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Mother Lovers Society 4

Title: Mother Lovers Society 4
Studio: Sweetheart Video
Director: Nica Noelle
Writer: Nica Noelle
Performers: Darla Crane, Madison Young, Nica Noelle, Kate Kastle, Magdalene St. Michaels, Diem Moore, Alia Starr


This is the fourth episode in the adult soap opera titled Mother Lovers Society from Sweetheart. So far the story has revolved around Magdalene St. Michaels’ addiction to sex with young girls and the trauma of her on-again-off-again relationship with Kasey Chase. As usual with a Nica Noelle production the script is both logical and well written – the script sets up the sex scenes very well. There is good chemistry (as usual), and each scene is allowed to progress naturally with minimal editing.

This video also includes a solo scene, which is something new for the series.

Scene 1: Magdalene St Michaels and Darla Crane

I could easily fall in love with either of these two sexy women. I’m speaking metaphorically here, just in case anyone decides to take that opening statement literally. It’s just that they’re both so DAMN attractive – when I saw this pairing coming down the porn pipeline I was (mentally) drooling with anticipation. And, I was not disappointed.

Magdalene and Darla share a house, but are not (yet) lovers. They’re best friends. In a previous episode, Darla has sex with Kasey Chase, Magdalene’s love interest (Kasey has just, unbeknown to Magdalene, seen Magdalene having sex with Sinn Sage) something she hasn’t told Magdalene about. Darla feels guilty.

Magdalene comes home. Darla has been worried because Magdalene didn’t come home the night before. She didn’t come home because she was with Kasey, and Kasey told her about having slept (HA! Now THERE’s a euphemism I never get tired of) with Darla. Darla is afraid that Magdalene will be angry and she starts to explain herself, becoming more distraught by the moment, until Magdalene places a hand on her shoulder and says “calm yourself.” Then they sit on a bed (!!!) and have a talk. The dialog here is well written and nicely delivered. Magdalene actually weeps at one point. The talk leads, of course, to a wonderful bout of lesbian love making between these two mature women. It was tender, intense, orgasmic, and cathartic. I had been hoping for this coupling ever since I saw the very first episode of this soap opera last year. It was worth the wait.

Scene 2: Kate Kastle and Diem Moore

In the transition from the St Michaels/Crane bout, we see Erica Lauren on the phone, apparently with a Private Investigator. She’s looking for someone. Given her obsession with Kasey Chase, we can presume that she’s looking for Kasey’s mother, but more on that later.

Cut to

Kate Kastle and Diem Moore in bed together. Kate is a mature ash blond with a cute nose. Diem Moore (who gets 0 points for originality on her porn name) is a pint sized package of brunette cuteness with a little girl voice and faux coy mannerisms.

Any scene following that first one would have suffered by comparison, so the fact that this scene didn’t generate the heat that the first one did wasn’t surprising. But, Kate and Diem give it the old college try with lots of kissing, several tribbing sequences, more kissing, pussy eating, etc. At one point early in the scene, Diem starts to go down on Kate, but Kate says “wait” and pulls Diem up for some pussy rubbing and more kissing. An unusual move, I thought. Was this planned? There is a ton of pussy-on-pussy in this scene which is always a big plus in my book. And, yet, there was something missing here. Kate and Diem were selling the passion pretty hard but I wasn’t buying it, and I don’t know why. I’ll have to watch it again and see if I can figure it out. If I do, I’ll add a comment to the review, or just edit it.

Cut to Kate Kastle planting flowers (NOTE: it’s important to put some water in the hole before putting the plant in it – I’m just sayin’) when suddenly, like a gargoyle, Erika Lauren appears and says “we need to talk about your daughter.” If this was a real soap opera, there’d be some serious organ music at this point – DUM DUM DAAAAAAAAA! (fade to black)

Fade up on Darla, Madison, and Magdalene sitting around talking. Darla leaves, Magdalene and Madison are all lovey-dovey on a sofa and are about to go up stairs to make love, when we hear a phone ringing in the distance. Magdalene goes to answer it and see’s Kasey’s name on the caller i.d. (what DID we do before this modern convenience?). She’s torn between wanting to answer it and not wanting to. She puts the phone down and we cut to a shot of Madison and Magdalene in bed, obviously in post coital languor, sleeping. The phone rings, and Magdalene answers it.

