ll regret it.  Maddy is brilliant here as the bored personal assistant stuck with a crazy client (Amber).  She manages to set off an emotional melt down in her client who ends up crying on her bed.  This, of course, leads directly to sex, as Maddy tries to fix what she broke with some physical comfort.  Again, if this is improve, it’s great improv, and if Dana scripted this, she’s even better as a writer than I thought (and I thought she was pretty good already).

Nice physical contrast here.  Michaels is a mature, athletic, woman with big breasts.  Maddy is long and lean with a coltish figure.  It’s a good pairing.  But if there’s no chemistry it’s just some nice pictures.  Fortunately, these two hit it off and, lucky us, we get to watch the results.  I’ve added Amber Michaels to my search list for video I want to watch.  Maddy was already on my list.

Maddy starts out soothing her client and seeking to satisfy herprobably so she won’t get fired – and succeeds wonderfully.  But there’s no real question about who is the top here.  Once things get rolling, Amber gives the orders, telling Maddy what to do next – “put your pussy on top of mine,” and “just like that, yes.”  Maddy is happy to comply because it’s all good.  Lots of pussy eating, kissing, tribbing, and the like; this is lipstick lesbian loving at its best with a bushel of eye-candy as well.  If IAFD is correct, Michaels is around 45 years old.  Well I know a number of 45 year old ladies who would absolutely KILL to have a body like Amber’s.  She obviously takes good care of herself.  I’ve just added Silver Foxes and Tight Young Boxes, BFF Love, and Seduced by Mommy 7 to my video queue.

Final Thoughts

Dana Vespoli does a great job here on both sides of the camera.  I am giving this video my most enthusiastic endorsement whether for purchase or rental.  It’s worth your time to watch this whether you’re a fan of one (or more) of the ladies in it, a fan of lipstick lesbian porn, or just like to wank to naked ladies.  You’ll enjoy this. 

One of the things that makes this video enjoyable is the different vibe in each scene.  The overall theme, of course, is the age-difference thing, but each scene comes at it from a different angle.  Sometimes the difference is pretty stark and sometimes it's more of a nuance thing, but it's a credit to Dana Vespoli either way.

No difficulties with technical stuff – nicely shot, lit, edited, etc.  Well conceived and well performed.  Kudos to all involved.

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