Friday, July 9, 2010

Mother Lovers Society 2

Title:  Mother Lovers Society 2
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Nica Noelle
Writer:  Nica Noelle
Staring:  Casey Chase, Darla Crane, Erica Lauren, Magdalene St Michaels, Ruby Red, Sara Stone, Sinn Sage


If you are a fan of Magdalene St Michaels this video is for you because she has two scorching scenes.

In Mother Lovers Society part 1 we were introduced to Casey Chase, Magdalene's new love. Casey's got a secret, however, and it's that her former lover, Erica Lauren, is blackmailing her. Magdalene thinks Erica is Casey's mother, because that's what Casey told her. With me so far?

Scene 1:  Magdalene St. Michaels and Sinn Sage

As the current episode opens, Magdalene comes home and Casey is not around. Sinn Sage is, however, and she proceeds to seduce Magdalene, which is good for us viewers because the ensuing sex scene is hot enough to melt the DVD. Both women get off repeatedly and intensely. It was interesting to watch this scene develop. When the women started making out I thought Sinn was trying too hard at first, but once Magdalene really started working her over, Sinn forgot about everything except what was happening to her and really let go. The peak of this scene for me was when Sinn was straddling Magdalene's face and Magdalene was masturbating her own pussy while eating Sinn's. Both women came violently, especially St Michaels who really seemed to get off on Sinn's pleasure. It's a great scene -- one of the hottest girl-girl scenes I've ever watched.

During this torrid sapphic love fest, Casey catches the two women in the act but doesn't say anything. They don't notice her either. Instead of confronting her lover, Casey goes off and seduces Magdalene's best friend, Darla Crane.

Scene 2:  Casey Chase and Darla Crane

Casey is a relative newcomer to girl-girl sex (Mother Lovers 1 was supposedly her first girl-girl experience on or off video) but her inexperience doesn't show here as she enjoys an energetic and light hearted romp in the sack with Darla who is clearly smitten with the petite Chase. Good chemistry here and lots of great sexual intensity.

Scene 3:  Erica Lauren and Sara Stone

Cut to a law office where Erica Lauren is interviewing a new receptionist/assistant who just happens to have big tits and a low cut top. Erica goes into her office and starts masturbating while fantasizing about her new employee, Sara Stone. This scene had some potential but fell flat because Erica Lauren's lack of experience with women really showed here. The best parts of this scene came when Sara took over.

Nica Noelle has been quoted as saying she doesn't want to work with "gay for pay" actresses -- i.e. women who don't enjoy sex with other women in their personal lives. She needs to read Erica Lauren's blog then because Lauren clearly states there that she has never had sex with a woman except on camera. I have really enjoyed watching Erica Lauren with men. She's lovely, she's in much better shape than I am at age 56, and I like her attitude. What she needs, I think, is for Nica or some other woman to take her away some weekend with no cameras, and really teach her how to make love to another woman.

Scene 4:  Magdalene St. Michaels and Ruby Red

Magdalene comes back for a final scene and it's a great finish. She's bummed about not being able to be with Casey and she goes back to the bar where they first met. Casey doesn't show up, but Ruby Red does and in spite of her awkward pick up attempt she ends up bedding the lovely St Michaels. It's always fun to watch Magdalene making love to a young girl. She is REALLY into it, takes her time, and makes sure her partner is enjoying the expereience. And, she gets off herself as well in very intense orgasms. This is a good finishing scene.

Overall I liked this video. The third scene kind of fell flat but it was still a good scene, just not as good as the other three. The sex is allowed to develop naturally without a lot of editing and the women seem into each other.

The setups are blissfully short (particularly compared to what Girlfriends Films has been doing lately) and for the most part we are into the sex part of the scene in less than five minutes.

The women are lovely and they are into what they're doing. We get to watch. Lucky us.

I'd definitely recommend this as a rental and if you're a Magdalene St Michaels fan you will want to own this DVD.

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