Friday, May 31, 2013

Veronica Avluv: No Limits

Title:  Veronica Avluv:  No Limits Studio:  Zero Tolerance Director:  Mike Quasar
Released:  May 2013
Performers:  Veronica Avluv, Billy Glide, Mark Wood, John Strong, Will Powers, Tommy Pistol

A while back, Veronica Avluv announced that she was going to be changing direction a bit in terms of her career in adult videos.  She promised a wilder, darker Veronica.  Veronica Avluv:  No Limits is an example of this.

Mike Quasar directs as Veronica takes on five guys in a marathon gang bang that lasts just under 70 (give or take) of the video’s 90 minutes.  Since there were several edits during the gang bang we can only speculate on how long the shoot itself took once the cocks came into the picture.  Veronica looks great as she endures a brutal session of total cock domination.  And, when it ended I got the feeling that if five more guys would have shown up, she’d have drained them as well.

The video starts with an interview.  I actually enjoyed this and didn’t FF through any of it.  I’ve heard Veronica talk about her career before on other videos and every time she talks about her life I learn something new (and interesting).   She has some fun with Mr. Quasar and there’s some teasing back and forth. 

Then we get a sort of music video stripper sequence followed by some masturbation before the guys start to arrive.  A blow bang ensues and then it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.  I’m not giving the blow-by-blow but you can assume that she takes dick in pretty much every position imaginable.  The main selling point for this video, in terms of how it’s been marketed, has been that Veronica takes two cocks in her ass on screen for the first time.  She also takes a lot of DP, and finishes by swallowing five loads.

Veronica is wild when she’s having sex.  This video is no exception.  About the only time I’ve seen her crazier than in No Limits is when she is with Manuel Ferrera in Oil Overload 7.  Manuel seems to totally own her ass (and pussy, and mouth, and mind), and whenever she’s with him (as in Raw 9 and Raw 13) she really goes nuts.  But, she’s pretty crazy here as well and it’s always fun to watch her.  You would never know that she’s 40 years old.  Her energy level never flags from start to finish and she seems almost desperate at times – desperate to have her various holes filled with cock.  Her trademark is that she totally commits to whatever scene she’s in and I’ve never, ever, seen her phone it in or give anything but a 100 per cent effort.
Kudos to Mike Quasar for doing a great job of capturing this gang bang on video.  The camera work is excellent and lighting/sound are also top notch. 

If you are a Veronica Avluv fan you simply HAVE to get a copy of this video for your collection.  If you like gang bangs you should at least rent a copy or watch it on VOD some place.  This video is HIGHLY recommended for hard core porn lovers.

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