It’s Erika, and she says she has “answers” about Kasey. Magdalene is to meet her at a local bistro in 30 minutes. Once there, she discovers Erika with Kate Kastle. But before any real conversation can ensue, we cut back to the house, where Darla is coming through the door and she has company – another of Magdalene’s young lovers, the lovely chocolate morsel Alia Starr. By this time I’m having some difficulty keeping all the threads in this ongoing saga from tangling, but that could just be a result of lack of blood flow to the brain.

Cut back to the bistro, where Erika and Magdalene confront Kate and Diem. Erika always looks best when she’s smiling, but she doesn’t get to do any of that in this scene. A conversation ensues and we learn a lot about Kasey – perhaps more than we would like – just by watching Kate. I must say that Diem looked much better in the sex scene she had with Kate than she does here. The way her hair is pulled up into a pair of pig tails is not very attractive. And, when she speaks the whole “Valley Girl” thing makes me gag.

In film-speak, this scene is what’s called “exposition.” We rarely get it in porn, because most porn is not story driven. Nica takes some huge chances with this stuff – if her performers can’t deliver the dialogue, the whole enterprise comes crashing down around her head. In this case, however, the three adults in the scene carry it off. Erika’s angry bitch lawyer is frightening (to me anyway – I have a major phobia involving female lawyers), Magdalene’s pain and confusion are palpable. Kate’s refusal to take responsibility for her daughter’s behavior is, unfortunately, typical of a lot of parents these days. But, I digress.

Cut to Magdalene coming home and calling for Madison, who is not home. Darla tells her, and then says, “but someone else is,” and voila, Alia appears. Magdalene is surprised to see her. Darla looks appropriately confused. Alia is wearing what I can only call a calculating look. (cue more dramatic organ music). They embrace and we cut to Magdalene in bed.

Scene 3: Magdalene (solo)

Magdalene climbs onto her bed, alone, wearing a dressing gown and in her mind she keeps flashing back to her previous tryst with Alia. Magdalene closes her eyes and begins to caress herself, first through the fabric of her silk dressing gown and then on her bare pussy. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be where those fingers are… OK, where was I. Oh, yes, Magdalene proceeds to give us what I consider one of the hottest examples of onanism ever put on video. I don’t normally go for solo masturbation scenes. They don’t do much for me. Well, let’s just say that I was a willing participant in this scene and leave it at that. Magdalene is every bit as intense with herself as she is with others when it comes to pleasure. I love watching this woman cum, and cum she does. So did I. What makes this work so well is how sensual the process is. And, Magdalene never gets naked. This is a case where almost is more erotic than completely. Magdalene has been over this territory before and she knows exactly where all the buttons are. I was taking notes, or I would have been if I’d had a hand free.

And, now, this story takes another sharp turn. As Magdalene is getting her breath back it is obvious that she is upset. Here she is with the beautiful Madison who is obviously in love with her, masturbating to thoughts of Alia Starr. Instant cognitive dissonance. “Dammit,” she breathes, and then reaches for a nearby phone book where she finds an ad for “Sydni Ellis, PhD” a psychotherapist who treats sex addiction. For those who don’t know, “Sydni Ellis” is another name once used by Nica Noelle – in fact it’s how IAFD still lists her. Someday I’d like to hear about how that came about, but not today.

