Thursday, April 4, 2013

Allie Haze Loves Girls

Title:  Allie Haze Loves Girls
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Dana Vespoli
Performers:  Allie Haze, Cassandra Nix, Sandy, Jayden Cole, London Keyes

Nica Noelle started this “documentary” series, following on the success of her early directorial triumph with Elexis and her Girlfriends for Girlfriends Films back in 2007.  She brought the template with her to Sweetheart Video when she left GFF, and produced Elexis Unleashed, Stephanie Loves Girls, Julia Ann Loves Girls, Sinn Sage Loves Girls, Ginger Loves Girls, and Inari Loves Girls

Now, Dana Vespoli, who has emerged as a skillful and artistically deft director of pretty much every porn genre out there, puts her stamp on the documentary format with Allie Haze Loves Girls.  The results are outstanding.  There are four highly watchable and extremely wankable scenes in this video.  Each begins with a bit of interview footage with Allie and/or with her scene partner where we learn what, if any, relationship Allie has with the woman she’s about to have sex with on camera.  Some of these are longer than others.  I like the little behind the scenes snippets.  Obviously that’s not why I bought the video – it would be like saying “I like Playboy for the articles.”  Duh.

Dana’s task is made all the easier because she has Allie Haze as her primary subject.  Any video featuring Allie in FOUR scenes has pretty much a 100 per cent chance of being a success.  Allie is cute, sexy, and the camera absolutely LOVES her.  Plus her “tells” are very obvious and we always know when she’s having a good time.  We already know she loves women because we’ve seen her in a ton of girl-girl videos.  We know why, if we watched Julia Ann Loves Girls, because Ali told us back then about her pussy preference.

Knowing all of this before even unwrapping the box creates some rather high expectations.  Fortunately for us this video more than meets them on every level.  I am giving this one my highest recommendation for purchase or rental, whether you’re a fan of Allie, of Dana’s directing, or if you just like hot, passionate, girl-girl lovemaking.

So, we have a terrific director, Dana Vespoli, plus a huge adult star, Allie Haze, but you still don’t have a video if the co-stars can’t keep up.  No worries.  Each of these women brings something a little different to their scene with Allie, all of it good.  Even with Sandy, a woman Allie hasn't
 met before the shoot, there’s excellent chemistry.  Vespoli understands that letting the performers have sex without a lot of directorial interference under conditions that look as natural as possible is a great way to shoot porn and we, the viewers, are the beneficiaries.  She has a terrific eye and a subtle touch.  I am a HUGE fan of her work behind the camera.  Dana Vespoli is now on my list of directors whose work I look for regardless of genre or who is in it (with a couple of exceptions – there are adult performers whose name on a box is an automatic pass for me, but I won’t name them here).  So, what about those co-stars?

Cassandra Nix

It turns out that Allie and Cassandra are bff’s in real life and do lots of things together.  One thing they haven’t done is have sex on camera.  Well they can check that off their to-do list because it’s ta-done. Boy howdy is it ever.  After we learn about their off-camera relationship it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.  This is a great opening scene.  Allie and Cassandra are obviously comfortable with each other and there is a relaxed and almost playful feel to their passion that comes across as incredibly intimate and very private.  I really felt like a voyeur watching this scene, and that was just fine with me.


Sandy is an Eastern European import (Hungary, I think) with an incredible body and some of the most kissable lips I’ve ever seen.  Allie has never met her and I was curious to see how they would be together.  Holy cow – how they would be together turned out to be core-of-the-sun hot.  In terms of raw passion and sexual energy this scene was off the scale, especially the kissing.  I love to watch women kiss.  In part it is because I love kissing – my favorite aspect of foreplay.  In this scene the kissing continues throughout and Sandy really goes for the gusto in the kissing department.  Allie matches her lip-lock for lip-lock and the passion-meter quickly goes all the way over into the red.  It’s a spectacular scene.  We’re halfway through the video and I already need a shower and a nap.  I’m exhausted.  If you can watch this video in one sitting, you’re either a zombie or just not into women (in which case why the hell are you watching anyway?).

Jayden Cole

Jayden Cole is drop dead gorgeous with an incredibly beautiful body and a model’s face topped with a crown of spectacularly red hair.  I’m a sucker for redheads.  The pre-scene stuff here is fun and informative.  Don’t fast forward through it.  I felt like I was there in the room with Dana, Allie, and Jayden and it was fun.  The conversation with Allie and Jayden is well worth watching, as is the sex that follows, which has the informal, playful quality of the first scene plus all the passion and great chemistry that we want to see on the screen.  Turns out that is what Dana, Allie, and Jayden want too.  Lucky us.  This is one of those scenes that just fades out leaving the impression that the sex continued without us.  THAT’S a HUGE plus for me.  I want to believe that the people performing have completely forgotten about the camera, and us, during the scene.  We get that here.

London Keyes

Why is it that every performer in adult with some Asian genes is described as “exotic?”  That’s sort of a random rhetorical question.  London Keyes and Allie Haze are friends.  They've never had sex together either on or off screen – we get to watch them together for the very first time.  I wonder if any of us understands the risk here?  It is both personal and professional.  Just because you’re friends with someone doesn't mean you’ll enjoy having sex with them.  “Friend” chemistry isn’t always the same thing as “sex” chemistry.  Once again our worries (or mine, I guess) are misplaced.  For one thing even if there wasn't any chemistry these two women are so beautiful that just seeing them naked on the screen would at least be worth a look, and the video has been so good thus far that even if the last scene had bombed it would be worth the price of purchase.  Well, the scene definitely DIDN’T bomb, unless by bomb we mean it caused an explosion.

Once again we get a nice interview sequence and learn lots of things about the two women including how much they’ve looked forward to doing a scene together before we get to the sex.  I realize now that typing “get to the sex” is a very unfortunate understatement.   It’s a shower scene but the women are in heels.  Very glamorous, very sexy.  Naked women? Water?  Nice back lighting effect?  Oh my yes.  It’s hard to stay glamorous when the water is on because hair and makeup have a way of quickly becoming disarranged.  This adds to the intimacy factor for me and makes the sex much more intense.  The water eventually shuts off and the ladies move to a pile of towels to continue their tryst.  I was happy to see this because while the idea of sex in the shower *sounds* sexy, the reality is that the only soft surfaces in the room are the bodies of the women.  Tile is hard and cools quickly.  It is not an ideal surface to lay on particularly not with another body on top of you.  So, I was happy to see them get some padding under them.  Their hair in disarray, the ladies steam up the set with a white hot session of muffin munching, pussy rubbing, lip-locking sex.


If you've been following this blog you know that my policy is only to review videos I really like.  I've violated it a few times and have almost immediately regretted it every time.  I liked this video.  I like everything about it.  The quality of the women is, of course, first rate, but it was supported by sound artistic and technical values.  The shot framing was spot on, editing top shelf, lighting artistic and aesthetically pleasing, and sound perfect.  Dana Vespoli is a terrific director and she had marvelous material to work with here. The result is a great video well worth your hard earned cash.  So what are you waiting for?  Get off your ass and GO BUY A COPY!

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