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Tanya Tate's Runaways

Title:  Tanya Tate’s Runaways
Studio:  Filly Films
Director:  Tanya Tate
Released:  August 2012
Performers:  Tanya Tate, Brooklyn Lee, Cindy Starfall, Heather Starlet, Monica Rise, Nina James, Sasha Heart

Mstrhole’s Rating:  Highly recommended for either purchase or rental.

Tanya Tate has put together a fun filled lesbian romp for Filly Films.  I have said before (and have been quoted by Tanya on one of her websites) that I have never seen Tanya in anything I didn't like.  This is still true, although to be completely honest I haven’t seen everything she’s ever been in.  But from my point of view she’s still batting 1.000.  Tanya has a lot of fun with this four scene girl-girl feature, and so do the other women in it.  Ostensibly she’s running sort of a home for wayward girls which she uses as a means of keeping herself (and her friends) supplied with a steady stream of cooze.  Nice work if you can get it.  That’s the plot in a nutshell.  The sex in this video is passionate, but more importantly, there’s a sense of playfulness that suggests this would have been a good set to be a part of.  It looked to me like everyone was having a hell of a good time.  That works out well for us.  For the record, I think Tanya Tate is the best British import since Boodles gin.

Scene One:  Sasha Heart and Monica Rise

Sometimes watching a young starlet in her first girl-girl scene can be painful.  There are still a lot of “gay for pay” women in porn and I avoid them like the plague.  If IAFD is accurate (and they most often are), this was Monica Rise’s first girl-girl scene in the porn biz.  I hope it isn’t her last because she was terrific.  She plays the bottom to Sasha’s top in a tryst arranged by Tanya Tate, who has some history with Sasha.  Even though the scene takes place mostly on a granite topped kitchen counter (something that usually bugs me because it just looks like such an uncomfortable place to have sex), it’s very hot, the women have good chemistry, and it’s a fun scene.

Scene Two:  Tanya Tate and Nina James

Tanya discovers the troubled Nina James by the side of the road and takes her home to, get this, give her a bath.  I’m not making this up.  Damn!  What a great idea!  Brilliant!  Well, of course, this leads to Tanya with Nina on a bed – Tanya in some smokin’ hot lingerie and Nina in a towel – where Nina is soon seduced by the lovely British Tart from Liverpool.  I never get tired of looking at Tanya’s body.  Occasionally, when my brain is getting sufficient blood flow for higher functions to be operable, I wonder how many hours a day she spends maintaining that delicious form.  And, Nina James is a beautiful brunette who is well and truly shagged by Ms. Tate.  It’s another passionate yet playful scene, and well worth a wank (or two).

Scene Three:  Tanya Tate, Brooklyn Lee, and Heather Starlet

Heather Starlet plays Tanya’s daughter in this video.  Lucky Heather.  Lucky us!  Brooklyn is one of Tanya’s troubled charges and Tanya decides to have Heather help her initiate Brooklyn into the joys of Sapphic Sex, which she does with gusto.  Soon, Brooklyn is giving as good as she gets and all three ladies have a great time.  Come to think of it, I had a great time myself, right up to the point where I realized I was out of tissues…

Scene Four:  Heather Starlet and Cindy Starfall

Heather is one of the well established “cuties” of porn.  She still looks like she’s too young to be having sex on my screen (even though I know damn well she’s legal), and her tits just really turn me on.  Can’t even say why.  And then there’s Cindy Starfall, whose exotic Asian features and pixie like frame are a great contrast to Heather’s form.  So this is a good match, physically.  Like any good director Tanya stays out of the way and lets the girls go at each other, which they do with great passion and energy.  Lots of pussy eating and finger banging in this scene.  I wouldn't describe any of the scenes in this video as being particularly intense but this one has the most intensity of the four.  And it still manages to capture the playful spirit of the rest of this video.

Final Thoughts

I've always imagined that Tanya Tate would be a really fun person to hang out with.  That viewpoint is reinforced with this video.  She just looks like she’s really having a blast in every frame.  That’s not something you can fake.  As a director I think Tanya Tate has a deft touch and makes great choices, particularly when she chooses to feature herself in the things she’s directing.  It took me a while to get to this piece, which came out several months ago, but I’m glad I finally did because it was worth it.  This is a fun video and I think it would be a good one for couples to watch (assuming you both like girl-girl porn) because of the way the sex is set up and presented.

Decent camera work, audio, lighting, and editing throughout.  No major glitches of any kind that I noticed.  All of the women are beautiful, playful, and passionate. 

I have no trouble at all giving this a strong “buy” recommendation.  Filly Films should be commended for giving Tanya a shot at directing for them.  I hope to see more of her directorial work in the future.

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