Magdalene calls to schedule an appointment. I wonder if Dr. Ellis could treat MY sex addiction. But, then, if she was successful, I wouldn’t be buying any more porn. OK, skip that. Nica-er-Sydni hangs up the phone from talking with Magdalene and, (CUE DRAMATIC SOAP OPERA ORGAN MUSIC) Alia Starr is sitting across the desk from her asking “who was that?” “A new client,” says Sydni, “a middle aged woman infatuated with a young girl.” “Sounds a little familiar,” Alia replies, and this bit of dialog leads to …

Scene Four: Nica Noelle and Alia Starr

They kiss and for a moment I am afraid that they will try to have sex in the office. Office locations have ruined more than one sex scene for me, including the Elexis Monroe/Dia Zerva scene in Lesbian Office Seductions 2, and I was worried that this might be the case here, but, Nica prefers her sex in comfortable locations, and I breathed a sigh of relief when, after a few kisses, she whispers to Alia, “let’s get out of here.” Whew!

Cut to Nica and Alia kissing on a bed (thank goodness). I know Nica likes kissing, and Alia has sexy, kissable, lips, so who can blame the director for calling for an extended bout of osculation? Not me. And we’re off to the races. The heat is on high for the rest of this one. I needed a cold shower about half way through or I would have finished before they did. Alia is a delightfully constructed lass with beautiful skin and a killer smile. I love watching her, and she’s really having a good time with Nica. This scene is well played and I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all.

Cut to…

A knock on the door…Alia answers…It’s Madison. Alia asks “who are you?” To which Madison replies, “I’m Magdalene’s girlfriend.” There’s an awkward moment and then Madison steps across the threshold. Apparently Magdalene had invited Madison to come over, but when the young redhead arrived Magdalene was not home. Madison sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, Darla comes home and invites Madison to stay for dinner. Lots of wine is consumed and Darla invites Madison to stay the night. Passing on the guest room, Madison says “I’ll sleep in Magdalene’s bed. Obviously she isn’t using it tonight.” MEOW. Darla says “Com’on Madison, I’ll get you tucked in.” At this point, I said “Oh-oh.”

Scene 5: Darla Crane and Madison Young

We dip to black and come up on the dimly lit interior of Magdalene’s bedroom (missing the table lamp and phone that were on the bedside table earlier, but oh well). Darla turns back the covers and then removes Madison’s shoes, followed by her dress. This time the sound track really does deliver some dramatic music, and we just know what’s about to happen, just like in a slasher movie when we know by the music that the cheerleader is about to get her throat sliced open. OK, where was I, oh yes, the next thing we know, Darla’s comforting caresses become erotic, and, yes, you guessed it, they start to make out. OK, well, we know Madison is drunk, but what’s Darla’s excuse? Does she have a thing for Magdalene’s girlfriends or what?

The sex in this scene makes a great bookend to the beginning of the video. In contrast to the scene between Darla and Magdalene, this one starts off tender, but quickly escalates. This isn’t romance. This is a couple of intoxicated horny women fucking. And boy howdy, do they ever. At the end there’s some cuddling and we dissolve to the credit roll, setting the stage for the next installment in this story of love, obsession, betrayal, and sexual intrigue.

Overall Impressions

This is another winner from Sweetheart and a tribute to the screenwriting skills of Nica Noelle. It is also proof that she knows how to direct talent. And, her talent delivers, especially Magdalene St Michaels and Erika Lauren, who does not have sex in this episode.

I have no trouble recommending this as a “buy” for lipstick lesbian fans or Nica Noelle fans in general. If you just like hot girl-girl sex, you should definitely at least rent this video. The camera work is good, the edits well done (i.e. not very noticeable) and the women are, as usual in a Sweetheart video, allowed to have a good time with each other.

I’m hoping that the Kate Kastle/Diem Moore couple doesn’t appear in the next episode, because I think that story line has nowhere to go.

Frankly, I think this series could just end right where it is and I’d be fine with it. What I’d hate is if it “jumped the shark,” and took off on a tangent or something. Nica is smarter than that though so I’m not really worried.

I enjoyed this video (thoroughly) and now I need a nap.

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